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Lynn wrote:

Hello,  I was wondering where you would suggest that someone who has
been suggested as having ADD should seek help.  My son was seen by a neuro.
MD and he seems to think he has add tendencies due to his distractability,
difficulty paying attention, staying on task and unorganized thoughts( he is
not hyperactive).  He started him on a low dose of Adderall and he has been
on it for a week.  I have not been comfortabe with putting him on meds.  I'm
not sure if it is my imagination but I feel like he is more angry the past
few days and has more difficulty managing his emotions than before.  He is 7
in 2nd grade. He is an immature 7 and has difficulty with socialization and
has few friends.  I am heartbroken and scared for him.  I just don't like
the anger I see inside him lately and have been doing a lot of talking with
him and letting him know he needs to talk about his feelings not keep them
inside and then burst.  On the other hand he is a very loving boy and feels
sorry after he erupts and says so.  I would love to know who I should seek
advice from that wants what's best for my son as I do.  Thank you for
reading this long message.  I have been researching books, internet and
videos for some guidance and came across this article after alot of prayer.
I hope you can help.


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Lynn, 2 minutes ago I answered a similar e-mail (see below) just recieved from
Luisa. My answer to you is the same. The representation of ADHD and all
emotional and behavioral problems to be diseases--abnormalities within our
brain--is a hideous crime, perpetrated by all of organized psychiatry (the
National Institutes of Health and National Institute of Mental Health
included) against all children and thus, against all of the people. This is
a monstrous conspiracy which includes agents and agencies of our federal
government, bought and paid for by the Big Pharma--the world-wide
pharmaceutical industry. Here was my advice to Luisa; please heed it.]

Liusa wrote:

I am noticing an increase in aggressiveness and physical outbursts
when my son comes off his adderall. Is this a common side-effect?He is very
angry and out of controll when this happens.I want to stop the meds. Is this

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Luisa, aggressiveness and violent behavior are frequent accompaniments of
all of the Schedule II, addictive psychostimulants. Adderall is a mix of
amphetamine salts. ADHD has never been proved to be an actual
disease/abnormality within the child. Stop such drugs while you still have
a normal child. I am not your physician, asked for physician direction
having told that physician of you intention to take and keep your son off of
this dangerous, addictive, drug. Fred Baughman, MD"
In all of psychiatry, the first actual disease/abnormality (detectible,
capable of proof) is that commencing the moment ingestion of the
drugs/poisons is begun. There are untold numbers of deaths resulting from
these drugs--untold, because, as with all complications of these drugs, the
drug cartel in question does not want such things spoken of. Write you
Senator and your Congresspersons as ask them why they participate in the
drugging of our children as no other drug cartel in existence. Good luck,
Fred Baughman, MD]

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