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Vicki Knight wrote:

 contact me at ( i just found you and i
 have been fighting the cys for almost 2 years to get my son home he is 
 in abusive foster home they have him on ritalin and resperdal, and 
 remaron and the new one that is in washington state .my little boy is 
 a zombie most of the time up to last june he wanted to come home but 
 he was abused at this foster home and now he saids he want to stay 
 with foster parents they say he needs this medicines and won't take 
 them off of him please do you know anyone that i can contact that 
 could go with me my next hearing it is aug 26th please contact me and 
 let me know there was nothing wrong with my son till they got him and 
 started putting him on meds Thank-you .Vicki

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Vicki, psychiatry and now the rest of medicine (family practice,
neurology, pediatrics) "diagnose" normal children with the bogus, wholly
fraudulent "diseases" of mental health and thereby make patients out of
normal children (adults too). Their is a conspiracy between psychiatry,
the pharmaceutical industry and government just as Nazi-like as has
happened to you. Nor, as brazen and without medical legitimacy as it
is, is it easy to fight. If you have an attorney I will speak with him
or her, have them contact me through e-mail first. I am notifying others
in the "battle" of your fix and I am asking any who have any help to offer
to contact you Telling you his "diagnoses" are
actual "diseases" is a lie and violation of informed consent, drugging
him based on such a lie is assault and battery...poisoning. Sincerely
yours, FAB]

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