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by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

November 2, 2001

That so few “get ” the fraud of psychiatry’s claims that they diagnose
and treat actual brain diseases, is due, it appears, to the fact that so
total a betrayal at the hands of physicians and their organizations is
beyond imagination. But one American gets it. In an article entitled
” I’ll be damned if I let a psychiatrist near my son,” Wall Street
Journal online editor, [
WSJ—Online, Tuesday, August 21, 2001
], Tunku
Varadarajan writes:

“Sunday’s New York Times carried a front-page story on ADHD, and on how
lawmakers in some states–Arizona, Connecticut, New Jersey, New York,
Utah and Wisconsin–have introduced bills that would prohibit
schoolteachers from playing shrink in their classrooms by telling
parents that they must put their children on drugs to combat “attention
deficit.” Such instruction, the bills declare, must only come from
doctors. This is good news, and to be vigorously lauded. Teachers must
be stopped from playing God. Above all, they must be stopped from
shirking their disciplinary duties and seeking to “fix” every boisterous
child with a dose of drugs. What stops this legislative pattern from
being excellent news, however, is that the doctors can’t be trusted.
After all, it was they who invented ADD and foisted it on a generation
of American children.”

Who, you ask are the doctors, (and other health agents and agencies) who
can’t be trusted; the doctors “who invented ADD and foisted it on a
generation of American children.”

It would be easier, by far to list those who do not participate in this
deception/ victimization. Before identifying the perpetrators, let me
make clear, once again, that while lies as to the addiction potential
and dangers of Ritalin and the amphetamines (invariably, the first line
drugs) constitute a crime—the abrogation of informed consent; it is the
representation of ADHD and all psychiatric and mental
conditions-disorders, to be “diseases” due to abnormalities-”chemical
imbalances” within the child-person that is an absolute lie and the
lynch-pin of the fraud. While the relative dangers of these drugs can
always be debated, all physicians know, and are medically and legally
responsible for knowing–and determining–that only the
finding/demonstration of an objective physical or chemical abnormality
constitutes a disease. Further, all physicians, psychiatrists included,
who make much of the fact that they are fully trained physicians, know
full well that no psychiatric condition-disorder, ADHD included, is a
bona fide physical abnormality/disease (abnormality = disease;
abnormality = disease). This said, where has the public gotten the
notion that all psychiatric/mental conditions, diagnoses, are diseases,
due to “chemical imbalances” of the brain, for surely this, with almost
never an exception, is their understanding—an understanding that it is
most difficult to disabuse them of. Physician, especially scientific
minded physicians, are about the only members of society who understand
that such representations are without a basis in fact, and are a
market-place deception. Now to the perpetrators of this

In the November 20, 2001 issue of the ever-popular US magazine, Family
Circle we find a 7 page “Special Advertising Feature” entitled “Family
Mental Health.” In advertising features, I expect a message from the
manufacturer or salesman, and, I expect one with an industry spin, not
one from professionals or scholars in the field, who should not be

In one mini-essay entitle “Unlocking the Brain’s Secrets”, Richard K.
Harding, President of the American Psychiatric Association—APA, leads
off claiming:

“We now know that mental illnesses—such as depression or
schizophrenia—are not “moral weaknesses” or “imagined” but real diseases
caused by abnormalities of brain structure and imbalances of chemicals
in the brain.”

In her essay “About Depression in Women” , Nada L Stotland, MD, MPH,
Professor, Department of Psychiatry and Obstetrics/Gynecology, Rush
Medical College, Chicago, writes:

“Depression, the disease—often called “clinical depression—isn’t feeling
“down” for an hour or a day when something disappointing happens.”

“Depression is associated with changes in brain chemistry and tends to
run in families. Circumstances play a major role for some people.”

“More serious depression, or depression that is quickly getting worse,
should be treated with medication. Antidepressants are not “uppers” and
they have no effect on normal mood. They restore the brain chemistry to

“No woman needs to suffer from this terrible disease.”

