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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear JB, you should write to NIMH Director, Steven E. Hyman and ask him the
simple question: "Is ADHD a proven, diagnosable, disease--Yes or No?" A yes or
no answer is possible regarding any real disease. If he does not give a yes or
no answer but launches into a discussion, he is continuing to deceive you and
your family. Press him for a yes or no answer. If you are able to learn, to
your satisfaction the central fact about ADHD, that it is not a disease, never
has been, then you will be able to see Ritalin and all of the risks it bears, in
perspective. Good luck, FB]

Mr. Alden

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Study my web site and you will learn my name is Dr. Baughman],

     I found this article on Ritalin and ADHD to be uninformed at best, even
criminally inaccurate…

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Which article? Having said I have written something
that may be ‘criminally inaccurate’ please tell me what it is you refer to, and
what proof you have that I am inaccurate, and that you have not been deceived. ]

. I have over 20 years experience caring for my own ADHD children and husband.
My loved ones could not function because of the problems ADHD caused in their
lives and their heads

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
You and your entire family,
it appears have been deceived and duped by biological psychiatry—those beginning
with the APA, the AACAP, the NIMH, CHADD, and the US Dept. of Education, into
believing you have a brain disease, are diseased, abnormal, chemically
imbalanced, and that you need a chemical balancer—Ritalin. There is no disease,
there is no chemical imbalance! The only abnormality, the only chemical
imbalance, came after you had been deceived, after your right to informed
consent had been violated, when you began the Ritalin, which invariably alters
and damages the brain and heart and virtually all organ system. You don’t
understand that you and yours are victims and you may never want to look at the
facts that make this the only possible conclusion, but you are victims—all of

The children blossomed with care which included Ritalin and are successful
college students now, excelling and remarkably centered. They say they'd
never take drugs, because they know their bodies react differently than ours.
(Caffeine puts them to sleep) They have experimented with stopping the
Ritalin on their own. The results on their grades and lives are very obvious.
     Their father and his family share the problem and it interferes with
their lives. Double blind studies were remarkably revealing and proper
medication allows him to be his wonderful self. My family has tried diet
solutions, uses behavioral solutions and has always been loving, present and
concerned about health.  I don't think my daughter would be alive today, if
the Ritalin had not helped her acheive some success's in her life, and know
that she COULD succeed. She is now a respected geologist doing detailed
scientific research.  To have denied her that assistance would have been
akin to putting a gun in her hand and pointing it toward her head.
        The author has obviously never been personally been touched by this
issue. I hope he has not hurt some poor child by misinforming their parents

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
You should look at the stories of Matthew Smith, 14, of Clawson, MI,
and of Stephanie Hall, 11, of Canton, OH, both under treatment for the
never-validated, ‘disease’, ADHD, both of whom died of cardiac complications of Ritalin. My web
site speaks of the scientific evidence that ADHD is an actual disease, an
abnormality within you, your loved ones, anyone—there is no such evidence.
Believe it or not our own tax-supported National Institutes of Health and all of
organized psychiatry have lied to the US public, deceived and victimized the US
public. The longer persons are on these drugs the greater the chance of all of
the side effects, addiction, brain, cardiac and otherwise. The sooner people
get off of these drugs the less likely they are to suffer or manifest such side
effects. ADHD has no physical consequences, no matter how long you think you
have had it because it is a faux disease—it was is invented, it does not exist.]


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