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  V  B wrote:
    Dr. Baughman,
    I agree with your opinions on the web site regarding the ADHD fraud
    in this country. My son has been diagnosed by 2 out of 5 Psychiatrists
    as being Attention Deficit.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Having been to 5 psychiatrists means someone thinks their is a
medical/psychiatric problem of significance. Almost always, this
commences with teachers/school personnel who are not trained or
qualified to make the determination that a significant medical or
psychiatric problem might be present. Nor is it appropriate that
they urge or coerce the parents to take the child to a physician.
Such judgements are the parents alone to make. Teachers, concerned
about such thing should express their observations and concerns to
the parents and leave it at that. Frank coercion from
teachers/school personnel to 'have the child evaluated' is the
'drill' where the ADHD diagnosing and labeling process is concerned,
and this is the point at which it must be stopped. Here we speak
of a disease, that is not somewhat fraudulent,
but which--to be fully understood, must be seen as a total, 100% fraud.
The fact that just 2 of 5 psychiatrists find the dreaded ADD, suggests
it's true nature. 5 psychiatric consultations in a child of this age
has got to be raising all sorts of doubts in your child's mind as to
whether he is normal or not and in and of itself is 'cruel and unusual.']

    ...     He obviously has difficulty paying attention and staying on
    task as did I when I was in school. My wife and I decided that putting
    him on medication would be a cruel and irresponsible thing to do

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:

    . We are being subtly persuaded to take this action by his first grade
    teacher whom I suspect is being pressured to do so by her surperiors.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Further practice of medicine without a license. Begin now creating a
written record of all encounters with them--past, present, future. Do not
threaten legal action; they will dig in their heels and you will be on a
legal footing with them, fighting the county schools in
county court and this will be expensive and in most instances you
will lose. If you keep your child in public school, I presume, they
will most likely persist in targeting your child. (They may have a well
documented, strong case for dx. and rx. in his school
records that you have no knowledge of, even without informed consent) Your best chance
at a normal life for your child for which he/she is literate, educated, well
prepared, and, at the same time, the least expensive route, would be to get him
into a parochial or private school that you have assured does not view
psychiatry, psychology and drugging as education as is the case throughout
the government schools of the US. Do this silently and expiditiously.
Do not linger with your child so clearly in harm's way. The other
alternative, again to deliver your child from harm's way, is home
schooling. The possibility exists, as you disengage, that they may try
to entangle you legally, if so you would need a lawyer and
consultation with me as well. Avoid this.]

    I would like to know what you think a parent in my situation should do
    to improve the child's concentration. Where should we turn for a
    professional evaluation to see if it is indeed a medical problem.....

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
These are not medical problems and may not be problems at all, depending on the age of your child. Get the child in a good private or parochial school and see if the problems 'disappear.' If you and your wife percieve no actual medical problems there is probably no need to see a physician. Pediatricians, family practioners and neurologists have turned to the practice of ADHD and Mental Health to compensate for declining numbers of patients with real diseases, in these time of growing physician oversupply]

    .....  Physicians all point in the same the Child
    Psychiatrist. One of them prescribed a medication that my wife researched
    on the internet only to find that children had recently suffered cardiac
    arrest and serious side effects from its prolonged use

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Ritalin and all of the amphetamines can do this, Cylert, still on the market in the US thanks to the FDA protecting industry, not your child, causes liver failure and death or liver transplantation. This dooms-day scenario would not be playing itself out in millions of US homes and all US schools, but for the psychopharm 'drug' dollars that float our money-driven 'representative' government.]

       I would appreciate any advice.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
You have it. Keep me posted]

    Thank you.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
P.S.: Write to all of your US and state representatives sending a copy of
this and whatever you may wish to say. Do not do so until your child is
safely out of public school. Write to Steven Hyman, Director of the Nat.
Inst. of Ment. Health, asking for a simple yes or no answer to the
question: "Is ADHD a bona fide diagnosable disease with a demonstrable
(on any test currently in use), confirming, physical or chemical
abnormality. If you get a discussion instead of the 'yes' or 'no'
answer, he is not answering your question. In 10 years of asking, I have
yet to get a yes or no answer from anyone at the NIMH.
They orchestrate and spearhead the fraud. ]

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