Two of the seven pages of this special advertising feature are devoted
to the Prozac-like antidepressant Paxil (generic name Paroxetine). In
this material we encounter not only wondrous endorsements of the drug
itself, but the claim that a new disease exists, for which to prescribe
it—GAD—Generalized Anxiety Disorder. Not enough just to “be” anxious
any longer, now one “has” GAD! We are left to assume that someone from
the manufacturer, GlaxoSmithKline has composed this tract, but it might,
just as well have been a professor of psychiatry from some esteemed
medical school, having crossed the professional-marketplace line, for
who knows what reason. And what a marketplace! The pitch continues:

“If you’re one of the 10 million people who live with uncontrollable
worry, anxiety, muscle tension, irritability, restlessness, fatigue and
sleep disturbances, for six months or more (FB: not 4.5 months, not 5
months), you could be suffering from Generalized Anxiety Disorder. The
good news is that it’s treatable.”

“Paxil, the most prescribed medication of its kind for generalized
anxiety, works to correct the chemical imbalance believed to cause the

This piece, one that generally touts psychiatry—the pusher—and its’
payer, Big Pharma, continues with an appearance, from, of all persons,
the federal government’s number one physician, US Surgeon General, Dr.
David Satcher. In an “editorial” entitled “Let’s Help Our Kids, Satcher

“Childhood is a time of great change and adjustment and the range of
“normal” thoughts, emotions, and behaviors is wide.”

One has to be experienced at reading and digesting psychiatric
propaganda, to understand, here, that the Surgeon General is saying that
just as there are “normal thoughts, emotions, and behaviors” in
childhood, their are abnormal thoughts, emotions, and behaviors as
well. In fact, it is these “abnormal thoughts, emotions, and behaviors
which they have taken to referring to as “diseases” due to “chemical
imbalances” of the brain for which “chemical balancers”—drugs should be
given, lest the parent be negligent, lest the parent be visited by Child
Protective Services, lest the parent be court ordered to give the drug,
lest the child be removed from the home if that is what it takes to
treat his “abnormality”/ “disease.”

Satcher continues:

“Each year about one in five (children) experiences the symptoms of a
diagnosable mental disorder. And of the one in 10 children experiencing
some degree of functional impairment, only 20% will receive needed

Here, the Surgeon General is saying that in any given year 20% of
children will have a mental disorder/ “disease.” One in 10–10%–of
children will be functionally impaired by it and of these, less than 20%
will receive needed care (read “chemical balancers” for their “chemical
imbalances”). In this regard it is of interest to reflect on the ADHD
“epidemic.” It is generally accepted that 6 million have it and that
virtually all of them, surely more than 95%, are on their Ritalin or
other addictive, dangerous, sometimes deadly, Schedule II, controlled
substance. And here Dr. Satcher tells us only 20% are receiving “needed

Especially ominous is this from Satcher, speaking for the federal
government, itself addicted to infusions of “drug money” :

“…growing numbers of children are suffering needlessly because parent,
schools, and other societal institutions are not meeting their needs.”

Be warned, here is the government (at all levels) telling you, the
parent, that you are not meeting the needs of your child, and that if
you don’t they—psychiatry, Big Pharma, (supplier of that “needed care,”
of those “chemical balancers”—pills) and Big Government, drunk on drug
money, will. The school is the first government institution to
recognized the unmet need for “need care,” which may take the form of
ADHD, CD, LD, OCD, clinical depression, and they will press both for
psychiatric confirmation and for “needed treatment” and if resistance
continues, CPS will be called in and then it will be off to court.

Satcher isn’t finished. “Stigma continues to surround mental illness.”
So saying he implies that we may be harming our child if we resist their
diagnosis and their prescription for “needed care”, their “chemical
balancer.” Resist and we will have to take the child from you for their
own good. This is the same Surgeon General who in December of 1999
proclaimed that all mental illnesses were actual diseases, every bit as
much as diabetes, asthma and other bona fide medical and surgical
illnesses, he is the same Surgeon General who thus lied, bald-faced to
all of the parents and patients of America, tending to the business of
Big Pharma and all control, not of the people not of the children.

