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> From John Rappaport's StratiaWire
> Tuesday, January 21, 2003
> JANUARY 21. I received a message from a doctor. A very interesting message.
> Here are excerpts:
> "I'm an MD, an internist, board-certified. In no way am I what is called an
> alternative practitioner.
> "I never gave much thought to the whole raft of mental disorders which are
> being diagnosed these days. Until my ten-year-old son received a diagnosis
> of clinical depression.
> "He had been sent, without my knowledge, from his school, to a psychiatrist.
> That's how the diagnosis occurred.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
this is happening all across
the country: children sent, without their parents knowledge, from his
school, to a psychiatrist. Not all parents are MDs, understanding and able
to fight off the fraud of psychiatric "chemical imbalances"/

> "Frankly, at first I thought it was a joke or a mistake. How could anyone
> offer a professional opinion that a ten-year old is suffering from clinical
> depression?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
by which they mean a "disease" with a grim prognosis
just as if it were cancer, diabetes, epilepsy. This is how the justify
their pronounced "need" for a prescription antidepressant--"chemical
balancer" ]

> "I spoke with the psychiatrist, who was a little taken aback by the fact
> that I am a doctor. He was nervous. But he maintained that his diagnosis was
> correct.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
again, as if a disease, not a normal emotional "down";
not as though having "ups" and "downs" was normal as it is and as
experienced by one and all as a result of life's ups and downs. But no,
while they will allow as how, to some extent environment can play a role but
it is a disease due to an abnormality within the brain and that one is
negligent leaving it untreated.]

> "I asked him about his prescription for Paxil. That was what my son was
> supposed to take. I told the psychiatrist that I had done a little
> and Paxil is a very powerful drug.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Powerful indeed, and a
"chemical balancer" with no "chemical imbalance" to target. As in every
DSM, psychiatric diagnosis, the "chemical imbalance" is a contrived

> "The psychiatrist didn't have much to say about that. I told him the drug is
> heavily addicting, and the withdrawal symptoms can be severe. That alarmed
> me.
> "The psychiatrist maintained that it was a good drug for depression.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
pressure, that all parents get, but few, being MDs, and informed,
are able to withstand. ]

> "I asked him if he was prepared to take full legal responsibility for any
> possible effects of the drug on my son. I said I was ready to do
> tests.continuing tests to see what effects Paxil was having. I said I was
> ready to have other medical people and mental-health people interview my boy
> at regular intervals to see what the drug might be doing to do his mental
> and emotional state, and I hoped he the school-connected psychiatrist
> might suggest a few of these people as well, so we could have an objective
> panel of experts. Of course, this was all sheer nonsense. I had no intention
> of subjecting my son to interviews or regular blood tests or brain scans
> ---and I wasn't about to put him on the drug. But I wanted to see what this
> psychiatrist would say. I also told him that it was too bad other children's
> parents did not have the resources to undertake such careful medical and
> psychological follow-up on their children who were being put on Ritalin and
> the SSRIs.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
and every known psychiatric drug including the potent
brain poisons, the antipsychotics.]

> "He the school psychiatrist began to bend. He said he needed to speak with
> people at the school---by which I assume he meant lawyers. I said I couldn't
> imagine what they would tell him. They weren't medical experts.
> "Finally he said---and I thought this was very interesting---'You know,
> Doctor, if you want to make trouble here, and cause everyone a lot of grief,
> then I think you should take responsibility for your child. I'll rescind my
> prescription.'.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
and so the rx. was rescinded, but how many non-MD
parent could have held off this shrink, hell-bent on labeling and drugging.
They are wholly bought-paid-for by Big Pharma, and the
psychiatrist/pediatrician/GP/FP gets their cut as "pusher". That public
school children are the captive cohort made available to them says the feds
are bought and paid for too. This is a national emergency, a citizen
emergency, for clearly the government, in this matter has turned on us and
on our children.]

> "I told him I WAS taking responsibility for my child. He said he thought
> that was matter of opinion.
> "The upshot is, my son is not taking any drugs. He is fine. I spoke with
> him, and I found out he was lagging behind in math because he was being
> taught in an ineffective way. We got him a tutor who knew what she was
> doing, and now he's all caught up. He is no longer 'depressed.'"
> I like them apples. I like them very much.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I have formulated a medico/legal strategy that I can impart to any
parents being thus-pressured to label and drug their children. I will be
making the elements of the strategy known in future writings. I am willing,
now to confer with such parents and/or their attorneys. I get at least one
such e-mail/day]

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