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Commentary of Fred A. Baughman Jr., M.D. on the following:

Children Show Mental Illness at Emergency Rooms May 6 By Maggie Fox, Health and Science Correspondent BALTIMORE (Reuters) - Three fourths of the children brought to a U.S. emergency room for routine medical care -- mostly inner-city children -- showed some signs of an undiagnosed mental disorder, doctors said on Monday.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
75% of kids brought to emergency rooms for--we are to
assume--the gamut of medical and physical emergencies, have an mental
disorder, as yet not diagnosed. Why would not 75% of all children by
this reasoning, have an undiagnosed mental disorder? This is scamming,
trolling by psychiatry and all who practice "mental health" to make
patients--mental health patients--out of normals, which is all their
allegations of diseases are. Beware. Do not allow any mental health

They stressed that their findings did not necessarily mean the children were
mentally ill, but did show that emergency room workers have a unique
opportunity to find children who may need mental health care.

"The pediatric emergency department may be the only interaction mothers have
with a health care provider," Dr. Jacqueline Grupp-Phelan of the Cincinnati
Children's Hospital Medical Center in Ohio told a meeting of the Pediatric
Academic Societies in Baltimore.

"If we do not take advantage of the emergency department visit to identify
and treat families with mental health problems, these children may fall
through the cracks."

More than 40,000 Americans have no medical insurance, and in many areas they
heavily use emergency rooms for medical care because of laws that require
emergency departments to treat everyone, regardless of whether they have

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
more than 40 million, not 40 thousand, a rank disgrace
for the US]

Grupp-Phelan said 60 percent of the patients in the study were using the
Medicaid state-federal health insurance program for the poor.

She and colleagues gave a mental health screening test to 600 mothers and
their children who visited Cincinnati Children's emergency department for
non-urgent complaints.

A quarter of the children had symptoms of four or more mental health
disorders such as anxiety, depression, conduct disorders and attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder, Grupp-Phelan said.

Three quarters of the children had symptoms of at least one mental health
disorder, the study found.


Her team used tests that over time have been shown to do a good job in
finding people likely to be diagnosed with a mental illness. Such screening
tests involve a few simple questions.

They include asking parents, "Has (your child) seemed to worry a lot when
making small mistakes doing homework or other activities?" or, "Has she
often complained of stomachaches?"

Another set of questions asks, "Has she refused to do what you or her
teachers tell her to do" and, "Has your child bullied another child?"

"If your kid says yes to all of these, she's pretty symptomatic,"
Grupp-Phelan said in an interview.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
If you accept that these,
at-one-time-or-another universal symptoms are abnormal and need
psychiatric or any medical care, then all of us are ill which allows
only for they conclusion that they--all that is mental health--seek to
make patients of all normals and to drug us. This has no resemblance
whatsoever to the legitimate, moral, practice of medicine. Wherever
they find a captive population to prey upon, such as in foster care, or
the public schools, and now, the emergency rooms of the nation, they do
not hesitate. Like their claims that all psychiatric diagnoses are
"brain diseases" due to "chemical imbalances" this too is criminal and
must be spoke of as such--again it in no way resembles the role of the
moral physician dedicated to diagnosing and treating real disease but
only with the informed consent of the patient. Their entire lexicon and
dialogue is disinformation, never at all allowing for informed consent.]

Now her team is doing studies to see just how closely an emergency
department screening test like this one correlates with actual mental
illness diagnosed in a visit with a psychiatrist or other trained

She said it is possible the people who use emergency rooms for routine
medical care are stressed by their lives in general. It also is possible
that having a sick child can cause stress levels to rise high enough to show
up on a screening test -- but Grupp-Phelan said the tests are designed to
find more than just the expected levels of stress.

Her team also found that 18 percent of the mothers screened positive for
either anxiety or depression.

And 92 percent of the children of these mothers also screened positive 
for a mental health disorder.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
this person and what she does becomes more
outrageous at every turn. 75% of the index patients, 18% of their
mothers and 92% of all of the children in these families with a mental
health disorder justifying treatment--drugging of all thus diagnosed;
justifying a report to CPS should they fail to comply with diagnosis and
treatment; justifying-requiring court-ordered termination of custody
should these parents yet fail to comply with what is undoubtedly
necessary for the mental health of 92% of their children. The fraud,
conspiracy, tyranny is scarcely veiled any longer and they are wholly
out of the closet with their ties to the federal government with all of
it bought and paid for by Big Pharma]

Grupp-Phelan suggests that busy emergency room workers could ask two simple
questions of all mothers. Those who show symptoms of mental illness then
could be screened more closely and their children could be screened.

She said her team has asked patients if they would mind being screened for
mental illness, or having their children screened, and said most would like

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
This, for Grupp-Phelan, is informed consent]

"They think their doctors will take better care of them," she said.

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