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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Mr. and Mrs. D, I spoke at length with your attorney. Telling you
straight out, or, obliquely--in so many words--that ADHD is a disease--an
abnormality in your daughter's brain or body is an absolute lie. If you
were lead to believe it was; that your daughter was abnormal--diseased,
needed medication, your right to informed consent was irretrievably
violated-trampled, and regardless of how truthful the subsequent explanation
concerning any drugs or other treatments--any drugs/treatments thus
consented to and given to your child could only constitute assault and
battery upon her. This is the lynch-pin of the fraud/conspiracy; one
designed to make "patients" of entirely normal children (just as with your
daughter) and as, marketplace strategy, it is proven to be immensely
successful. Be in touch if I can assist in any way. Sincerely, FB]

D**** wrote:

Dear Mr. Baughman,
                             We received your e-mail and was greatly
appreciated that you took the time to respond. We are just devastated by our
daughter's death. We have hired an attorney to represent us and will
eventually be moving forward. Why can school's get away with saying children
have signs of ADHD/ADD if there is no such diagnosis? It does not make any
since to us. Our main concern is to put a stop to this use of medication
desipramine. If not FDA approved for use in children then why do physician's
take the risk of using it. We were never told the true side effects related
to desipramine or never told it was not FDA approved. In researching the
medication a toxic level for an adult is 300mg and when on such a high dose
they should be observed in a hospital setting. Why would anyone have a 10
year old child at the weight of 53lbs on a dosage of 250mg daily? These are
questions we are having a hard time with. Why is it not required that
physicians and pharmasists discuss the true side effects, they discuss minor
not major? Do we as parents have no rights until they have been violated? We
know we can not save our daughter and we live a lonely, empty life now that
she is gone. Let me tell you alittle about this precious 10 year old child.
S***** was a gift from god that we cherished, we revolved our life around
her, she danced jazz, tap, ballet for 7 years, she played piano, she played
girl's softball, she twirled rifle in a marching group, she was a member of
girl scouts and we were proud and right beside her side for everything. You
see why we are so determined to fight for the cause of our daughter. Our big
question is Why did S***** have to die? Absolutely no reason. Can you please
help us in any way so no other child dies. If the things going on in the
world are not right, when is it enough, and when does it stop? We are
determined to get the answers and to try to change somethings but we know it
is a long hard fight and an expensive fight and we are willing to take the
risks involved. We only wish someone would have tried to help us before we
lost our precious child. Thank you very much for your response you at least
gave us hope that people still do care.

                           V**** & S**** D*****

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