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 April 12, 2001

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 i cant thank you enough for what your son was also a victom of
 unnecessary medicating. he lived with his father and grandmother thru most
 of grade school, i was still pretty involved with his everyday
 activities,his father and i both were dedicated to get along ,and do
 things together regardless of our divorce. untill i was told he and his
 mother both agreed with the school, he had add. the school paid $800.00
 dollars to send my kid to a fancy child specialist who only diagnosis add.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
of course, part of the team]

 of course my son had it [add] according to this clinic. well my son never
 took the pills when he was with me, he was only normal with me? can a kid with
 add sit for 5 hours painting a pictue? this was a picture of an eagle flying
 down with food for its young, an oil painting to boot. is this the way we get
 our children to behave? drug them? after two years of taking ritilin my ex
 husband finaly agreed to take him off it. however the school wasnt very happy,
 they called us in a few times for a converence and as soon as we knew what the
 deal was we got up and left.(it was great) i had to get a lot of evidence to
 show my sons dad, it wasnt easy, but it was worth it. how many other children
 did they pay to go to this clinic? they spend school money! parents listen
 because the school cant be wrong,they pay, lets drug our kid! anyway i needed
 that off my chest. my son is 19 and doing well. your work has given me great
 comfort, thank you
               sally m

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Sally, I needed that too. Sometimes it’s like swimming upstream,
but myself and others, who help me, like my good and valued
friends John Breeding, and Nestor Sosa keep fighting
psychiatry—which has sold out to the pharmaceutical industry, as well as our
government--at every level up to it's knees in the receipts of
drug money--that from the drugs 'pushed' and forced on our
children inside of the schools by teachers too busy to teach
and 'parent' and control their classes any other way. I am
proud I was of help to you, your son and family. FB]

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