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   D wrote:

   dear dr. Baughman

   they said my son has adhd and he school [...] , in sawyer MI
   told me my son is having trouble in school this has been since 1996 and I
   refused to believe all his trouble at school cause I don't have any trouble
   with him at home.  But they kept on and said he is distracted easily and that
   he is disruptive in class

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Every school district get more money for every child
with a mental health or special education ‘diagnosis’, so there is a
‘bounty’ on the children even though they may be not a word of truth
in what they allege about the child, a horrible state of affairs to
begin with.]

   he gets in to trouble alot so in 2000 even thou I didn't want my son on drugs.
   Cause they preach for a drug free school then want us to put our children on
   these downers . So they kept on insisting having him seen buy a psychiatrist
   for diagnose of ADD I did and she Dr Jane Anderson in St. Joseph, MI said he
   had it.
   But said she would send the findings to my pediatrician.
   Who prescribed Adderall 5mg then after months to 10mg twice a day
   my son hated this medication he  would cry and spit out the pills so we had
   to watch him take them and make sure he swallow them daily except weekends
   and over the summer.
   Well, on Feb 2001 they changed his medication to Concerta 18 mg once daily.
   which  my son says didn't give him headaches and make his stomach hurt
   but he is still falling school, so they teated him for special Ed, but his
   test came back with an above average IQ for his age he is 11yrs 9 months so
   now they are planning to have a meeting next week to discuss their find.
   See I have asked repetitively about the long term effects of these drugs I've
   asked to see report or if they have done studies to see how they effect kids
   in later life.
   After getting this IQ news I decide to start research this ADD and try to
   find out all that I can on it to try to find a way to him my son learn to tap
   in to his ability to try to find out why he is failing 5th grade and misbehaving
   in school. Since I don't see any trouble here at home, i feel maybe he is doing bad
   in school caused he is bored in class or as the say cant stay on task cause some
   other reason.  so when i started read in your web site i finally found some
   one who feels like i do that like i said when my dad was a boy it was called
   boys being boys.
   i think our teachers don't want to have to work hard and they just want mouses
   in school. And after reading your site i would like to print out a lot on the
   items to take with me to the meeting. if that is OK with you and do you have
   any info on the drug CONCERTA that my soon is now on
                 thank you
                 very worried and scared mother


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear F, you may print and
distribute anything you want from my web site. I testified before
Congress 9/29/00 that for any physician, anywhere, to call ADHD or
any psychiatric disorder or learning disability a disease–an
abnormality in and of the child is a fraud. For a physician to say
this to a parent by way of convincing them of the need for any
medication whatsoever is a violation of your right to informed
consent and is medical malpractice. For any physician to say or
imply that Concerta (which is an extended release for of
methylphenidate, which is Ritalin, or any other amphetamine or
amphetamine-like drug used for so-called ADHD is ‘safe’, ‘harmless’
and ‘non-addictive’ is a second fatal blow to your right to informed
consent. All of these drugs are known to be highly addictive,
dangerous and, at time even deadly. See on my web site: the story Stephanie Hall story: ‘Death by ADHD’.
Matthew Smith of Clawson, Michigan died a sudden cardiac death at
age 14 with the microscopic changes in his heart at autopsy leaving
no doubt the damage was from the Ritalin, just as in Stephanie
Hall. Show these things to your physicians and ask them to put in
writing their claims (1) that ADHD is a legitimate, diagnosable (by
some test) disease, and (2) that Concerta or whatever other drug
they want to feed you son is ‘harmless’ and ‘non-addictive’. If
they persist, consult an attorney and have the attorney write the
school making clear that you have not sent your son there for
psychology and psychiatry. Have copies of his letter and all of
yours sent to your state and Congressional representative. Pete
Hoekstra of Michigan chaired the 9/29/00 hearings on ‘Behavioral
drugs in the schools.’
If necessary have the attorney consult me.
Remind them that it is their job to discipline the children, control
their classes, to render children literate, educated, and prepared
for life. Tell them you want to see them stand accountable for
these things, not for diagnosis and treatment for which they have no
training. If they only become more aggressive and threaten you
with Child Protective Services, consider a private or parochial
school. A legal battle could prove expensive and impossible to
win. Good luck, Sincerely, FB

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