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TK wrote:

  Dr. Baughman,
  I am writing for advice and to thank you for your diligence and
  extraordinary efforts at fighting the myth that I also believe is being
  passed off as the "ADHD epidemic" in America.
  My son was (mis) diagnosed by a psychologist three years ago, while 5 yrs of
  age, as having ADHD.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
My web site, me, make the point their is no such thing as
misdiagnosis, overdiagnosis as the representation of ADHD is a total 100% deception.
This is the only way to fully understand it and the epidemic]

  This psychologist then referred my ex-wife to a pediatrician

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Pediatricians and fam practitioners too have incorporated mental health
dx and rx into their practice because there is an endless supply of normal children to
be labeled, that is, the economics are favorable in times when real patients with real
medical concerns and diseases are in short supply.]

  who would write the prescription for Ritalin. This occurred
  after approximately a half hour session during which the diagnosis of ADHD
  was made. As a supplement to his drug treatment, my son (Child), was also
  supposed to have monthly counseling sessions in order to help him and my
  ex-wife with his "behavior modification". As a result of being on this drug,
  that I was told at the time was  "harmless", the pediatrician said it would
  then be necessary to have his blood evaluated every six months as well due
  to the risk of harmful side effects.
  (Child) is now 8 yrs of age and my ex-wife neither takes him for regular
  sessions to perform his behavior modification or to have his blood checked.
  He has simply been placed on a potentially dangerous drug and left there
  with no end in sight. When I have recently questioned this fact to the
  psychologist and my ex-wife and asked to have him reevaluated I have been
  told it really isn't necessary, he will have this "disease" for the rest of
  his life. Meaning, he will be taking a dangerous drug forever, or until it
  kills him.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Told that the drug was "harmless" is yet another, fundamental violation
of everyone's informed consent rights.]

  While (Child) is in my care during summer periods and holidays, for extended
  periods of time, I have refused to give him his medication. I did so after
  taking him to the same psychologist who diagnosed him and speaking with him.
  He said there was no reason that (Child) couldn't be taken off of the drug for
  time periods so long as everyone could "tolerate" his behavior.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Here we have a psychologist practicing medicine without a license.]

 (Child) has absolutely no problems with anyone or anything that a normal 8 yr
 old doesn't experience, especially a young boy.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Althought said to have a disease,
he has not been demonstrated to have a physical abnormality (abnormality = disease).
This is a total violation of your son's, your's, even his mother's right to informed
consent, and, in most jurisdictions is tantamount to professional malpractice.
Additionally, the deceptive fraudulent portrayal of ADHD as a disease, when,
categorically, it is not, for purposes of justifying a prescription of a controlled,
Schedule II drug--Ritalin, is a violation of the Controlled Substances Act (surely here
in California) and likely, I should think, nationally. (see Laws Regarding Controlled Substances)]

  He is a caring and sensitive
  little boy who's only problem is that he doesn't fit exactly into the mold
  that his mother and one kindergarten teacher set out for him. He is
  described by every adult that knows him today and in the past as a polite,
  bright and intelligent child who's manners are exemplary. His current 3rd
  grade teacher recently even suggested to my ex-wife that he doesn't really
  need the Ritalin and as a result and due to other problems she has with the
  school, my ex-wife will be removing him and my daughter from there soon.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
In 90% or more of cases it is teachers that suggest and press for
diagnosis and
treatment. In 10% (my estimate) and rising it is a parent. Such cases are
common in divorce where one or the other of the parent wants the labeling
and drugging
and the other is against it. Almost always, the courts, flush with
oriented, drugging, psychiatrists, side with the labeling/drugging parent
and denounce
the resisting parent, often to the point of curtailing visitation.
Increasingly the
family courts of the land are siding with schools and Child Protective
Services against
cohesive, together families who resist labeling drugging, threatening them
with loss of
custody lest they cease their reluctance. All of this for ADHD a total,
100% fraud. We
are in deep civil rights trouble regarding the rise of psychiatry here just
as Germany in
a different time.]

 After watching him and his classmates, his behavior is no different than any
 other member of his class.He copes very well with his life and simply needs
 to be allowed to grow up normally, without medications.

 I am currently exploring the possibilities of legal actions against my
 ex-wife, the pediatrician and the psychologist involved in his case. Is
 there a way to have input from an expert such as yourself during the legal
 proceedings if it should become necessary? I think that unfortunately, it
 seems to require a member of the medical community to speak out on an
 individual's behalf in order for the court to consider them "normal".

 I sincerely appreciate all of your efforts and would very much like to be
 put into contact with someone close enough to Corpus Christi, Texas, where I
 live, so that I can get a professional opinion on the correct viewpoint of
 this problem. Do you know of a psychologist or psychiatrist near my area, in
 southern Texas, that would possibly help me?

 Sincerely, TK

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