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EB, a mother, wrote (12 9 00):

Our son has been diagnosed with ADHD. He is 10 years old.  He has a
doctors appointment 12/20/00 to be put on meds. I don’t really want to
put him on them but I don't want to lose him either. What are our
choices? I'm asking because I've heard so much bad stuff about Ritalin.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
First point—ADHD--although said by psychiatrists, pediatricians,
and almost all doctors, nowadays, to be due to an abnormality of the
brain, an abnormality within the child, a disease--has never been
proved to be a disease. The best of science tells us that these are
normal behaviors in normal, sometimes troubled, usually mis-educated,
children. Because, ADHD is not a legitimate, proven disease, your son
is likely normal,
and for that reason more than any other, does not need to be on
Ritalin or any medication. That Ritalin is a known drug of addiction
and because it bears other dangers as well (see October, 1995, DEA
Background Paper on Methylphenidate (Ritalin), it's use ought be avoided
in any condition other than narcolepsy--the only bona fide disease for
which it is approved by the FDA. The FDA is fully aware that ADHD is
not a bona fide disease, but allows it representation as a disease, and
the use of Ritalin for it, nonetheless. This advice may create a crisis
for you with your son's school and possibly with his physicians as
well. Pointedly ask the diagnosis-confirming doctor
"Is ADHD a true disease due to an abnormality of the brain?" Tell
him/her you want
this answer in writing as part of your right to 'informed consent.'
If he/she says it is a
true disease, due to a 'chemical imbalance' or any other kind of
abnormality, tell him/her
you want a copy of the lab, x-ray, or pathology report. If there was
no test there can be no report and there is no objective evidence or
proof of a disease. Again, all of the above is my opinion. You will
have to take it from there. If you, your son and family are
being pressured and threatened, legally-speaking, I will gladly
consult with you and your
attorney. If the face-off with the school has not gone to far you may
be able to move
your son to a private or parochial school where psychology, psychiatry
and psychiatric
drugging are not mistaken for an education and child-rearing (in fact,
they know it is not, but have chosen, to the detriment of our children
and country, to follow a different master). Frequently, if this can be
done, it is much less expensive and time consuming than engaging the
local school district in a legal battle in the local courts. The odds,
I might add, are never in your favor. Call me if I can be of further

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