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Fred A. Baughman Jr. 
Neurology/Pediatric Neurology (board certified)
1303 Hidden Mountain Drive
El Cajon,  CA  92019
619 440 8236

Medi-Cal Investigator,  Monica Wellenstein         1/2/03
State of California
Department of Health Services
Audits and Investigations (Medi-Cal Fraud)
10370 Commerce Center Drive #100
Rancho Cucamonga, CA 91730

Dear Ms. Wellenstein,

I did not get a response to my letter of 1/11/02 (see attachment #1).  I would
like answers from Medi-Cal authorities to the questions I posed;
specifically to the charge I made that ADHD and other psychiatric disorders
are invariably represented to the public and to patients to be diseases when
they are not.

Also attached (see attachment #2) is my recent letter to Judge Leonard Edwards
regarding Diane and Vincent Booth; Vincent having been taken from his mother
to assure his treatment for the non-existent, fraudulent “disease,” ADHD.
My suspicion is that Vincent’s treatment is funded by Medi-Cal.

Medi-Cal, in funding such treatment, represented to the public, patients,
and, to all payers, to be that of a “brain disease” is, itself, a
participant in the fraud.


Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

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