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 Marcela Gaviria and Martin Smith, Producers                   June 14, 2001
 Rain Media
 164 W 8th Street,
 New York, NY  10024

 Re: "Medicating Kids" Documentary on Frontline (PBS)
 Dear Ms. Gaviria and Mr. Smith,
 Mr. Don Brown has shared your letter of 4/30/01 with me, and I am
 responding to it.
 In paragraph 4, page 1, you state: "…he (Baughman) holds many views
 regarding "mental" illnesses that are clearly out of the mainstream."
 This charge is vague and non-specific, on purpose.
 All that pertains to the issue of "Medicating Kids" is whether they have
 an actual disease or not, one disease at a time, and this is a
 fundamental point that I have shared with the both of you repeatedly,
 both during the interview and by free exchange of e-mails and access to
 my web site.   Later in this paragraph you say I was "…helpful in
 explaining his views to us."  I made very clear to you that my views or
 beliefs and those of others were not at issue, but that whether or not
 there was scientific evidence that ADHD is a bona fide disease was the
 issue.  And yet at no time did you address the question: Is ADHD an
 actual disease having a characteristic, confirming, objective,
 physical/chemical abnormality—yes or no?
 (objective, demonstrable, abnormality = disease; no abnormality = no
 In paragraph 7, page 1,  you write to Mr. Brown: "Many of your other
 points deal with the existence of ADHD, and/or the efficacy of
 alternative therapies or treatments."  You write this, glossing over the
 fundamental issue of the "existence," in science, of proof that ADHD is
 a disease—one requiring any medical treatment at all.  You slide
 beyond this, the fundamental question, and write:  "Instead we focused
 on four real-world family portraits."  Families, parents and patients
 themselves are not trained to determine whether or not they have a
 disease, or, if so, which disease.  For that reason, your "four
 real-world family portraits" would serve no purpose but to further avoid
 consideration of the fundamental question: Is ADHD a bona fide disease,
 yes or no?
 In paragraph 8, page 2, you write, "…partisans on either side of this
 very controversial issue took little comfort in our presentation."  Here
 you portray diagnosis as a matter of belief, vote,  consensus, religion,
 source of financial support, when, in the legitimate practice of
 medicine, it is one thing and one thing only: a matter of whether an
 objective physical abnormality is demonstrable or not.

 (objective, demonstrable, abnormality = disease; no abnormality = no

 In final analysis, the "messengers" in the debate regarding ADHD and the
 psychiatric drugging of the 6 million, or so, children said to have it,
 are not the issue.  As always in medicine, diagnosis comes first, and
 diagnosis starts with the question: (1) Is disease (some abnormality,
 any abnormality) present—yes or no?  If yes, diagnosis goes to: (2)
 which disease?

 No child should be prescribed/subjected to medical or surgical treatment
 who has not been proved, beforehand, to have a disease/abnormality
 needing to be made normal, or, more nearly normal.    We do not start
 insulin before confirmation of abnormality (high blood sugar)/disease.
 We do not start chemotherapy or radiotherapy before microscopic
 confirmation of malignancy.   The NIMH, CHADD, the APA and AACAP say
 ADHD is a disorder by which mean disease, by which they contend their is
 an abnormality within the brain of the child.  Not only do they not
 demonstrate an abnormality in their children/patients, nowhere in the
 medical/scientific literature of the world is their proof that ADD/ADHD
 as defined in any of the last four editions of the DSM (III, III-R, IV)
 is a diagnosable disease/abnormality.
 We have 6 million children, in the US, as nowhere else in the world,
 never demonstrated to be other than normal, prescribed drugs that are
 known to be addictive, dangerous and sometimes deadly.  Controversy?  I
 think this is a crime.  We might argue about this.  What is not arguable
 is the lack of objective evidence of disease/abnormality in any child
 said to have ADHD
 Do the children have a disease?  Any disease?  Where in the
 scientific/medical literature is the proof that ADHD is a disease?
 These are the fundamental questions.  But you avoided all of them.  You
 chose, instead to speak of the messengers, of CCHR, of me, of
 "partisans", of "real-world families," and of  the "many parents
 struggling with what for them is a very personal, very serious

 The media generally, and your program in particular, has failed the
 literally millions of parents struggling with the shock of hearing
 their child has ADHD, invariably characterized as a brain disease, due
 to a "chemical imbalance", invariably needing medication, perhaps for
 life.  You failed them because you failed to ask: "Show me the
 abnormality." "Show me the lab, x-ray, or scan result that proves the
 child is abnormal."
 "Show me the article from the scientific/medical literature that
 describes the objective abnormality making of ADHD a disease,
 demonstration of which makes it a diagnosable disease?"

 Nor am I the only one prompting that you and others in the media ask and
 get answers to these burning (6 million children) questions.  On
 November 18, 1998, the Panel of the National Institutes of Health
 Consensus Conference on ADHD issued the conclusion: "We do not have an
 independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate
 that ADHD is due to a brain malfunction"  Translated, this—not from me,
 not from CCHR, not from any other "partisan"--meant, there was no
 evidence that any child said to have ADHD, had a brain disease.  And
 yet, there were, by then 4-5 million on DEA/INCB schedule II drugs by
 way of "treatment."  And, allow me to tell you that these drugs are
 causing deaths—how many we cannot be sure because reporting systems
 remain voluntary, which is exactly the way psychiatry and Big Pharma
 (world-wide pharmaceutical industry) want it.
 Further, as you well know, by way of e-mails from me right up to the
 time of your program, there has been no scientific—in the
 medical/scientific, peer-reviewed journals—proof that ADHD is a disease
 having a confirmatory, objective physical abnormality--proof that
 children said to have it (now at 6-7 million) are other than NORMAL.
 Their first an only disease--contrary to all that is the
 scientific-ethical practice of medicine-- is that due to the drugs they
 are put on.
 As long as no abnormality/no disease can be found in children said to
 have ADHD, there is no such thing as "mis-diagnosis" or
 "over-diagnosis."   The only way to understand the US, ADHD epidemic, is
 to know, as I testified at the Consensus Conference (11/17/98) that it
 is a "total, 100% fraud."  There was no rebuttal.
 If it is the truth you seek, as well as to help the millions of parents
 struggling to understand their child’s ADHD, and to know the right thing
 to do, you will convey to them the answer they need to the basic "Is it
 a disease or isn’t it?" question.
 If you commit to such goals--but only then--call me.
 Sincerely yours,
 Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD
 1303 Hidden Mountain Dr.
 El Cajon, CA, 92019
 phone 619 440 8236
 P.S.  for your information I have enclosed my letter to the editor of
 the journal PEDIATRICS, published in the May, 2001, issue.
 Don Brown
 Jim Pagliarini, President, Twin Cities Television
 David Fanning, Executive Producer, FRONTLINE

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