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20-Year Nurse WILL NOT Put Child On Ritalin

Dear Dr. Baughman,
I have read with great interest many of your articles.  I could not
agree with you more that we, as a society, are wanting to keep our
children stoned.  Much to the dismay of my second graders teacher and
school, I am fighting tooth and nail a three year battle to keep my
child off Ritalin.
My husband and I have started a few weeks ago to take my son, who is 7
years old, to a MSSW who specializes in ADDHD.  I thought we could
dispel the accusations.  After only two meetings she is convinced he is
ADDHD.  I have set up an appointment with my son's pediatrician.  We
will go to see him December 4, 2001.  We cannot get in sooner due to the
fact that they are being referred 4 to 5 children a day by the schools
for evaluation.
I have been a nurse for 20 years and WILL NOT put my child on Ritalin.
I have seen first hand the effects.  I just wanted to thank you for
"backing-me-up" by writing articles that I can print out and say NO
RITALIN for my child and this is why.
Thank you so much and may God Bless You.
Lisa R

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:

Dear Lisa,

It can be a tough and losing battle with the custody of your very own
child at stake--very Nazi Germany like. If the battle becomes a legal
one, I will happily consult with you/your attorney. Often it is best to
flee--child in hand--before it becomes a legal battle. You have little
chance against the county school board in county court--almost none.
Good luck to you, your family, and all of the innocent, normal, children
of the country whom US psychiatry on the take from Big Pharma, has no
qualms about pronouncing "abnormal" / "diseased" and then truly making
them so with their drugs which are invariably brain-damaging. I urge
you to share this and other of my writings with your Congresspersons and
Senators, all state officials too. This is a monumental
fraud/victimization and it must be stopped. The fact that Big Pharma
has one lobbyist per Congressperson has everything to do with it.

Sincerely yours, Fred Baughman MD

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