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To: Chairman, John
Vasconcellos & Members of the Education Committee of the Senate of the  State of California.

Re: Hearing of
3/13/02 on SB 1289



by Fred A. Baughman
Jr., MD, Neurology & Child Neurology (board certified)

Fellow, American
Academy of Neurology

1303 Hidden Mountain

El Cajon, CA 92019

Phone: 619 440 8236

fax: 619 442 1932


The worst epidemic of all is Ritalin poisoning—giving
Ritalin to millions of NORMAL children.  
The worst fraud of all is calling ADHD a disease, making NORMALS into
patients, to “treat” them.

In 1948 neurology and psychiatry were defined as separate
specialties; neurology to deal with diseases of the brain; psychiatry with
emotional and behavioral problems in NORMALS, in whom referring physicians
ruled out disease before making the referral.

The 50’s & 60’s witnessed the birth of Thorazine,
Librium, and Valium.  The trickle of
behavior drugs became a deluge. 
Theories regarding the “chemical imbalances” of the brain in depression,
anxiety, OCD, etc.– NORMAL functional changes– were co-opted by industry and
declared to be “disorders,” otherwise known as “diseases.”

At a 1970, Congressional hearing,  minimal brain dyfunction (MBD) was declared to be a
“disease.”  Chairman Gallagher observed:
“‘MBD’ is one of … thirty-eight names attached to this condition… thirty
percent in ghetto areas…(that) may not be pathological at all…” 


HEW Secretary, Elliot Richardson, prodded Gallagher,

“… stimulant drug treatment of children with this
disorder…has been widely accepted as safe and effective…”.  

Clearly, the “feds” were already behind the labeling and
drugging scheme.

In 1980, with the “epidemic” at a quarter million, the
American Psychiatric Association (APA) changed MBD to ADD, attention deficit

In 1987, with the “epidemic” a mere half million, they
replaced ADD with ADHD—attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

Now they were onto something. 
By 1990, a million had it.  

By 1994, two and a half million, but they invented a new,
improved, ADHD anyway–to cast a 
still-wider net.

Intending to deceive, the 
APA wrote: “Mental disorder
implies a distinction between ‘mental’ disorders and ‘physical’ disorders…there
is much ‘physical’ in ‘mental’ disorders and much ‘mental’ in ‘physical’
disorders.”  Pearlman, an outspoken
psychiatrist, opined:  

… elimination of the term “organic”
suggests that psychiatry wishes to conceal the non-organic character of many
behavioral problems …”  


In 1996, Chris Shays, R-Connecticut, warned: “In ADHD, we
draw the line between personality and pathology, placing millions on either
side of boundary that divides the healthy from the sick.  We should do so with particular reticence to
make our children ‘medical patients’…”                                  

Diller [9], wrote:

“The reason 
you have been unable to obtain any articles presenting clear … evidence
of a physical or chemical abnormality… is.. there are none… the search for a
biological marker is doomed from the outset because of the contradictions and
ambiguities of the diagnostic construct of ADHD…

At the 1998, NIH, Consensus Conference, with the epidemic
numbering 4.4 million, Carey concluded:

“What is…described as ADHD in the
United States appears to be a set of normal behavioral variations…”

At the press conference, 
Palka of National Public Radio (NPR) was incredulous:


“What you’re telling us is
that ADHD is like the Supreme Court’s

of pornography–you know it when you see it.”

Exposed, but not ashamed, psychiatry—the conference panel–
[17], confessed:

…we do not have an
independent, valid test for ADHD, and there are no data to indicate that ADHD
is due to a brain malfunction.”

But not for long.  A strange thing happened on the way to the
NIH web site.  Suddenly the confession
was gone—replaced, at some indeterminate date, by some indeterminate person(s)
with a wholly different statement:

Although an independent diagnostic test for ADHD
does not exist, there is evidence
supporting the validity of the disorder. 

All was well, once again,
in the Alice-in-Wonderland world of “biological” psychiatry, in which there are
no examinations, no tests, nothing objective, and no diseases—at least not
until the drugging begins, as it inevitably does.  

If I  were to invent
‘diseases’ out of thin air and tell normal, disease-free, infants, children and
adults that they were abnormal/diseased, for profit only, I would be committing
medical malpractice and fraud, and any subsequent medical or surgical
treatment—any at all–would be an assault and battery pursuant to Penal Code
sections 242/243. 

No parent, teacher, physician, legislator, or judge, can
do what is right for a child without understanding of whether or not they are
normal—whether or not they have a disease.

On Saturday I received the following e-mail:

Dear Dr. Baughman, My name is Jade.  I help teach a kindergarten class, where
some of the children are being diagnosed with ADD and are taking medicine. This
has caused me great concern because one child in particular, who I baby sat, I
know does not have ADHD, but only a lack of discipline. This child has just
started taking medicine and has already lost a very noticeable amount of
weight, is much more quiet, and cannot stand loud noise. He will plug his ears
when he is in the midst of a talkative, but not abnormally loud, group of

All who practice the brand of “mental health” that makes
“patients” out of normals and drugs them are to be condemned for deception and

The Ritalin cartel is no less evil than the cocaine or opium
cartels, only moreso, for they target infants of one year of age, and they pay
for, and receive, all of the protections of government and the law. 

One class action suit has failed, but another—a
multinational suit, this time, will take it’s place this year.  

Thank you.  I will be
happy to take your questions. 



Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

1303 Hidden Mountain Dr.

El Cajon CA 92019

619 440 8236

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