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Tammy Marie Kubiak wrote:

  My name is Tammy Marie Kubiak, I live at 1981 Broadway
  Sloan, New York 14212.
  My 2 eldest children Jeffrey and Marissa moved here to
  Buffalo, New York in 1993, from a very abusive
  relationship.  Soon after we moved here I started
  experiencing problems with my eldest Jeffrey, he was
  yelling how he hated me for taking from his daddy,

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
A disproportately high percent of children said to have the
fictional disease ADHD are children of divorce; their pain real and
understandable were the objective not to invent a 'disease' with which
to justify the totally unjustifiable drugging. I have had 2 calls
already this morning from fathers of divorce fighting this fraudulent
(there is no disease--zero) labeling and drugging of their children]

   So, at the time I was going to domestic violence
  counseling and they referred me to a Beeman Center for
  him to get counseling.  There he was diagnosed ADHD
  and placed on Ritalin and Tofanil (for depression),
  his counselor also had him hospitalized in a Niagara
  Falls Memorial Bridges program psychiatric ward
  because he had started a paper on fire because he was
  mad that I took him from his daddy (I was seriously
  considering going back because I felt I did the wrong
  thing by leaving, my son was experiencing such grief)

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The normal child's pain and grief are real and understandable by
those really wanting to help the child. Those whose goal is to make
and keep the child a patient, and drug them, tell one and all, the
suffering child included, that it is all a 'chemical imbalance' taken
care of just fine by this little pill, this 'chemical balancer'.
Physicians who adopt such a practice as a means of generating
revenue--lying to patients and victimizing them--have become drug
'pushers.' ]

     There they felt communication with his father would
  help his recovery or whatever, even though I expressed
  my concerns the doctor said it was needed.  The was
  also a child case worker named sandy Rueben whom at
  the time I felt was my ally but in the end she said “
  children like my son are another Jeffrey Dahlmer’s and
  they should all be institutionalized.”

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Can you imagine such a
perversion of one's professional responsibility--I can, and that is
the tragedy of all this.]

  His kindergarten class also had him put in special ed
  pre-school head start class because he was acting
  nervous in class.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Label and drug and institutionalized. Special
ed is an institution, an asylum based upon the fraud of learning
disabilities, differences. Whatever pseudoscientific term you wish to
use, none of them are diseases, the children are normal, the adults in
their lives have failed them and refuse to acknowledge that they are
the problem--the only problem. Label and drug, label and drug, label
and drug and under the rug.]

  About 2 years later my son was once again hospitalized
  ( was pregnant with my youngest David) because his
  doctor said he was experiencing “flash backs” which
  she explained was a confusion of people and events as
  they happened, and said it was progress for his
  counseling. At that time he had been on numerous
  different drugs over the years from: tofranil,
  visteral, aterax and Ritalin.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
All of them brain-altering, brain
damaging, dangerous, addictive, sometimes deadly. And there is no
disease, the child was normal until intoxication with the first drug
was begun, and then 2 and then 4 and then 9 or 10 (not as infrequently
as you might imagine. Let me assure you and let me assure any doctor
who does this and may have forgotten--this is not the legitimate
practice of medicine.]

  He was also being
  physically restrained in his school by a school
  psychiatrist and put in a padded room and coming home
  with bruised.  One such time the bruises were so bad I
  called the police but they insisted the school
  wouldn’t do such a thing, and founded myself and my
  husband for abuse.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
And they slander and libel doubting,
questioning parents and call them 'unfit' and 'negligent' for failing
to cooperate with the IEP or other treatment prescription for the 1, 3
or 4 fictitious 'diseases' ]

  Shortly after the state removed my
  son from school and the school led me to believe he
  had been kidnapped for over 1 ½ hours because they
  insisted his parents picked him up.  Finally they said
  cps had my son but cps denied such thing till I said
  well there is his bag, so then they asked me to get
  over night clothes for my son and his medication and
  they asked me to sign a medical release form (which I
  later found out was a voluntary placement form for
  foster care) their allegations were that my husband
  beat my son with a flash light, when I tried to
  explain he had fallen backwards down a flight of step,
  they wouldn’t listen.  I told them there was at least
  12 people in my house at the time because there was a
  Mike Tyson fight going on and asked them to talk to
  these people but they said it wasn’t their job, I also
  asked them to take my son to the emergency room
  because the doctors there could tell the difference
  between a fall and beating but they told me they
  wouldn’t and it wasn’t necessary.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
If you think for a moment this
mother is really at fault and that the system--the government at every
level could not, would not do this to you, to your family, you are
dead wrong. The Bazelon Foundation has documented millions of child
'relinquishments' in recent years--children 'relinquished' by their
families so they could be qualified for Medicaid and other government
payor schemes so the 'labeling and drugging' could be paid for. What
Tammy is going through right now, the AMA and the APA and the NIH and
NIMH would call relinquishment but we know it is legalized
'kidnapping'. Again, if your child goes to a public school in the US
and you think this cannot happen to your family and your child, you
are dead wrong. ]

