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(e-mail from CC, 01/02/01 to Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD)

Dear Dr. F. Baughman:

The emperor may not have any clothes but
his subjects must work and so
those little children must be placed in
daycare centers where they can
be managed in large numbers.  What better
way to manage a large bunch of
active, inquisitive toddlers then to
medicate them into a stupor?

Here is your problem:  How do you
re-educate a bunch of uneducated
adults who have been spoon-fed the
'belief' since the early 70's, that
children no longer need a Full-time parent
home with them in their most
formative years of growing and

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
so they will turn the little ones over to the psychopharm cartel]

Remember these are the same parents that
no longer know what the heck an
Academic based education with a basis of
Mastery and Retention of
Knowledge in the FUNDAMENTAL subjects of
Reading, Writing and
Mathematics are anymore.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
increasingly illiterate and

These are the same 'parents' that allow
their children to sit in schools
all day long and do not expect their kids
to learn how to PROPERLY read,
write or do basic math by third grade.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
California instituted
‘look-say,’ ‘whole-language’ reading instruction, to the exclusion of
phonics, in 1987. Result: On the 1994 National Assessment of
Educational Progress, 86% of our 4th graders were less than ‘proficient’
readers, and 59% were less than ‘basic’ (at or below 1st grade level).
In real- world terms they were on their way to being illiterate,
semi-literate, disenfranchised. In the non-judgmental world of
educators-hand-in-hand with psychology and the psychopharm cartel, we
had an epidemic of ‘dyslexia’ on our hands—all of them ADHD-prone]

They just accept the excuses, of which ADHD is a perfect excuse.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
also ‘dyslexia,’ ‘dyscalculia,’ and countless others. Many
graduates of schools of education have one or more--no wonder they
believe in them and consider themselves capable of diagnosing them]

Gets them, their kids and their school
all off the hook for the child to remain
an academically ignorant
diploma carrying self-centered brat that
cannot make correct change
without a calculator or computer.

These are the same parents that will let
schools 'experiment' with their
children's psychological mind, why
wouldn't they let 'medical
researchers' do the same thing?  Heck I
bet they are even going to get
'free medical check-ups and ritalin', plus
a 'little something as a
thank you' for letting their kids be
experimental lab rats.

A self-centered, excuse laden, personal
responsibility lacking, greedy
parent population more concerned with
their stock market portfolio,
(Notice that schools have instituted
graduation 'portfolios' recently?
As long as it 'looks good on paper'-no
need for real tangible knowledge)

then their own child's mental,
intellectual & physical well-being, what
more could a pharmaceutical company have
asked for?

 Makes you wonder about all those
therapists these 'parents' and their
parents saw back in the 70's to 'find
themselves'.  How much you want to
bet these are the same 'people' pushing
ADHD today?

You do know that we now have judges
Ordering parents to give their
children ritalin?  Disgusting!

What most have forgotten is that these
same 'self-centered brats' are
going to grow up into ignorant,
self-centered adult time bombs just
waiting for the right 'situation' to set
them off.  We are now looking
to the first generation of ritalin
dependent teenagers 'coming of age'.
God help us and have mercy on us for what
we have allowed to happen to
them because I don't think they will
forgive us.

Sincerely yours, CC

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Thanks for your right-on, real-world, analysis of what is going on,
what will, no doubt, beget our continued downfall as a democracy and a
country. Turning our children’s and our lives over to psychology and
psychiatry and their controlling partner the drugging industry is a
sure-fire formula. I have just gotten an e-mail from an MD who doesn't
get it, or who would rather not get it as he likely has a lucrative
ADHD practice--which means drugging normal children for profit. See my
web site. Both will be posted. Sincerely, FB]

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