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Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD hears from a psychologist/colleague, one who is true both to science and to
his patients. Herein we learn how our own National Institutes of Health,
specifically, the National Institute of Mental Health, Steven E. Hyman, MD,
Director, continues about it’s business of making normal citizen’s believe they
have ‘diseases’ so as to make them into patient who both think they need drugs
and who can be forced to take drugs because psychiatrists have told the court
you are a danger to yourself and others. This is all legalized by Congress
writing such fictions into law, giving them the weight of the law. This is our
government turning against it’s citizen’s at the behest of the pharmaceutical
industry which has paid to have this done.

RT wrote:

> Dear Dr. Baughman,
> Thanks for keeping me informed with your e-mails.  I just read some material
> put out by NIMH about anxiety problems which is my area of expertise.  They
> said that like diabetes and heart disease these brain disorders........  So
> in one sentence they establish two basic deceptions, the first being that
> these are in fact brain disorders (which incidentally can easily be shown to
> be an impossibility) and the second being that like diabetes and heart
> disease they are chronic disorders so that people will be ready to submit to
> a lifetime of drug "treatment" for problems that can often be permanently
> resolved in a few sessions of appropriate psychotherapy.  They then go on to
> talk about posttraumatic stress disorder as having a genetic basic which is
> "triggered" by a traumatic experience. In reality whether a person has the
> symptoms characteristic of posttraumatic stress disorder is primarily
> dependent on the severity of the traumatic stressor and is even an expected
> reaction if the stressor is severe enough.  The symptoms are caused by the
> experience of the traumatic stressor.  They are not triggered by it in which
> case a majority of the population is walking around with genetically
> determined PTSD just waiting to be "triggered" by the right stressor.  To
> take a problem which is so clearly a result of experience (typcially one
> specific experience) and to attempt to turn it into something genetic shows
> to what degree science can be circumvented in order to establish another
> market for psychotropic drugs.
> Sincerely,
> RT, Ph.D.

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