Satcher ends his “editorial” within an advertisement urging that we pass
parity legislation for mental health. “We must promote parity in care
with that we provide for our children’s physical health needs.” In
urging parity, equality for mental health with all things physical, they
ask us to accept that all things mental are diseases, as surely as
diabetes, cancer, coronary artery disease, epilepsy, etc. This is the
lie, the crux of the fraud that is “biological psychiatry.” One wonders
which one or several pharmaceutical corporations will see to Satcher’s
“golden parachute” when he retires from our service in the federal

Dr. Timothy E. Wilens of Harvard, a leading ADHD “expert” writes:

“The disorder is related to an inadequate supply of chemical messengers
of the nerve cells in specific regions of the brain related to
attention, activity inhibitions and mental operations.”

Here again is the lie, the claim that behaviors in children with no
demonstrable abnormalities are diseased/abnormal, that the need/required
treatment/care—”chemical balancers” made by you know who, for their
“chemical imbalances” found/diagnosed by you know who.

Saying ADHD affects about 5% of school-age children—on average, about
one youngster in every classroom, Wilens knows full-well that the
figure, today, according to the International Narcotics Control Board,
is 12% of US schoolchildren or about 6 million, with ADHD alone. Add to
that all childhood psychiatric disorders and the number climbs to
between 9 and 10 million.

Wilens continues:

“Contrary to what most parent think, medication is one of the most
important treatments for ADHD and is essential for the long-term success
of these kids.”

Think of it, were this the Surgeon General, a judge or some other school
or government official saying medication is “essential” for the
long-term success of these kids, would you not, as a doubtful,
questioning parent begin to worry.

Wilens has one scientific thing to say however:

“The diagnosis is made by a careful review of what problems are
occurring and when in a child’s life. There are no blood tests, brain
tests, computer, or neuropychological tests used to diagnose ADHD.”

Saying diagnosis is based on a careful review of “problems” and that
their are no tests; no demonstration/diagnosis of an objective
abnormality, is a confession that ADHD, like all psychiatric
conditions/disorders is entirely subjective—is not a disease, as they
say forthrightly, imply and allege repeatedly through this document of
deceit and duplicity.

And it is in the name of “needed care”/ “treatment” that they question
your appropriateness as a parent; that they will court order you to
accept diagnosis and treatment or remove your child from your bosom and
home and put them up for state adoption just as they would a confiscated

At the end of Dr. Wilens disinformation piece on ADHD is a list of the
behaviors—all normal behaviors in normal children–which, if present,
mandates an ADHD label and allows them to take control of and drug your
child with you having little say in the matter once the ADHD industry is
under way doing their thing. The friendly, smiling school teacher,
suborned to all of this by the American Medical Association and all in
the ADHD “industry” , is the first “industry” representative you will
meet, but not the last. And the longer you are exposed to them, and the
more of them you meet, the less and less control you will have over
whether or not your child develops this and any of the countless other
“co-morbid” conditions/disorders/diseases, they diagnose without
physical exam, without a neurological exam, and with no test or
technology whatsoever.

Second, they list Mental Health Resources—organizations, all of which
speak of this fraud from the same script, all of them intent on making
your normal child a patient and drugging them. The final piece of what
we must never forget is a “special advertising feature, is a two-page ad
for Metadate, a new, extended release form of methylphenidate, the
original form of which was Ritalin. Never forget this is an ad, even
though leaders of medical academia and the federal government are the
spokesperson, bought and paid for, even though the drugs they
pedal—Metadate, Ritalin and all of those prescribed for ADHD, are
narcotic, are addictive, dangerous, and sometimes deadly.

Through the nineties, 186 deaths from methylphenidate were reported to
the FDA MedWatch program, a voluntary reporting scheme, numbers in which
are thought to represent 10 to 20% of the actual incidence.

Home schooling is the only fully effective immunization. Once your
child has a serious case of any psychiatric disorder/disease/chemical
imbalance, it may be to late.


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