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 by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 8/8/01

 [July 24  2001 Norwegian Kids Left Waiting for Psychiatric Care By
 Kristin Demos LONDON (Reuters Health)]

 As of June, 2,390 children were on waiting lists for
 psychiatric help, most with attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder

 "Far too many minors have to wait for treatment," said a spokesman for the
 Department of Health.  Children with ADHD are generally treated with the
 drugs methylphenidate (Ritalin) or dextroamphetamine
 (Dexedrine/Dexamin).  Special rules that apply to narcotics stipulate
 that only child psychiatrists and pediatricians may diagnose ADHD and
 make the initial prescription.

 "We realize that children with ADHD need more than Ritalin or
 Dexamin" said Dr. Hege Borge, of  Norway's Buskerud Central Hospital.
 These children need long-term follow-up and help from school people,
 social workers and psychologists," she added.

 "More child psychiatrists are needed," she concluded. "The problem with
 ADHD is huge now and more parents are aware of it, so their children come
 into the system much earlier than say, 10 years ago."

 When, exactly did the problem with ADHD become huge in Norway.  They
 speak of their   2390 children on waiting lists for ADHD as "huge" while
 we here in the US label and drug  6-7 million for it.

 ADHD was invented and made part of the APA marketing plan (via DSM III)
 in 1980.  And it has undergone two re-conceptualizations, re-inventions,
 since—both as ADHD, these for the 1987 DSM III R and the 1994, DSM IV.
 None have been proved to be diseases by finding objective, physical
 abnormalities within the brain or body of the children.  US
 "researchers" and "experts" mostly from the NIMH and CHADD, but
 including none other than Surgeon General, David Satcher, have been
 circling the globe keeping everyone abreast of the latest "findings"
 regarding this "disease"-without-an- abnormality, which means

 When I attended the November, 1998 ADHD Consensus Conference at the NIH
 in Bethesda, MD, presenter, James Swanson, PhD, related that his
 co-author, FX Castellanos, MD of the NIMH, was in the UK sharing the
 latest in ADHD research with folks there.  Researchers at our own NIMH
 are the primary authors of the ADHD deception and propaganda campaign,
 while CHADD and their counterparts--propaganda organs bought and paid
 for by the amphetamine-producing drug companies, put out the
 dis-information that ADHD is an actual disease.  In fact these are
 normal behaviors in normal children, and have never been proved to be
 anything else.  There is no such thing as a psychiatric or psychological
 "disease."  All things psychiatric and psychological are entirely
 subjective.  Dr. Swanson, a leading ADHD "researcher," slipped up and
 said exactly that at the March 7, 1998 meeting of the American Society
 of Adolescent Psychiatry in my hometown, San Diego, CA.

 Only when the narcotic starts, are the children
 diseased/intoxicated/poisoned.  Up to that point, Mother and Father,
 they were, just as at birth—normal.

 Norway and all countries could eliminate the waiting lines at
 psychiatrist’s offices, psychiatric clinics and hospitals very
 easily--they could visit the parents and children on those lines and
 assure them that ADHD is a fraud, that their children are normal.

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