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Council on Europe, chair irena  12 10 01 Dr. Irena Belohorska                                                                       
December 10, 2001


Subcommittee on Health

Social, Health and Family Affairs Committee

Parliamentary Assembly

Council of Europe

F-67075 Strasbourg Cedex

Dear Madam Chairman Belohorska,

It was a privilege to have had the opportunity to present
“The case against diagnosis and treatment of ADHD and related disorders and
their treatment with stimulants” to your Subcommittee.  I hope I was clear and understandable in my
presentation.  This is not a matter of
differing beliefs, but of what is proven, scientific, fact, and what is not.  Further, it is a matter of demonstrating
abnormality/disease, child-by-child before one ventures   medical or surgical treatment in a single

Simply put, the 1980, DSM-III, version of ADD (attention
deficit disorder) was never proved to have a confirming, demonstrable
abnormality to make of it a disease, before it was changed, in 1987, by the
American Psychiatric Association, to the DSM-III-R version of ADHD (attention
deficit hyperactivity disorder).   In
turn, the 1987, DSM-III-R version of ADHD (attention deficit hyperactivity
disorder was never proved to be a disease, before it was changed, in 1994, to
the DSM-IV version of ADHD—that which reigns today—not in science, but in
psycho-pharmaceutical propaganda and practice. 

I was just perusing an essay on back pain.  The headline read:  “Unnecessary, ineffective, even harmful treatments abound.”  Back pain differs from ADHD in that in some
cases physical abnormalities underlie the back pain, while in ADHD, there is
never a demonstrated, proved, physical cause/factor/variable.  This being the case there is never a
rationale for medical/pharmacological treatment—there is no abnormality to make
normal or even more nearly normal.  What
results is the invariable psychological harm to the child of being lead to
believe that their brain is abnormal/diseased, and of having their parents,
teachers and all of the persons in their life being lead to believe they are
abnormal/diseased, when they are not. 
And next, the invariable, in-every-child psychological damage is
followed by the invariable, in-every-treated-child, physical damage that
results both on the long- and short-term not only from the Ritalin/amphetamine
class of drugs but from every single psychotropic drug.

The motion, “Ending the misdiagnosing of children by
Gustofsson and others; Doc. 8727, 17, April, 2000,  page 1, paragraph 4, states:

Observing that underpinning this
wave of drug abuse is the psychiatric diagnosis Attention Deficit,
Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which has no known cause, no scientific basis,
and was literally voted into existence by the American Psychiatric Association
in 1987, leading to millions of children the world over being erroneously
prescribed powerful mind-altering and potentially addictive drugs like Ritalin;

Again, the drugs are not the issue.  There is no such physical
abnormality/disease/medical syndrome as ADHD. 
In paragraph 4 the truth of the matter is set forth: “the psychiatric
diagnosis Attention Deficit, Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) which has no known
cause, no scientific basis, and was literally voted into existence by the
American Psychiatric Association in 1987.”

Observe that when no physical abnormality/disease/medical
syndrome has been verified, it is pointless or duplicitous to speak of it’s
cause or absence thereof.   It is a
common semantic stratagem of theirs to speak of ‘the  cause being unknown,’ when, all the while, they know no
abnormality exists to have a cause. 

Page 2, paragraph 5, states:

Noting that in 1996, the
International Narcotics Control Board (INCB) asked Governments to “exercise
utmost vigilance to prevent the over-diagnosing of ADD (Attention Deficit
Disorder) and its possible medically-unjustified treatment with Methylphenidate

 On June 7, 1996, I wrote to
the International Narcotics Control Board, stating:

 “I was pleased to know that the United Nations-International
Narcotics Control Board has twice (that I know of ) written to U.S. officials
expressing their concern about the sharp increase of use of  Methylphenindate in the U.S…”   “It appears that the INCB and this writer
…share concerns regarding the incredible U.S.- greater-than-Canada (as nowhere
else) ADHD epidemic as well as the
burgeoning amounts of Methylphenindate and other schedule II stimulants being
prescribed for it, quite as if it were an actual disease.”  “Is it sound medical practice?.”  “With no confirmation that so called
Attention Deficit Disorder with or without Hyperactivity (ADD/ADHD) is a
disease, a discrete diagnostic entity or anything organic or biologic, how can
it possible be ‘sound medical practice’?” 


 On July 24, 1996, I again wrote Secretary Schaep   asking that he send me the text pertaining
to “sound medical practice.” This he did. 
From the Convention on
Psychotropic Substances, 1971, article 9, paragraph 2:

“The parties shall take measures to
ensure that prescriptions for substances in schedules II, III, and IV, are
issued in accordance with sound medical practice and subject to such
regulation…particularly as to the number of times they may be refilled and the
duration of their validity, as will protect the public health and welfare.”

In accordance with “sound medical
practice” should include appropriate diagnosis, and then, full disclosure of  pertinent facts for purposes of and informed consent.  With ADHD
never proven to be a disease but invariably, falsely, represented to be
one—abrogating informed consent in every single case, this is anything but
“sound medical practice.”  I am
convinced that the term “fraud” applies, and I have frequently made this
charge, publicly. 

It was my impression that the debate between and after the
prepared remarks of presenters was more informative than the presentations
themselves.  For that reason I would
very much appreciate receiving a transcript of the entire proceedings, start to
close, if such can be made available.  

I hereby enclose a video that I produced entitled
“ADHD—Total, 100% Fraud.”  It is made
from the US government videotape of the November, 16-18, 1998, NIH, Consensus
Conference on ADHD.  Please feel free to
duplicate it and share it with other members of your Subcommittee, or any
interested party. 

I am in the process of preparing a short picture book along
the lines of the illustrations I projected at the end of my prepared
remarks.  When I have it put together I
will send a copy along to you.  In the
meantime, I would be more than happy to take calls or e-mails from you or any
member of the Subcommittee on this most important of issues. 

Sincerely yours,

Fred A. Baughman, Jr., MD

1303 Hidden Mountain Drive

El Cajon, CA, USA 92019

phone 619 440 8236

fax 619 442 1932

cc Mrs. Ragnarsdottir

     Mr. Brinzan

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