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To all website visitors:

I urge one and all concerned with the psycho-pharm crime of drugging our
normal children to copy the following and send it to radio and t.v.
hosts so that CHADD, at long last, is made to defend what they have
done/do, in the full light of day–fb


by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD, May 26, 2001

Is ADHD a real disease—yes or no? This question should be asked and
answered by every physician before a single prescription for Ritalin or
anything else, is written. And yet those who urge the prescribing and
drugging—Children and Adults with Attention Deficit Disorders–regularly
refuse to answer this question and never ask or answer it before seeing
to it that the infant, child, adolescent or adult commences Ritalin.

No organizations has so lead the US public—all patients at one time or
another–to believe that ADD/ADHD is a “disorder”, by which they mean
“disease”; a “chemical imbalance” of the brain. In fact, at no time has
ADD/ADHD, by whatever name, been proven to have a confirming abnormality
making of it a disease (disease = abnormality; no abnormality = no
disease = normal). In fact, at no time has so much as a single
psychiatric disorder (disorder = disease) been proven by demonstration
of an objective abnormality to be a legitimate, bona fide

In that CHADD has been the main source of the big lie that ADD/ADHD is a
“neurobiologic disorder”, which says there is something wrong with the
biology (an organic, physical, or chemical abnormality ) of the brain
(neuro-), they, as none other, have a duty to the public to appear on
t.v. and radio to answer the “is it a disease, or, isn’t it?” question.
In general they have refused open debate, declining to appear unless
they had full control of the program content. It is time, now to invite
them well in advance, insist that they provide their experts who are
their source of information to the public, and to let the public know of
their every refusal to defend their message—a message which I maintain
is wholly fraudulent.

6 million (Frontline, PBS April 10, 2001) children are thus “diagnosed”
and drugged in the US today, absolutely without proof of an objective
abnormality, i.e. that they are other than normal (up from 200,000 in
1970; 1 million in 1990). CHADD and it’s National Professional Advisory
Board are the main perpetrators of this fraud. Do not take my word for
it, if you and your viewing/listening public want to know the truth,
insist that they appear, openly and honestly on your program. They have
a right and duty to come forth and be quizzed and the media has a right
and duty to see that they are made to come forth.

Ask that they provide any expert or experts from among of the following:
Andrew Adesman, MD, Michael Finkel, MD, Russell Barkley, Ph.D., Joseph
Biederman, MD, Xavier Castellanos, MD (also of the National Institute of
Mental Health—NIMH), Peter Jensen, MD, James M. Swanson, Ph.D., and
Timothy Wilens, MD. There is no good reason that, with the least
advance notice, they cannot provide one of these ADHD ‘experts.’

To reach CHADD to request that they provide an expert to answer this and
similar questions, and to cite the proof in the scientific literature,
write or call them as follows:


8181 Professional Place

Suite 201

Landover, MD, 20785

301 306-7070 (phone); 301-306-7090 (fax);

I will gladly debate the issues; appear, at any time. I can be reached

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD, neurologist, child neurologist, author of also of the video, ADHD-Total, 100% Fraud.

1303 Hidden Mountain Drive

El Cajon, CA, 92019


p.s. local experts, and officers of CHADD will not due as they are
invariably ‘believers’ and have little repsonsibility to articulate the
science of the issue. Where available, professors of psychiatry and
child psychiatry from nearby or state medical schools, who, likewise,
have a responsibility to know and articulate the scientific facts of the
matter, will surely suffice, where CHADD refuses to make one of their
‘experts’ available.


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