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B wrote:

> Dear Dr. Baughman,
> I have just finished watching your video ADHD-Total, 100% Fraud.  I would
> like to know what you suggest I could do to let the public school system
> where I live know about this.  Do you suggest showing it to a school board
> member, superintendent or who?  Something needs to be done about this serious
> problem.  Any suggestions will be appreciated.
> Sincerely,
> C       L    

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear C ,

In general school board members have been duped and have, unwittingly become
perpetrators. The surest way to shield/protect your child from this brazen crime
perpetrated by psychiatry, medicine, the pharmaceutical industry and–let there
be no doubt–our government, at most every level, is to home school your child,
or place them in a private or parochial school that you have interviewed and
assured does not believe in psychiatry and drugs as an education. It is that
serious. Untold numbers of parents in the the US–said to be the bastion of
freedom are being taken to court by their schools where those resisting the
labeling and drugging are being called negligent and are losing their children to
the state. These are called by a US psychiatry–every bit as perverted and evil
as in pre WW-II Germany, custody “relinquishments” said to be necessary to avail
the child of essential psychiatric treatment–always drugs; as sure as the
children are always normal until the drugging is started. Not one thing about it
resembles legitimate medical treatment, it is nothing less than a tyranny backed
by your government and mine.

If you are already legally engaged with your local government school, you need
legal advice and protection and, if so, you are already in a battle that almost
no family ever wins.

Yes, the contention that ADHD is a disease, or that any psychiatric diagnosis
disorder/diagnosis is a disease, like the real diseases of medicine and surgery,
is a brazen, total, 100% fraud perpetrated by our own, tax-supported, National
Institute of Mental Health.

Write Congressmen Chris Shays, Pete Hoekstra, Bob Schaffer, and your own
Representatives and let them know of your concerns. Write to your state senators
and representatives as well. State legislators are acting now, where federal
legislators fear to act lest they lose their drug contributions.


Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

PS You should begin writing everything down, recording what you can, making a
paper trail.

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