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Dumbind Down our Children with Drugs. wrote:

    I am elated to hear that something is finally being done about this.
    It is tragically too late for many victims of this scam.

    My daughter was smart, bullheaded, enough not to take her medicine.
    She and I have suffered a strained relationship when she was in her teens.
    She has lived past this and is very successful in making a living.

    My son is now getting his feet on the ground, able to cope with making a
    living, now he has had a hard time in the past.  He took more of these
    damnable drugs and actually missed his high-school education because of these
    drug.  He was place in the, hide the kids from sight, Quest program.

    In Quest the kids sit in a room and aren't instructed.  They are left on
    their own to learn: because the teachers are too incompetent to teach them.

    If I sound angry about this whole matter, I am.

    My wife believes that if an educated person says it, it is true.
    Unfortunately, she is not alone in this false belief in educated competence.

    I worked construction and was out of town when my children were in their
    teens.  I had faith in my wife's decisions.  MY ENTIRE FAMILY WAS

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD wrote:

Dear Sir, Thank you for writing. I have shared your words with others,
protecting your privacy. Congress has been busy passing laws legitimizing
ADHD (something never achieved by science) and all of psychiatry’s
fabrications, represented to be ‘diseases,’ assuring the all will be
‘diagnosed’ and ‘treated.’ So has the Senate. This has enabled the mass
victimization of American children and their families while politicians and
the political process absorb utold millions in ‘soft,’ drug money from drug
producers (not the tenders of opium poppies in Laos, or of marijuana
patches, south of the border), all of it as legal as you please. And the
National Institutes of Health, the Dept. of Health and Human Services, the
Dept. of Education, the Surgeon General, the Dept. of Justice, and local
courts everywhere enable and enforce “mental health,” even if we don’t know
what it is and would rather be left the way we are without the mental
health, psychopharm cartel–normal. Teachers (teaching beneath them) having
been whipped into a diagnosing, drugging frenzy are drunk with the power
they have over the our lives and those of our children. Wherever their word
and that of the educational ‘team’ is defied, they call in Child Protective
Services and any local court in the land, and pronounce us negligent, unfit
and threaten us with removal of your/our/America’s children, from
your/our/America’s homes.

I urge you Sir to join the revolt. Write to your every
representative–county, state and federal, and assure them that nowhere in
the medical scientific literature of the US of the world is there validation
of the claims of psychiatry, or anyone siding with them, that allege that
psychiatric, emotional, behavioral conditions are ‘diseases,’ that require
treatment or that impair you such that you cannot provide for you or yours
or that warrant depriving you of any single freedom or privilege you have
under the Constitution.

Start by writing to Congressmen Chris Shays, R-Conn., Bob Schaffer, R-CO,
and Pete Hoekstra, R-MI, with copies to all of your own political

Stay in touch.

Sincerely yours,

Fred A. Baughman, Jr. MD

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