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International Campaign Against Ritalin/ADHD

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Dr. Ajmone, biological psychiatry--the utter pretense--lie that they
diagnose and treat organic brain diseases, making "patients" of normal
stuggling human beings, is a perversion of science and medicine, with which
no true physician should associate;to which no true physician should give
aid or comfort. I am happy to know and collaborate with you now and in the
future in exposing their lies and perfidy. More and more physicians,
victims, and others, grow increasingly aware of this menace both here and
elsewhere around the world.

I cannot provide you with the document you request but urge you contact the
FDA directly. Please stay in touch.

Sincerely, Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD]

PROXIMA wrote:

 name=Claudio Ajmone

message=Dott. Claudio Ajmone - Psicologo, Psicoterapeuta - e-mail:
Direttore di Proxima, Psicologia e Scienze Umane :
Membro del Direttivo e Comitato Scientifico della  Rivista e Associazione
"Anthropos & Iatria"
Membro di Redazione Rivista "Informazione, psicologia, Psichiatria,
Presidente "Osservatorio Italiano sulla Salute Mentale":

Dear Doctor Baughman,

        I have read many of your articles and I would to congratulate
myself with you for your intellectual honesty. I have started in Italy
a great campaign against Ritalin and ADHD, with us its a novelty and
the debate just started. It wolud be of help for me to recive the FDA
table with the 2.900 side effects connected to Ritalin, for a correct
information to give to the italians and for a clear scientific debate.
Can you send it to me?

I thank you in advance for your precious collaboration.

Doctor Claudio Ajmone
President OISM

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