  So for 6 long years
  I fought to get my child home and did everything the
  state asked of me, but, they insisted every time we
  went to court I didn’t.  their came  a time when my
  son was supposed to come home to me finally but that
  Sandy Rueben had him placed in Connors boys home, and
  stated to me “I never intended to return your son to
  you, ever” and that is when she made the Jeffrey
  Dalhmer statement to me.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
This is abuse of child, abuse of the
child's parents and abuse of power. I am often asked what teachers
get out of the mental health scam--what they get, as deputy brain
diagnosticians, is power, absolute power over over the childs brain,
over the child and over the entire family. And if their high and
mighty and totally unscientific 'diagnoses' are not believed and
acceded to, the full weight of the 'IEP team' is brought to bear and
then they are hounded by phone, at home at night or at their jobs in
the day, and if they still resist, CPS is called in and then they
slander and libel you and make a case for taking your son (more often
than daughter)--a plan for 'relinquishment']

  So between 1996 and 2000, I
  moved every time they moved my son, so I could be
  close to him.  He in fact was removed from a foster
  care at one time because of being physically and
  mentally abused, but the stare lied to me and said
  they were surprised the man wanted out of the program,
  I found out the truth from my son’s law guardian.  I
  had made numerous calls about him being abused but
  that Sandy Rueben kept saying my son and I were lying,
  and that foster care would not abuse my son.  He had
  also been physically abused in the Connors boys home
  but the state had it unfounded (of course)
  August 2000, I finally get my son back in my home, and
  for all those years I watched and listened to my son
  and was very concerned about these drugs and the
  reactions he was having on them, the doctor told me
  not to worry and it wasn’t from the drugs. So, when he
  finally was in my care I slowly weaned him off these
  drugs and his health improved,  he no longer
  complained of severe headaches, he was eating like a
  horse, he was finally sleeping normal, no longer
  complaining of his head feeling dizzy or fuzzy eyes,
  or of stomach  pains.  The whining and cussing still
  continues some but we were working on that. I had been
  looking for the perfect doctor and alternatives and
  finally found a few.  My son’s teacher referred me to
  a Dr. Showalter a chiropractor who does ADHD
  alternative treatment to drugs, and that doctor
  referred me to a Christian psychiatric doctor named
  Dr. Daniel Ross, I had appointments in place but the
  school counselor (whom practices physical restraining
  of my son) called child welfare on me for medical
  abuse because I took my son off drugs and then without
  my knowledge or permission had my son placed in a
  hospital Erie County Medical Center psychiatric ward.
  The school did not call me till he was either already
  there or on his way, I told the school I would pick
  him up but they said he was gone.  When I arrived at
  the hospital with my family advocate waiting their for
  me the hospital told me I could not take my son home
  (and he was as calm as can be), when I insisted that I
  be in the room for any kind of treatment they had cops
  remove my son from my lap and escort me out.  Then
  they threatened me that if I did not sign a voluntary
  placement form they would call cps and have my rights
  as a mother exterminated so they could treat him.  So
  I signed their form but I wrote I was only signing
  under duress and threats made by the hospital, the
  doctor their refused those forms and had me sign new

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
This is what it is like to be in the sights of the mental
health/psychologic/psychiatric/social work/government cartel. They
can and will destroy you if they have to to validate the diagnosis of
the elementary school teach-brain diagnostician. They have made a
witch hunt and worse of this little boys life, and of his mothers.
Anyone who values our still-democratic way of life, and the letter of
the Constitution, ought to stand up with this mother, son, family]

  While my son was in their care, they gave him a
  shot (which he said made him fall asleep real fast)
  then after the shot they tied him to the bed with
  plastic straps (kind cops use), all because my son was
  kicking the door during a time out; which they state
  he was trying to hurt himself by kicking the door.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
I stated
before that none of this is the legitimate practice of medicine; what
it is is unconscionable child abuse, just as every last pill for every
last fraudulent, invented, illusory psychiatric disease, is
unmitigated child abuse.

  At court, the state took custody of my son and then next
  day took him from hospital and put him back into
  Connors, and now are after my other 2 children because
  they state they are neglected because I took my son
  off medications and put my children in harms way.  He
  now is back on drugs with out my knowledge or consent.
   This place has had him on other drugs I don’t know
  about and so has the Niagara Falls Memorial Center,
  when I asked for his medical records I was denied.
  So here is the list of medication he has been on since
  1993 till present: Ritalin (1993-2000), Tofanil,
  Visteral, Aterax, Adderall, Risperidol and Zolaft.
  They currently have him on Zolaft, Riseredall, and
  Visteral; as reported by my son and Connors staff.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Not one of
these is medically or ethically/morally justifiable.]

  This is just about it I think, or as much as I can
  remember right now. Also, his IEP was changed from
  learning disabled to Emotionally/mental disturbed, but
  I don’t know when.
  Tammy Marie Kubiak

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Tammy, Jeffrey, what they do to you is criminal even if they have the
law on your side. I will do all I can to help you, I promise. By now,
I hope you have heard from others with offers of help.]

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