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E. Clarke Ross, D.P.A., 
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Re: Death of Shaina Dunkle, 10 years old.

Dear Mr. Ross (not “doctor”, not MD, not DO)

A story appeared in the 5/21/03
Buffalo News, it’s title: “Two years after their daughter’s death, a
couple strives to change how attention-deficit disorder is handled,” by
Gene Warner, News Staff Reporter.

Writing “how attention-deficit disorder is
handled” the author

assumes there is such a neurological disorder/neurobiological disorder/ medical
condition/illness/disease or chemical

imbalance of the brain” as ADHD.

Kelly Patricia O’Meara-who interviewed you– has just

[Insight, May
13-26, 2003
, p 38]:

the fact that documents provided on CHADD’s Website declare that ADHD not only
is a “neurobiological” disorder but also a “neurological”
disorder; the bottom line apparently has little to do with science.  As
Ross (E. Clarke Ross, CEO, CHADD-you!) states, it” is a matter of
belief.”  And that is precisely
what opponents of the alleged disorder have been saying for years–that
psychiatric diagnoses are subjective opinions unallied by science.”

Here, with the 7-8 million afflicted, diagnosed and treated,
is the CEO of the leading ADHD advocacy group in the world, telling us ADHD
“is a matter of belief.”  
CHADD assumed for itself the duty to articulate the truth and science
regarding ADHD, but this is exactly what they have not done.  Instead
CHADD has lied to the parents, patients and the public throughout it’s
existence, since the late 1980′s, and has lied, as well, to the Congress and to
every state legislature, and the judiciary, stating, in effect, that ADHD is a
disorder/disease when, all along, all at CHADD, knew there was never any such proof-that
the children labeled and drugged were NORMAL-normal, that is, until the
drugging began.

I do not even think it “is a matter of belief” as
you claim, Sir.

Health advocacy groups, such as CHADD have medical advisory

boards to tell it’s lay-officers-persons such as yourself–what the medical

facts of the matter actually are.  Over the years psychiatric researchers

from the NIMH have manned CHADD’s professional advisory board.  What a
cozy relationship!  Surely they knew
every step of the way there was no proof that ADHD is a disease; no confirming,
characteristic abnormality to make it so–and yet one and all, were in
collusion to portray to the public, parents, the normal children of the nation,
and to all of the law-makers and judiciary of the nation, that ADHD is a real
disease, the children abnormal/diseased, when they knew, all along, that the
children were entirely normal and had no need or justification for Ritalin or
amphetamine treatment or, indeed for any medical treatment whatsoever.

Thus you, and all at CHADD, especially the physicians of
CHADD’s committees (these have included, at one time or another: P. Jensen, J.
Swanson, J. Biederman, FX Castellanos, T. Wilens, J. Prince, L. Greenhill, and
many others) and those holding other executive posts, have purposely deceived
one and all in the US and are more responsible than any others for the
fraudulent identification of the millions (as high as 8-9 million) of normal
children, nationwide, as having a brain disease–ADHD–needing and getting
dangerous, addictive, sometimes deadly, drugs for a disease, they knew all
along never existed. 

And then, Sir, you, speaking for all at CHADD, had the sheer
audacity to cite the belatedly revised statement  which you said came from the November, 1998, NIH, ADHD Consensus
Conference.  This limp claim, given by
you to Ms. O’Meara read:

is evidence supporting the validity of the [ADHD] disorder.”

This was not the original “final statement” of the
Panel of the Consensus Conference as distributed, in print, at the final
session of the Conference, the Press Conference of November
18, 1998
.  I was there and I
have a copy of the first, original, valid, “final statement”. 

The scientists of CHADD and the NIMH came to the Consensus
Conference prepared to claim that the brain scanning literature of 1986-1998
which showed brain atrophy in the ADHD subjects, but not in normal controls,
was the needed evidence that ADHD was a brain disease.  However, I exposed, during the conference,
that all of the ADHD subject groups had been under long-term
Ritalin/amphetamine treatment, and that this, not the never-validated ADHD was
the probable cause of the brain atrophy. 
This being the case, the conclusion of the Panel in the first (original)
of the “final statements” (11/18/98)

“…we do not have an
independent, valid test for ADHD, and there is no data to indicate that ADHD is
due to a brain malfunction. Further research to establish the validity of the
disorder continues to be a problem.”

This wording occupied the NIH web site until early in
1999 when activist, victimized- mother, Sue Parry, noticed the deletion of the
former and addition of the passage you have chosen to site.  We fully understand, now the reason for the
alteration.   From


data to indicate that ADHD is due to brain malfunction (11/18/98),”


it went to:


is evidence supporting the validity of the [ADHD] disorder.”  (sometime well after 11/18/98,
without citing that evidence, in fact, with no evidence to cite. Dr. Peter S.
Jensen, long a guiding force at CHADD, program chair for the Consensus
Conference, wrote to Mrs. Parry saying he had no idea where the alteration of
the “final statement” could have come from) 


And now, according to you, E. Clark Ross, CEO of
CHADD, speaking for all at CHADD:


really is a matter of belief.”

Shaina’s story continues:

“Steven and Vicky Dunkle visit
their daughter Shaina’s grave in Rosehill Cemetery every night. The child died
of toxic levels of Desipramine, prescribed to battle Attention Deficit
Hyperactivity Disorder.”

The point here is that the Desipramine in Shaina’s
system–throughout her brain and body was her one and only disease.  Given that ADHD is only “a matter of belief,”
not a disease, she couldn’t possibly have died of ADHD; there is no such
abnormality/disease to “battle”.

As I wrote to Attorney General, Janet Reno, April


The single, biggest heath care fraud in US
history-the representation of attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder
(ADHD) to be an actual disease, and the
drugging of millions of entirely normal American children, as
“treatment,” is spreading like a plague-still.  That ADHD is wholly devoid of validity as a
disease, a medical syndrome or, anything biologic or organic, is the pivotal
element of the fraud. 

Yes, I am happy that the Congress passed HR 1170 prohibiting
teachers from coercing schoolchildren to accept such labeling and drugging, but
8-9 million

entirely normal children continue to wear their labels and ingest their

Ritalin and other poisons-which, after all, is what they are when a child,

accidentally or on purpose (as with ADHD) is entirely normal at

before “treatment.”   This is
the “rest of the story” about the death of Shaina Dunkle, and the
deaths of Matthew Smith and Stephanie Hall and the 200 who died from Ritalin
(methylphenidate), whose deaths were reported to the FDA MedWatch program, a
system of voluntary reporting, between 1990 and 2000-the tip of the iceberg.

It is time for CHADD to confess publicly that ADHD is not a
disease/abnormality within the child, any child-never has been, never will be,
and that no child, anywhere said to have it needs Ritalin or any other
medication.  Having failed to get out
the truth and science of the matter (that which you claim to be wholly
concerned with) all of you at CHADD are responsible for the Shaina Dunkle’s

Sincerely yours,

Fred A. Baughman, Jr., MD


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