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  Do Psychiatric Drugs Destory Brains?

Dr. Lehrman wrote:

  submitted for publication in the Nw York Times
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  "Beautiful minds can be reclaimed" (op-ed, March 10) - if our 
  medications don't destroy them.  Dr. Courtenay M. Harding says these 
  drugs reduce painful symptoms in about 60% of cases, but do little 

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
"Biopsychologist"/ ADHD "expert" James Swanson let slip a
confession, at the 1998 American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry,
that all psychiatric/psychologic diagnosis is still subjective, but
that it remained their dream to one day find an objective abnormality
without which there would never be an objective diagnostic test.
Unlike the rest of medicine since the early 1900s, all biological
treatment in psychiatry remains symptomatic--the relief of painful
emotions in persons who are physically normal, whose brains are wholly
normal until the symptomatic pain-blunting, brain damaging drugs, ECT,
psychosurgery commences. Though this is the fact, psychiatry today
has taken to blatant, brazan claims they treat brain diseases when
they never, ever do. Saying so is a lie and violates informed consent
in every case.]

  .  In reducing symptoms, however, psychiatric
  medications dull patients' emotionality, thus impairing their ability 
  to function socially.  These drugs were originally introduced as 
  "chemical lobotomies," a forgotten description which remains accurate. 
  A 1998 University of Pennsylvania study showed that standard 
  anti-psychotic medications cause significant brain abnormalities.
  Long term studies show that drugs are associated with markedly 
  worsened schizophrenia treatment results. A 1994 Harvard study showed 
  worsening outcomes over the past 20 years, so they are now no better 
  than 100 years ago.  In undeveloped countries, where the drugs are 
  little used, nearly two thirds of patients are doing fairly well five 
  years after initial diagnosis and about 40% have basically recovered. 
   Other studies show that most recovery occurs in the first year or 
  two. And Hillside/Long-Island Jewish Hospital, a leading psychiatric 
  drug research center, which also provides the best in social services, 
  now reports that two years after admission of first-episode 
  schizophrenic patients - who have the best prognosis -  only 18% were 
  functioning at pre-illness levels.
  Whatever the conditions are which bring people into psychiatric care, 
  do the drug treatments they get create new brain damage?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
need not be a question, it is a known fact that all psychotropic
drugs relieve mental, psychic pain by damaging the brain. All of them
without exception damage the brain. No mental illness damages the
brain. The only abnormalities detectible in such patients in life or,
at autopsy are those due to the drugs they are on, have been on, ECT
or psychosurgery. The empty promise of psychopharmacology rests on
the fact that their is no disease/damage to begin with.
Psychopharmacologists posit they can improve upon the normal brain
with their drugs when they only damage it--they only damage the
previously normal brain--the organ of adaptation, of learning.]

  Nathaniel S. Lehrman, M.D.,****************, ****************, 
  ************; Clinical Director, Retired, Kingsboro Psychiatric 
  Center, Brooklyn NY

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