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Conspiracy Theory Suits Filed Against Ritalin Manufacturer, Doctors

                 By John McKenzie

                 N E W   Y O R K, Sept. 14 — Ritalin is the
                 psychiatric medication most commonly
                 prescribed to American children. Last year,
                 more than 9 million prescriptions were filled,
                 almost all of them to treat attention deficit
                 hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). 
                      But Ritalin is at the center of lawsuits
                 filed yesterday in New Jersey and
                 California, as well as one filed earlier this
                 summer in Texas.
                      The families behind the lawsuits claim
                 the rapid rise in the use of Ritalin is the
                 result of a conspiracy between Novartis
                 Pharmaceuticals Corporation, the
                 company that makes the drug, and some
                 of the doctors who prescribe it.
                      The suit alleges that, "Novartis, in
                 combination with the American
                 Psychiatric Association, conspired to create and promote
                 the diagnoses of attention deficit disorder (ADD) and
                 ADHD in a highly successful effort to increase the market
                 for Ritalin."
                      "The conspiracy is to create business for the
                 pharmaceutical company by overdefining or loosely
                 defining the disease such that it would fit every child in
                 America, and creating a market for clinical Psychologists
                 to treat these kids," says Dick Scruggs, the plaintiff’s

[Dr. Baughman:
and for adult and child psychiatrists, psychologists, all in
mental health, general and family practice physicians, pediatricians,
neurologists, educators, special educators]

                 Doctors Defend Themselves
                 The defendants respond by citing the Surgeon General’s
                 report, which says 3 to 5 percent of American children
                 have an attention deficit disorder. They argue the
                 symptoms doctors look for in making the diagnosis are
                 scientifically established. 

[Dr. Baughman:
The lynch-pin of the fraud is that ADD/ADHD, since it’s first
conceptualization, in-committee, at the American Psychiatric
Association, in 1980, has been stridently represented to one and all in
the US to be a disease, due to an abnormality—a ‘chemical
imbalance’--within the brain of the child. Claiming ADHD to be a
disease, they would then have a ‘disease’ on the ‘risk’ side of the
‘risk’/ ‘benefit’ equation, just as in treatment equations in the rest
of medicine. Take, for example, the treatment of diabetes with insulin.
Diabetes is a real disease and is the main source of risk in the
diabetes/insulin treatment equation. However all treatments, be they
medical/pharmaceutical or surgical bear risks as well, and ought not to
be initiated unless their is a true probability of ‘net’ physical
benefit. Without a ‘disease’ (or an illusion of a disease) psychiatry,
in collusion with the pharmaceutical industry, would have no ‘disease’
to treat and would have no justification or appearance of justification
for treating with drugs, which are foreign substances; poisons; which in
the absence of disease would be the only source of physical risk to the
child/person. Treatment with insulin is always fraught with dangers,
but in the face of uncontrolled diabetes, is justifiable. In the
Ritalin/amphetamine treatment of ADHD what we have are dangerous,
addictive, sometime deadly, drugs on the ‘benefit’ side of the equation
and a normal child/person; one having no abnormality, no disease ( =
normal) on the ‘risk’ side of the ‘risk’ benefit equation. Quite simply
there is no justification for recommending that such ‘treatment’
proceed. With no ‘disease’ in the ‘risk’/ ‘benefit’ computation there
is no scientific, medical, ethical or moral justification to proceed
with such ‘treatment.’ With no ‘disease’ there is no ‘patient’ and no
‘treatment’ whatsoever is called for.]

                      "There is absolutely no conspiracy here," says Dr.
                 Steven Mirin of the American Psychiatric Association.
                 "The diagnosis of attention deficit disorder is supported by
                 a mountain of scientific evidence going back more than 50

[Dr. Baughman:
psychiatrists go to medical school and learn there that
neurology, my specialty, deals with physical/organic/biological
abnormalities/diseases of the central and peripheral nervous system, and
that psychiatry deals with all things emotional and behavior in normal
human beings, that is, with the ‘mind.’ They know, both Dr. Mirin
(above) and Dr. Jensen (below) and all in the leadership of psychiatry
that diseases (if they are diseases) are confirmed, not by a ‘mountain
of evidence,’ a show of hands, or consensus, but by a single description
in a single article in the scientific literature. They also, know
despite claims ADHD is a ‘disease’ from throughout psychiatry, the
pharmaceutical industry, and all of the for-profit mental health
industry, that there has been no single article in the scientific
literature of a confirmatory, characteristic physical or chemical
abnormality making of it a bona fide disease. They seek to ‘snow’ us,
to deceive us by pointing to 30 years of ‘neurobiological’ research,
when nowhere in that 30 years is there proof of anything neurological,
biological, physical, or organic. There is no abnormality in the six
plus million children made to wear the label, made to take the drugs,
they were normal children until these dangerous, addictive sometimes
deadly drugs began circulating through their brains (and bodies), and,
having gone to medical school, despite their later choice to go into
non-organic, non-medical psychiatry, Dr. Mirin and Dr. Jensen, and all
in the leadership of psychiatry and psychiatric research are fully aware
of their drum-beat message to the public, relayed by the like of CHADD
and NAMI, that all psychiatric ‘disorders’ are ‘diseases.’ Most persons
writing to the NIMH get long, rambling non-responses. To hold them
accountable on this, most fundamental of point of medical science, and
to prevent them from being evasive, the query should be worded as

