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frank h. wrote, 12/29/00:

    To concerned mom:
    I am a single dad whose son, when four years young
    was put on Ritalin. My case is a
    bit different from yours in the fact that the
    doctor asked the mom to have the school
    fill out the Conner's test for ADD.
    All I can say is my son who is now eight has been
    off Ritalin for almost two years
    and is doing well educationally and most
    importantly is allowed to live the life God
    has given him free of drugs. ( should you like to
    know more please write).
    I understand your pain and confusion over the
    statements by the daycare.
    #1.    Send a letter to the daycare
    personnel [preferrably by registered mail- this
    protects you and creates a paper trail of your
    efforts - I do it all the time and am
    glad I did] and ask them to identify all concerns
    and remedies they as a government
    institution have to offer. Remember most likely
    the daycare personnel are not
    registered doctors or pyschologists.
    #2.    write to your elected officials and ask
    what laws allow this to occur.
    Remember document everything.
    #3.    You should be able to purchase the names of
    all lawyers and law firms from the
    law library. This is also sold by the companies
    who do the publications of all
    statutes and  regulations. Find the companies who
    do medical malpractice and child
    negligence cases. Contact them and consider legal
    #4.    Finally, your child's best interests are
    your choice. All I know is my son was
    abused by the medical profession by fraud, deceit,
    and multiple other legal
    issues. If they had had their way with him he would be
    ruined for life. They didn't and know
    I am fighting back with all means. I personally
    have sued these doctors and the case
    is still pending.
    #5.    I thank you for your letter to Dr. Baughman
    and ask you to have faith, believe
    and  keep inquiring. The school officials are
    always under threat to lose funding
    should they not comply with the hand that feeds
    them ( government)
    All the best and should you need to talk to
    someone who has gone through what you are
    facing please feel to write.
    Yours forever,
    Frank H.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Frank's main message, always to be heeded, is "document
everything," "write down everything they say to you." My own main
message to parents with children targeted by the ADHD/Ritalin scam, is
to take your child and get out before you get involved in a legal battle
with them that you stand very little chance of winning. Interview
private and public school systems carefully, and when you find one or
more that understand that psychology, psychology and drugs do not an
education make--move. Once they have called down Child Protective
Services, or taken you to court, it may be to late to move; they may
maintain, nonetheless that you are negligent. After all it is you
against a county board of education in a county court, with a county

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