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Ben B. wrote:

  Hi Dr. Baughman,
  My wife operates a Montessori School here in Hammond,
  and for a number of years has worked closely with small
  children.   She is outraged by the local public and private schools lining
  children up to received their Ritalin and other doses of God knows
  what.  The cavalier way the medical profession in this area labels
  today's kids ADHD is also of grave concern.   



[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
While psychiatry has invented the disorder, ADHD, and called it a 'disease,' the rest
of medicine—family practice, pediatrics and neurology, have made it a lucrative part of
their practices as well, and prescribe the lion's share of Ritalin and the amphetamines
used in it's 'treatment.' With no abnormality--no disease—to be demonstrated—every
normal child is a potential patient. Apply a label, apply a drug, and presto—a lifetime
patient! Through the 'lifespan,' as those in the ADHD industry like to say. The fact to
be remembered is that all physicians know that they have not confirmed the presence of a
disease unless they have demonstrated a physical abnormality. And they know it, and
they are legally responsible for knowing the difference between the presence and absence
of disease. One day soon, a court somewhere will hold them accountable for their
participation in this fraud. ]

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