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By Fred A. Baughman, Jr., MD

Neurologist, Child Neurologist

Fellow, American Academy of Neurology

1303 Hidden Mountain Drive

El Cajon, CA 92019

March 26, 2003

(1975 words)

The ordeal of Vincent Booth and his mother, Diane, began as it begins in every case, in
every school district in the US–with teachers diagnosing ADHD, presently, the number
one “disease” in the country. Teachers from the Sunnyvale School District decided, not
only that 6-year-old son, Vincent, had ADHD, but that he needed Ritalin, as well. Not
only did teachers, never having been to medical school, make the diagnosis, they
presumed it was their right, duty, and competence, as well, to designate the medication he
needed-in this case, an addictive, dangerous, sometimes lethal (200 deaths reported to
FDA-Medwatch, 1990-2000) medication-Ritalin. When Diane, the natural, legal,
mother rejected their diagnosis and treatment, they called in Child Protective Services,
pronounced her “negligent;” by order of the juvenile court made Vincent a ward of the
State of California (case # JD 1110), institutionalized, diagnosed, and drugged him.
Vincent was six years old, and, up to that point, healthy and normal.

Vincent was held at the Eastfield Ming Quong, a locked, children’s holding facility at one
time used to force social services on California’s Chinese immigrant children. Placed on
Ritalin, Vincent developed tics–involuntary movements–a complication of Ritalin, never
witnessed previously. He also had bruises and bumps-signs of physical abuse. Diane
complained, but to no avail. Next, she took matters into her own hands. In desperation,
and at her son’s request, she fled to Canada with him on July 5, 2000, and applied for
refugee status. Two months later the FBI apprehended them in British Columbia and
tore Vincent from her side while he screamed for help that his mother wasn’t allowed to
give him. For the past 2 ½ years Vincent has been a child of the State of California, held
at the Eastfield Ming Quong, getting treatment for the multiple “diseases” psychiatry says
he has with the multiple drugs, psychiatry says he needs.

Throughout the 2 ½ years no member of Diane’s family was allowed to have contact with
Vincent, and Diane remained a fugitive until she tired of life on the run and turned herself
in to authorities in Okanagan, Washington, in January, 2003.

Diane has since been extradited to Santa Clara County where she has been unable to
make bail and remains incarcerated at the (Diane Booth, BOOKING# 03007942, PFN#
DPN183, P.O. Box 60910) Elmwood Correctional Center for Women, MILPITAS, CA
95036. While the FBI has seen fit to drop all charges against her, Santa Clara County,
not wishing to be charged themselves, still presses felony, child endangerment and child
stealing charges against her, that could result in up to 8 years in prison-all of it, mind
you, for loving and her only child, her normal son, Vincent.

Diane began to correspond with me through my web site about two
years ago when she was still in Canada, seeking refugee status there. Based on her
description of events (a scenario repeated in every school, in every state, every single
day) and medical records, there is no doubt that Vincent was a medically, neurologically
normal child at the time psychiatric diagnosing and labeling began, and until the always-
injurious, psychiatric drugging began. Vincent’s psychiatric incarceration, ordered by his
new “parent,” Judge Leonard P. Edwards (parens patriae), assured it would always be

In the summer of 2002, his diagnoses-all psychiatric, all bogus, not actual diseases,
were Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (DSM-IV 309.81), Oppositional Defiant Disorder
(313.81) with Generalized Anxiety Disorder (300.82) and ADHD; episodic enuresis
(314.01). As is usual in psychiatry, not only did Vincent have multiple “diseases,” but he
was administered multiple psychiatric medications as well-each known to brain
damaging, none known to target a proven brain abnormality/disease.. They were Buspar,
Zoloft and Respirdal, an antipsychotic-an especially potent brain poison. As of June,
2002 Vincent was said to display “tics (probably a persisting side effect of Ritalin, but
Respirdal commonly causes involuntary movements, as well, known as tardive
dyskinesias) severe anxiety, fearfulness, impulsivity, hyper-vigilance, poor adult-child
relationships, tantrums and aggression toward staff and peers.” I wonder how well my
adult-child relationships would develop living such a life? More worrisome by far, a case
manager wrote: “Vincent is socially immature and often functions in a regressed,
primitive, unsociable manner, sometimes at a 2 or 3 year level. What if Vincent had been
normal and free, living in the protective, loving care of his natural mother, Diane. What
if he had been allowed to be the normal child he was, not imprisoned and drugged–a
psychiatric patient-in-perpetuity?

On December 10, 2002, before Diane’s desperate return to the US, I wrote to Judge

“Having said to parents or authorities with jurisdiction over a child (parens
patriae) that ADHD is a disease; one requiring medication, without which the
child’s health and life are at risk, abrogates the informed consent rights of this
child and his mother, and, in fact, the informed consent rights of the judge/court
adjudicating this case. For it’s part, the judge/court had a duty to ascertain not just
the prevailing practice in the community, but the state of the science concerning
so-called ADHD, before enforcing dangerous, addictive, medications and
separating physically normal children from their natural parents. What was done
to this child in 1999, and is still being done, in Santa Clara County, in the State of
California in the name of psychiatric “treatment” has been nothing but
psychologically and physically damaging. .All treatments for diagnoses not
those of real, verifiable, diseases, should be .withdrawn. At the same
time.Vincent should be returned to his mother. who has shown no inability to
care for him and make responsible health care decisions.All physicians and
professionals who have misrepresented the true nature of ADHD and any other
psychiatric “diseases” to this parent and child (Diane and Vincent Booth) and to
yourself, having had parens patriae responsibility for Vincent, should be reported
to the Medical Board of California for having .abrogated their rights to informed
consent; this being tantamount, in the instance of physicians to medical
malpractice; and in the instance of educational personnel and other non-
physicians (psychologists) to the practice of medicine without a license.”

