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Letter to Thomas Greening, Ph.D., Editor of Journal of Humanistic Psychology (9/11/01)

Thomas Greening, Ph.D., Editor                                 September 11, 2001
Journal of Humanistic Psychology
1314 Westwood Blvd., Suite 205.

Dear Dr. Greening,

Thank you for sending me a copy of your letter to Gardiner Harris of the
Wall Street Journal.

It must be understood that the takeover of US psychiatry and academic
medicine, by Big Pharma, given entree by Congress and the Senate, is
near-complete.  Understanding this one can begin to understand the
unprecedented criminal act that is the orgy of diagnosis and drugging
(authored and orchestrated by the NIH, NIMH, NINDS, NIDA, CHADD and
NAMI) of no less than 6 million, entirely normal, US infants, toddlers,
children and adults, told, in-unison, by US, for-profit, medicine, that
they suffer from the invented, totally fraudulent, disease/disability
called ADHD. Not only are families told this lie by their children’s
schools, they are forced coerced to accept the lie as fact and begin the
drug, proffered by the sponsor of it all (Big Pharma), lest they be
deemed negligent and lose custody not only of that child but of all of
their children.  I know many such victimized families.  The Bazelon
Foundation alerts us to the fact that their have already been a few
million "custody relinquishments" in the US (of all places) to qualify
children for Medicaid and other payer plans to afford the child
"essential" psychiatric care, they could not otherwise afford.

The lynch-pin of the ADHD fraud and of the burgeoning, limitless, fraud
that is "biological psychiatry" is it’s insistence that it diagnoses and
treats brain "diseases" and "chemical imbalances," when, in fact, there
are no such things.  They have turned all they know about the human mind
and behavior to the deception and subjugation of the people for their
enablers; their puppeteers, Big Pharma and Big Government.

Know this: their is not an iota of biological or medical legitimacy to
their diagnoses or to their treatments.  The first and only objective
abnormality/chemical imbalance is the first drug/foreign compound that
they prescribe, coerce, court order.  The second, third and fourth are
the second third and fourth drugs/foreign compounds that they prescribe,
coerce, court order.

Over the objections of Martin Stein, MD and James M. Perrin, MD of the
American Academy of Pediatrics subcommittee on ADHD, Jerold Lucey,
Editor-and-Chief of PEDIATRICS published my reaction to the AAP’s
Clinical Practice Guideline on ADHD in the May, 2001 issue.  It reads
as follows:

To the Editor,

CHADD—Children & Adults with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorders
refer to AD/HD as a "neurobiological disorder", or "neurobiological
disability" [1].  Is there any doubting their implication that there is
something abnormal/diseased about the brain/nervous system of the
individual.  Throughout present-day psychiatry, the term "disorder" is
taken to mean "disease," which, throughout medicine, means an
demonstrable abnormality is present within the patient.  The AD/HD,
Clinical Practice Guideline, of the American Academy of Pediatrics-AAP,
opens:  "Attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder is the most common
neurobehavioral disorder of childhood."  "Neurobehavioral," implies an
abnormality of the brain; a disease.  And yet, no confirmatory,
diagnostic, abnormality has been found.

With six million children said to have it, most of them on addictive,
dangerous, stimulants, ambiguity as to the scientific status of ADHD is
not acceptable.

Goodwin [1], acknowledged the:   ‘…narrow definition of disease that
requires the presence of a biological abnormality.’

Carey [2] testified at the 1998, Consensus Conference (CC):  " …What is
now most often described as ADHD in the United States appears to be a
set of normal behavioral variations… This discrepancy leaves the
validity of the construct in doubt…"

The CC Panel [3] concluded: "…we do not have an independent, valid test
for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD is due to a brain
malfunction." *

More recently, Castellanos [4], confessed: "Incontrovertible evidence is
still lacking!"

Where has the notion come from that it is a disease?

Carey [2] observed: "ADHD behaviors are assumed to be largely or
entirely due to abnormal brain function. The DSM-IV does not say so,
but textbooks and journals do."

If not science, what are textbooks and journals to purvey?

Later in the conference, Carey [3] issued the plea:  " … we see…that the
causes of these behaviors called ADHD are entirely speculative. And yet…
parents and children are being told that these behaviors are due to a
brain malfunction.  Can you not please strengthen the statement to
discourage practitioners from making this statement when there is not
adequate proof to support that at this time?"

Pearlman [5], wrote: "I take issue with…Pincus’ (DSM-IV Task Force )
assertion that the elimination of the term ‘organic’ in DSM-IV has
served a useful purpose for psychiatry…elimination of the term ‘organic’
conveys the impression that psychiatry wishes to conceal the nonorganic
character of many behavioral problems that were, in previous DSM
publications, clearly differentiated from known central nervous system

It is apparent that virtually all professionals of the extended ADHD
‘industry’ convey to parents, and to the public-at-large, that ADHD is a
‘disease’ and that children said to have it are ‘diseased’-‘abnormal.’
This is a perversion of the scientific record and a violation of the
informed consent rights of all patients and of the public-at-large.

The wording of the AAP Guideline should be changed, forthwith, to
reflect the scientific and medical facts of the matter.


Fred A. Baughman Jr.


1. Goodwin D. Is Alcoholism Hereditary?  Ballantine Books, New York, NY.
2. Carey, WB.  Is Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder a Valid
Disorder? Invited presentation to the NIH Consensus Development
Conference on ADHD, November 16-18, 1998, National Institutes of Health,
Bethesda, MD.
3. NIH Consensus Development Conference on ADHD (transcript), November
16-18, 1998, National Institutes of Health, Bethesda, MD.
4. Pekkanen J.  Making Sense of Ritalin (interview of F.X. Castellanos).
Readers Digest, January, 2000:159-168.
5. Pearlman T.   Clinical Psychiatric News (letters). December, 1994.

