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An attorney from the UK writes Dr. Baughman

B wrote:

  Dear Fred 
  I Imagine you have read this but I thought i'd send it anyway.

  System for Measuring Attention Shifts 
  Developed For Diagnosis of ADHD 
  WESTPORT, CT (Reuters Health) May 10 - A 
  system that measures attention 
  shifts may improve the accuracy of diagnosis of 
  attention deficit 
  hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, 
  according to Dr. Martin H. Teicher 
  of Harvard Medical School.  The new 
  screening method, dubbed OPTAx 
  (OPtical Tracking and Attention test), consists of 
  two components: a 
  15-minute challenge test of attention and video 
  documentation of the child's 
  head movements.   Dr. Teicher told Reuters Health 
  during the meeting. He noted 
  that, while children with other disorders can be 
  abnormally active, children 
  with ADHD have characteristic head motions

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
pure nonsense as if to say it was a specific movement disorder, something like chorea, or athetosis. This is more of their propaganda in which they babble on endlessly speaking of one and all of their disorders in pseudo medical terms]

  the camera in this testing
  system detects. "Although most professionals 
  feel that they're doing a good 
  job at diagnosing and treating ADHD, parents 
  and society perceive a need for 
  more objectivity in ADHD testing," he continued. 
  "Some parents are concerned 
  that the diagnosis is arrived at so quickly. When 
  you have something that 
  adds objective information, parents are very 
  relieved.   Dr. Teicher said that 
  another use of OPTAx is to determine more 
  accurately whether ADHD patients on 
  methylphenidate are responding to treatment. 
  Untreated, ADHD patients were 
  "on-task" for 42.6% of the testing segments, 
  compared with 82.4% of segments 
  for controls. A total of 120 minutes after a dose 
  of methylphenidate, the 
  patients' on-task rate increased to 75.4% of the 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Barry, Bill Carey spoke on "Is ADHD a Valid Disorder?" at the '98 Consensus Conference, and concluded: "The ADHD behaviors (that would be recorded by this or other such tests) are assumed to be largely or entirely due to abnormal brain function...Some preliminary brain imaging studies have shown inconsistent differences in children with the ADHD diagnosis
but there is no proof that they are deviations...What is now most often described as
ADHD in the United States appears to be a set of normal behavioral variations that
sometimes lead to dysfunction through dissonant environmental interactions. This
discrepancy leaves the validity of the construct in doubt."

Here, the ADHD establishment is saying all we need is an objective test, when there
exists no proof of an abnormality--a disease. They absolutely pervert science. What's more while they are given aid, comfort and a patina of legitimacy under the roof of medical academia, every medical school dean and every other medical school department head and faculty member knows very well that psychiatry's representation of their 'disorders' as diseases, akin to the real diseases, all other departments devote themselves to, is fraud, pure, simple and total. Just put them on a stand and quiz them for 3 minutes and they can be made to say so. They do not voluntarily blow the cover of psychiatry because all of them are bought and paid for by Big Pharma.

B wrote:

  Dear Fred 
  Thanks for that information.  On the 6th June I have a meeting with our 
  governments Educational and Behavioural Support Unit which as you can imagine 
  has a strong interest in ADHD.  There are however some in the unit that are 
  very uneasy about the "diagnosis" and "treatment" of this condition.  I 
  intend to emphasise the legal position on this issue and I am grateful for 
  the insights you have given.  May I quote your video? 


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Barry, you may quote, show my video--of course. Let me add here by way of further clarification, that psychiatry/psychology/mental health are here representing all of their 'disorders'/ diagnoses to be brain disorders/diseases due to a 'chemical imbalance', an objective, demonstrable, abnormality of the brain. They always say this to patients/the public and they always use terms as above, also 'neurobehavioral,' 'neurobiologic,' 'biologically based,' etc. and they do so never having done a diagnostic physical examination (including a neurologic examination such as is done patient-by-patient by a neurologist), or any diagnostic tests whatsoever--x-ray, scans, blood, urine or spinal fluid analyses. (while they often do their pseudo research utilizing such technologies, they do no such tests or examinations in the 'practice' of psychiatry/psychology and if they did they would demonstrate no abnormality because no one of their disorders has been validated as a disease by a finding of a causal, underlying physical or chemical abnormality. The point I am going at is that they claim in each case to have diagnosed a neurological disease, a brain disease. Every single academic neurologist in your country and in mine knows and could attest to the fact that all of psychiatry's claims that their disorders are neurological/brain diseases, are without proof, without a scientific basis; their claims are meant only to deceive for purposes of the psychopharmacological for-profit mission. All of these professors of neurology and all lesser members of academic departments of neurology in my country, yours, and in any developed country in the world would be loathe to call their psychiatric colleague, frauds, or to speak out publicly of the fraud their psychiatric brethren perpetrate. However subpoenaed and sworn and questioned, they would have to say that not a single psychiatric disorders, is a bona fide brain disease of the sort neurologists are responsible for knowing about and for diagnosing. Further they are
not bona fide diseases of any other part of the body either.

No doubt the most important reason of all that neurological and medical academicians do not speak of the fraud of disease claiming by their psychiatrist colleagues, is that all in medical academia, not just psychiatry, have been bought and paid for by the pharmaceutical industry; none of them can any longer speak their minds or speak the unfettered truth or even unfettered science. Pathetic, but that's the way it is. In that psychopharmacology is the most lucrative sector of all of Big Pharma--the worldwide pharmaceutical industry, they--Big Pharma--would surely look dimly on any non psychiatrist, academician/researcher who would seek to expose so lucrative a ploy, even if it is a total, 100% fraud, even if it does result in net injury and death.
See my letter to the editor of PEDIATRICS just published in the May 2001 issue. It can also be assumed that all signatories to the Guidelines for ADHD diagnosis, including the Am. Acad. of Pediatrics, Am Acad. Family Practice, Am Acad. Neurology, Child
Neurology Soc., Am. Psychiatric Assoc., Am Ac. Child and Adolesc.Psychiatry know, full well that ADHD is not a disease, that children/patients said to have it, said to have this 'neurobehavioral' disorder, are entirely normal. Regardless of whether or not it is good medical practice (it is not the practice of medicine at all) it is good business, immense good business.

Barry, pleases let me know how it goes. best wishes, Fred.]

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