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letter (12/7/00) to Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD from a concerned father.

Dear Fred,

My name is DD,

Thanks for offering consultation. What is your fee?

Also, locally a G….County School official by the name of LK told me on
two different phone conversations during early Spring that there was NO
funding for ADD/ADHD kids, even though radio talk show said there was
such funding.

Determined to get to the bottom of the matter, in late summer I call
LK’s office
again. This time I disguised myself as someone working for a local
political candidate and was conducting budget surveys for our
campaign platform committee. Suddenly, LK was more
cooperative than ever and told me there was $581.00 per year per
child. I then told him that was not what he had told me in early spring,
and I asked had things changed since spring to summer. He told me
that this was part of the Federal Budget for Title 6B Flow Through
Funding. He seemed angry that he had been trapped and explained
that he must have thought that I was asking for local funding. This is
BS because I asked for ANY funds for ADD/ADHD.

Digging deeper, I call nurse officials in the G… County School
System to ask if they had any update information on the Ritalin over-
dose issues and how prepared were school nurses and nurse aids in
handling such issues. They were more honest, but here is where the
honesty becomes frightening.  They have no plan, very few or even
trained to know what to do if a child is over-dosed on

These are three issues I feel need to be addressed. School officials
lying to tax payers concerning our money. The money motives behind
this ADD/ADHD issue for schools. And finally, why are nurses or
even vocationally-trained technician allow to dispense such dangerous
drugs if they have no proper training in handling extreme side effects
of such drugs.

I have also contacted local media concerning these issues and they do
not seem to want to take interest in the matter.

Thanks for your time and input--DD

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Clearly there are legislated, built-in, financial incentive to
label (prelude to drugging) and drug children in the government (public)
schools of the nation. This is only part of the story. Here we have
the Congress writing ADHD, and other of the so-called disruptive
behavior disorders (conduct disorder, oppositional-defiant disorder) and
learning disabilities into law, and giving them legitimacy that science
has never afforded them. Not a single one of them has been proven to be
a bona fide disease/disorder/disability, due to a
diagnosable/demonstrable physical or chemical abnormality within the

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