*This wording appeared in the version of the final statement of the CC
Panel distributed at the press conference, the final part of the CC,
November, 18, 1998.  This wording, which appeared for an indeterminate
time on the NIH web site, was subsequently removed and replaced with
wording claiming ‘validity’ for ADHD.

I must add, however, that no one from the American Academy of
Pediatrics, it’s subcommittee on ADHD, or the journal PEDIATRICS,
answered the extraordinarily grave charges I brought.  They know they
cannot validate ADHD as a diagnosable abnormality/disease within the
children so they elect not to respond, and to carry on with their
market-based propaganda campaign and their heinous,
in-the-name-of-medicine, in-the-name-of-help, victimization of all (if
possible) of the normal children of the nation.

Not by accident, discussion has been focused on the dangers of the
drugs.  All drugs are dangerous, all of them are exogenous/foreign,
chemicals/compounds.  But the drugs are not the issue; the
representation that incredible numbers of children with emotional,
behavioral, educational, and adjustment problems--but absolutely no
objective abnormalities, have actual diseases, brain diseases, is the
crux of this horrible, unimaginable, crime.  There is no physical,
chemical, or other abnormality, there are only elaborate, incredible,
invented illusions of diseases, the inventors of which must now be
publicly identified, charged and indicted for a crime of such monstrous
proportions that it’s dimensions will not be known for decades.
Imagine, if you can: 6 million children with the fraudulent label, ADHD,
6 million of our very own, entirely normal children on addictive
(regardless of what the paid liars say), dangerous, deadly (more often
than we know or can find out) drugs. And they go on, inventing more
label by the day.

When I graduated for the NYU, School of Medicine, there was no such
thing as a psychiatric disease.  There are none today, despite
psychiatry’s  fraudulent claims to the contrary.
Actual brain diseases are the province of neurology, my  specialty, and
what’s more, all of the pretenders know it.

To Surgeon General, Dr. David Satcher, Dr. Peter S. Jensen, of CHADD,
NIMH and Columbia University; Dr. Harold Koplewicz, of the NYU, School
of Medicine (my alma mater), author of It’s Nobody’s Fault, and the
totally anti-scientific concept of "DNA roulette;" Dr. Steven Hyman,
Director, NIMH; Dr. F.X. Castellanos, Dr. Judith Rapoport, Dr. Alan
Zametkin (all of the NIMH); Dr. A.I. Leshner of NIDA;Dr. James Swanson;
Dr. C. Keith Conners; Dr. D.J. Kupfer; Dr. R.A. Barkley; Dr. S.P.
Hinshaw; Dr. L.L. Greenhill; Dr. Joseph Biederman; Dr. H. Abikoff; Dr.
L.E. Arnold; Dr. R.S. Baltimore; the American Medical Association (and
it’s Council on Scientific Affairs, and the Editor-in-Chief and
editorial Board of JAMA); the American Academy of Pediatrics (and the
Editor-in-Chief and editorial board of it’s journal, PEDIATRICS); to the
editor in chief and editorial boards of  LANCET, the New England Journal
of Medicine, the American Journal of Psychiatry, the Journal of the
American Academy of Child the and Adolescent Psychiatry; the American
Academy of NEUROLOGY (and editor-in-chief and editorial board of it’s
journal, NEUROLOGY); and the American Academy of Family Practice… the
time has come for each and every one of you to stop communicating to the
children, parents and citizens of the US that ADHD is a ‘disease’ and
that children said to have it are ‘diseased’-‘abnormal.’  This is a
perversion of science and medicine and is a lie.  And yet, it is what
they have been lead to believe and what, attesting to the power of the
lie, virtually all have come to believe.  This is a perversion of the
scientific record and a violation of the informed consent rights of all
patients and of the public-at-large.

Not only must the wording of the American Academy of Pediatrics, ADHD
Guideline be changed, forthwith, to reflect the scientific and medical
facts of the matter, the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of the
American Psychiatric Association and every scientific journal and
textbook must, hereafter, communicate the science and truth of the
matter—namely, that children who evidence the commonplace behaviors said
to constitute ADHD, in fact that children who evidence any
psychologic/psychiatric condition, have no objective physical or
chemical abnormality; no known disease—that they are physically and
medically normal, and that no one--no one at all, shall medically
victimize them.

Hannah Taylor Gordon learned much about Anne Frank as she prepared to
play Anne in ABC’s recent remake, Anne Frank.  She "seemed so ambitious
and happy, and she had so much going for her," Gordon said.  "She wanted
to do everything.  I want to do everything as well, and that’s how I
relate to her."  What about 9-10 million, US schoolchildren mental
health has labeled and drugged, their lives forever medicalized?  What
do they dream of?  What about Matthew Smith, 14, Stephanie Hall, 11,
Macauley Schowalter, 7, and untold others, dead from psychiatric drugs
for "diseases" that do not exist.

Sincerely yours,

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD
Fellow, American Academy of Neurology
Certified by ABPN in Neurology & Child Neurology
1303 Hidden Mountain Drive
El Cajon, CA 92019

CC Gardiner Harris, Wall Street Journal
CC Tunku Varadarajan, Wall Street Journal
CC Rep. Bob Schaffer
CC Rep. Pete Hoekstra
CC Rep. Chris Shays
CC Jerold F. Lucey, MD
CC Kelly O’Meara, Insight Magazine

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