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  Subject: Hello i am a mother of a boy wich the doctors say he has ADHD!

  Please I need your help!!!! My son is 11 years old on currently taking
  concerta which is for ADHD. I want to take him off because when he takes
  it he has seizures and when he don't take it he don't have them. The
  school and children's services tell me that if I take him off of it they
  will take him away from me!

  Can they do this? Do we have any rights?


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Tina, Concerta is methylphenidate, is Ritalin. The siezures, a.k.a.
convulsions, a.k.a. epileptic siezures can be induced by this brain-damaging
compound or could be causing a lowering of siezure threshold in someone who
has epilepsy. In either event it is clear that the drug is having a harmful
effect on your son. Siezures can lead to injuries, including broken bones, and
rarely can be a cause of death. No legitimate physician would see this as other
than a dangerous complication of the medication and reason to remove your son from
this and other drugs of this type. Call and interview child neurologists or
neurologists and tell them you feel your child should come off of the
medication. You should be able to find such an ethical, scientific
practitioner. School and other authorities should then no longer coerce use
of the medication. If they do, you're having a physician who has taken your
son off of medication, then you would need a lawyer. All over the country,
public school and other local authorities are requiring, under penalty of loss of
custody, that parent accept ADHD as ana actual disease, when there is no
such proof, and that they provide drug treatment for their child, as if it were
an emergency, life-threatening condition for which these drugs were proven
therapy--which they could not possibly be, given that ADHD is nothing other
than a fabrication meant to create a patient/client. Enforced by government we
have a pure tyranny. (these are my opinions only, you and I have no binding
professional relationship. I would, should need arise, counsel with your

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