"Is ADHD a bona fide disease with a confirmatory physical or chemical
abnormality demonstrable within the patient?  Circle ‘yes’ or ‘no.’"

(do not write in this space)

If ‘yes,’ cite the article constituting proof of the confirmatory
physical or chemical abnormality, with:

       the author(s): __________________
title of the article: __________________
        journal name: __________________
                date: __________________
              volume: __________________
        page numbers: __________________.

(do not write anything else in this section)

1. Baughman FA.  CHANDS: the curly hair-ankyloblepharon-nail dysplasia
syndrome.  Birth Defects: Original Article Series.  1971;7:100-102.
(this was the original description of a never-before described disease,
validated as such by it’s confirmatory, distinctive, combination of
physical abnormalities.  
2. Toriello HV, Lindstrom JA, Waterman, DF, Baughman FA.  Re-evaluation
of CHANDS.  Journal of Medical Genetics.  1979;16:316-317. (this study
proved that CHANDS is a genetic disease)

As you can see, nothing more or less is required. I suggest you write
to both Dr. Stephen E. Hyman and Dr. F.X. Castellanos at the NIMH
(addresses and phone numbers below). They are government employees
which means they work for you and I. Copy your Congressperson, Senator
and Donna Shalala, Secretary of the Department of Health and Human
Services (DHHS). Also copy Surgeon General David Satcher, for he has
joined in, in spreading the propaganda that ADHD and all psychiatric
‘disorders’ are diseases, while putting forth absolutely no scientific
proof, disorder-by-disorder.

Find out for yourself: Is ADHD a disease, as ‘biological’ psychiatry has
told the children, the public, the judiciary and the legislature, or is
it a fraud? If you get a reply and are not sure whether they have been
responsive or not, send a copy of their reply to me and I will analyze
it for you. In fact, I would be interested in hearing of everyone’s
experience in seeking an answer to this question. After all, 6-7
million US children are said to have it and are on dangerous, addictive,
sometimes deadly medications for it.

The addresses:

Dr. Steven Hyman, DIRECTOR

6001 Executive Blvd.

Rm # 8235 MSC 9669

Bethesda, MD 20892-9669


Dr. F. Xavier Castellanos

c/o Child Psych Branch, NIMH

Bldg 10 Room 3B-19

Bethesda, MD 20892-1251


Good luck.

Sincerely yours,

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

1303 Hidden Mountain Drive

El Cajon, CA 92019]

                      While some scientists, and some parents, have argued
                 that ADHD is being over-diagnosed, and medications
                 over-prescribed, child psychiatrists today expressed
                 confidence in the diagnostic guidelines when properly
                      "They are sufficiently narrow to identify a set of
                 children who have a severe syndrome with long-term bad
                 outcomes if you don’t do something about it," says Dr.
                 Peter Jensen of Columbia University.

[Dr. Baughman:
whether deceived parents/patients still believe or not has
nothing to do with science. Jensen, in saying it is a ‘syndrome’ is
implying it is a ‘disease.’ Medically speaking, ‘syndrome’ and
‘disease’ mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably.
Leaving no doubt that this is his meaning, Jensen (1996), with Swanson
and Schiller stated: "Once parents and teachers…recognize that children
with ADD are not lazy or "bad," but have a biological disorder, they can
stop blaming themselves or their children and take appropriate steps to
prevent a pattern of failure." This is the none-to occult message from
all of psychiatry to the public, this is why fathers and mothers and
even grandparents, have ceased to understand the essence and needs of
normal children and see them as 'disordered', 'diseased', 'chemically
imbalanced' and in need of 'chemical balancers' which is where the
paymaster, pharmaceutical industry comes in.]

                  Lawyers filing these lawsuits say their next step is
                 trying to convince a judge to make them class-action
                 lawsuits on behalf of consumers across the country. The
                 lawyers say they will seek billions of dollars in damages. 

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