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Newhouse News service, 10 27 00

Brain disease spread to 8 by contaminated neurosurgical instruments.
The instruments were destroyed as soon as Tulane officfials learned of
the problem. “Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease is hard to identify. People in
the early stages do not have fever, and sophisticated computer-driven
scans do not provide relieable indication of the illness…Initial
symptoms include insomnia, depression, confusion, personality and
behavioral changes, and problems with memory, coordination and sight.
Dementia occurs as the disease progresses, as well as weakness and
coordination problems.”

[Dr. Baughman:
CJD is a diffuse prion infection of the brain in which the
whole of the brain slowly degenerates, becoming sponge-like; full of
holes, thus the term spongiform encephalo-pathy (encephalo = brain;
pathy = disease). As striking as the changes become in the brain, the
most sophisticated of brain scanning technologies cannot detect
abnormality in the early, but clinically definite, stages of the
disease. Psychiatric research continuously regales us with the brain
scans of persons with psychologic/psychiatric conditions/dilemmas,
proclaiming they see confirmatory (diagnostic) changes.
The changes they report--statistical differences only-- are accounted
for by the brain damaging drugs their patients have invariably been on,
but which the control subjects have not. They never detect a clear
brain abnormality, in individuals with psychiatry's for-profit, DSM
invented 'diseases'. Remember this the next time a psychiatrist, or
someone from CHADD or NAMI, tells you, ADHD, bipolar, OCD, ODD, etc.,
etc., can be diagnosed with a brain scan. T'is all fraud--a perversion
of science and medicine]

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