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ADHD: The word for this is “crime” not “farce”

Dear Sir:
     My name is pastor J***** P*** and I would like to have much more
information on your findings. I have been a hands on participant in what the
public school system can do to a parent who opts not to participate in this
farce; as them caused my daughter a lot of pain.
     Please seen me as much information as you can. I am a Biblical teacher
and I love research. The next time someone comes to me with a situation like
my family faced I would like to have more than a "this doesn't sound right."
     My address is Pastor J***** P***                                 
Norfolk, Virginia 23501-1884.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Reverend P***, I have only the time to refer you to my web site,
which will provide you with ammunition. I also urge you to buy my
video: "ADHD--Total, 100% Fraud." Also, hook up with others being
victimized and write your Congresspersons for they enact every bit of
it, without a shred of legitimate science or medicine to it.

By the way, the word for this is "crime" not "farce". The psychological
damage done a child making them and everyone in their life believe they
are brain-diseased--although normal (to that point)--is incalculable.
The actual physical damage done their brains and bodies by having them
take the Ritalin/amphetamines prescribed, is likewise, incalculable.
The perpetrator must be exposed, indicted, convicted, and then the key
must be thrown away.

Sincerely, Fred A. Baughman Jr.

PS: I suggest you write Dr. Steven E. Hyman, MD [e-mail above],
Director of the National Institute of Mental Health and ask where proof
can be found that so much as a single mental illness/condition/disorder,
is an actual disease, having a demonstrable/diagnosable, objective,
physical abnormality. ( copy your Senators and Congresspersons).

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