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We have a young man who is now spending a lot of time with our family due to his unfortunate family situation. He is on 4 medications. Can you help us determin if there is anything we need to watch for in case there is anything going wrong and what these are supposed to be for. We have never met his mother but she has given us his meds and allowed him to stay with us for almost two weeks now. After he takes his meds he is sluggish and wants to sleep and his speach is slurred. Is this supposed to happen? It doesn’t seem normal to me. He says that he has been on these meds since he was 3 and he is now 12. They are to “Keep me from getting an attitude.” He said that he gets angry when he doesn’t take them and he doesn’t know why. With us he eats much better than when he is at home and I was told that possibly due to his better diet and more regular sleep that he is possibly now being over drugged? Is this possible? Here are the meds that he is on. Dextrostat 10mg tablet ric,1 tab morning and 1 tab evening. Wellbutrin SR 150mg tab SA GLX, twice daily. Risperdal 0.5mg tablet JAN, one tab twice daily. Depakote 500mg tablet EC ABB,one am two evening. Thank you very much to your help. Can you give us an idea of what these are for? Our family very rarely even goes to the doctor and we use preventatives like vitamins and herbs, eating well and generally trying to take care of ourselves. I have not delt with meds for the most part and absolutely do not like watching what they seem to be doing to this child. Thank you again. N

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Nina, although legal and standard medical practice here in the US, what is being done to this boy is criminal. Were you to try to get him off of unnecessary medications, and that includes any medication not given for a specific disease, you would likely find yourself caught up in legal problems brought by those behind the drugging. However, I always support and admire those who try to right wrongs. My web site explains why giving such brain-body damaging drugs to previously normal children is or ought to be criminal.
Good luck. FB]

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