I ended my letter thus:

“Do not hesitate to contact me if I can be of any further help to you in this or
related matters.”

But, Judge Edwards did not reply. Therefore, I wrote to him a second time, February 6,
2003, making both of my letters to him the substance of a State of California, “Suspected
Child Abuse Report” in which I was charging not that Diane Booth was guilty of abusing
her son, Vincent, but that Santa Clara County and the State of California and all their
agents and agencies were. I wrote:

“From 1970 to the present, the US Congress has sequentially held hearings and
passed laws that have legitimized calling psychological/psychiatric/mental
symptoms-diseases-when they are not, resulting in the needless medicalization
of the lives of 8-10 million US children-Vincent Booth just one of them. In all
of these hearings, our Congressmen heard testimony from members of the
American Psychiatric Association, the American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry, the NIH, NIMH, and NIDA and chose to believe their
every incredible, anti-scientific, claim that psychiatric/psychological/mental
conditions were medical/physical/organic abnormalities–actual diseases. Never
once in all of these 32 years did they looked beyond the incredible claim for
physical proof, as surely they would do, were it there own child, in the privacy of
their own physician’s office… Vincent, his mother and her family.are just one
of the six or so million ADHD patients in the US who have been lead by
mainstream psychiatry, pediatrics and medicine, to believe that ADHD is an
actual disease, a life-long disease, one for which they absolutely must be treated
with one psycho stimulant or another. Like all the rest, Vincent, his mother and
family are victims-still of what is the greatest health care fraud of modern history.
I truly hope that some court will see and acknowledge the terrible wrongs and
injuries done here and summarily free Vincent and his mother and reconcile them.
The damage done can never be undone but at least this will be a start.”

Nor have I heard from Judge Edwards this time. Nor has my “SUSPECTED CHILD
ABUSE REPORT” been acknowledged. Neither has my declaration on behalf of Diane
Booth (BOOKING# 03007942, PFN# DPN183, P.O. Box 60910, Elmwood Correctional
Center for Women, MILPITAS, CA) submitted to the court, been accepted by the court.

Every American should know about the Diane Booth case, because, believe it or not, it is
happening all over the country, in every school district, every day. In most instances, the
coercion works; the insistence that the Ritalin is necessary, that your child can’t function
without it–this “chemical balancer” for his “chemical imbalance.” I hear from parents
hounded at work, hounded at home, evenings, threatened by the CPS-turned-Gestapo
leaving no doubt of your negligence, no doubt juvenile court is the next stop. And yes,
Diane was a single parent, but a good parent, and she was at her best loving and
protecting her son, standing on her common sense. However psychiatry needed her son,
not to help him, but, regardless of him, to make him a profit-point; to make him a life-
long profit-point, and that is exactly what they will do to Vincent and to any child
anywhere, in any US public school, and you-Mother and Father in the USA, you had
better wake up to the fact that today it is Diane Booth, tomorrow, it can be you, your
child, grandchild, niece, nephew, for they find psychiatric “diseases” in each and every
child, normal or not.

Lest you think I am some ranting fool, consider this from the Bazelon Center for Mental
Health in Washington, DC [Practice Trends," Clinical Psychiatric News, May 2000,
page 49.] Speaking of Vincent Booth, and millions like him across the country, they say:

“Gaining access to mental health care for children (with bogus “chemical
imbalances”) is so difficult that parents often end up giving up custody to ensure
care. Approximately 2.1-4.1 million children, aged 9-17 years have a serious
mental or emotional disorder. Last year, 23% of parents of children with
behavioral disorders were told that they needed to relinquish custody to obtain
intensive mental health services for their children; 20% actually gave up

Imagine, “20% actually gave up custody.” This should send chills down your spines if it
doesn’t. By my reckoning, they are speaking here of at least 2.1 million.

In addition ADHD, Ritalin and psychiatric drugging otherwise, are unusually common
issues in divorce. Dare any child manifest unhappiness or insecurity as his world is
falling apart! Dare any parent of divorce, challenge the court’s psychiatric experts and
the tidy work they and the DSM make of the untold human misery by medicalizing it. If
they do, if they express doubt about ADHD or any other psychiatric contrivance or the
one or several drugs that invariable follow, parents will lose their share of decision-
making and all rights to see their child.

Protect yourself today–stand up for Diane Booth; contribute to the Diane Booth Defense
Fund because, as things stand, Diane has no money for a criminal defense attorney and
will be defending herself at trial. If she loses, she and Vincent will remain in jail, life-
long victims of PSYCHIATRIC-JUDICIAL RAPE. If she wins, we get her out of jail,
reunite her with her Vincent, prove that ADHD and psychiatry are a fraud, and protect
you, your children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews and all the normal children in the US

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