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National Institutes of Health and Big Pharma perpetuating the myth of
mental “diseases” at the Smithsonian. – Response of Fred A. Baughman, Jr., MD

The assault of the psychopharm cartel on the public, parents, children,
infants, toddlers, the elderly, knows no bounds, no shame. Further, it grows
more obvious by the day that our elected representatives in DC–I repeat,
“our” elected representatives, could care less about us, so long as we shut
up, believe in the wholly fraudulent mental health “diseases,” take the pills
and shots, prescribed and court-ordered, and keep the psychopharm millions
flowing into their political coffers.

No matter that those with ADD, ADHD, CD, ODD, MDD, LD, OCD, BD and any DSM
“disease” you wish to name, is no more diseased that those drugged by the
Cali, Medellin and Tijuana cartels. More evidence, now, that the NIH is in
full partnership with Big Pharma–with Pfizer, spouting the
fraud,deception,scam of mental diagnoses as disease/chemical imbalances, for
which one and all must be drugged, even if they don’t know it and don’t want
it. Our government has turned on us in a very real and dangerous sense–let
there be no mistaking the fact. It is past time to wake up, it is time to
organize, to remove all who would drug us–their constituents–and run their
campaigns with the proceeds.

The Surgeon General, NIH, NIMH, FDA, DEA, Department of Education, the
Congress, Senate, and White House, all, legitimize the “lie” of psychiatric
“diseases,” that enables and fuels the epidemic.

Big Pharma (the drug industry) spent a record $262 million on political
influence in the 1999-2000 election cycle – more than any other industry.
Their 625 lobbyists last year was more than one for every member of Congress.
More than half were former members of Congress (21) or worked in Congress or
other federal agencies (295); 33 were chiefs of staff to members of
Congress, 32 had worked in the White House and 11 had worked for the House
Ways and Means Committee.

When will some man or woman of courage who would never, in a million years,
let this happen to their own child, stand up in Congress or in the Senate,
renounce drug money, call this, the heinous crime that it is, and charge US
psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry with conspiracy.

Read below of your own tax-payer supported National Institutes of Health
caught in bed with Big Pharma (Pfizer) perpetuating the myth of mental
“diseases” against you and I–the public. And now, the Smithsonian.

Everyone is being bought off.

        Thu, 06 Sep 2001 11:05:31 -0400
        "Leah Harris" 


Dear SCI members and friends,

The other day I was walking on the National Mall here in Washington, DC when
I noticed advertising for a Smithsonian
Institution exhibit called "Brain: the World Inside your Head."  As I looked
closer, I noticed that it was sponsored by Pfizer and
NIMH (the National Insitute for Mental Health).  Alarm bells went off,
needless to say!

I went and checked out the exhibit, which is currently on display in the
Arts and Industries Building, and it was packed with
families.  It starts out explaining how the brain works--synapses, neurons,
etc.  However, approximately 15-20% of this exhibit
deals with "mental disorders."  For each disorder discussed, the
prescription is always the same: drugs.  Therapy is mentioned
as an alternative treatment, but always within the context of the biomedical
model of mental illness--which is taken as a given.
The exhibit makes a ton of "educational" leaflets available to the public on
topics ranging from how to educate kids about
"mental illness" to organizations soliciting money for "brain research."

Here is the link to Pfizer's extensive website, which includes a virtual
tour, so you can check out what I am talking about for yourself!

This is a serious dis-information/propaganda campaign that will be
travelling all over the country for the next few years.  When I
contacted the Smithonsian folks, I was informed that Pfizer will be paying
all costs for transportation of the exhibit.  The exhibit
was developed between an exhibit-designing company called BBH, NIMH, and a
doctor in Los Angeles named Peter

This exhibit will be based at the Smithsonian until Feb. 2002 and moves on
to other parts of the country through 2005.  As I
understand, in each case there will be also be public events connected with
the exhibit to promote the biomedical theory of
mental illness.

I propose that SCI members and friends mobilize to protest this exhibit!  In
DC, I plan to get a leafletting campaign going
outside the exhibit, and I also plan to be a presence at exhibit-related
events.  DC area folks are desperately needed to help out
with this endeavor!

After you've checked out the website, if you would like to express your
outrage at this public dis-information campaign
spearheaded by Pfizer and NIMH, here is the contact info for the responsible
official at the Smithsonian:

Dr. J. Dennis O'Connor
Undersecretary for Science, Smithsonian Institution
1000 Jefferson Dr., SW
Washington, DC 20560-0230
Tel: 202/357-2903

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