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by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD 9/8/00 (2161 words)

In an e-mail of September 5, Edmund a grandfather (like myself), wrote,
pained, about his grandson, in the clutches of the public schools,
psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry–all of it sanctioned by the

“Dr. Baughman, My name is Edmund and the reason I am writing to you
today is the fact that I am very concerned about my grandson. I saw your
web page and agree that this so-called disease is truly one of the
biggest frauds ever perpetrated on innocent parents.
My grandson is 14 years old he was diagnosed with ADHD about 5 years
ago. He was prescribed Ritalin. After a year or so on this horrible
drug he began developing twitches. The doctors also prescribed him
sleeping pills because he could no longer sleep. My wife and I are the
ones that noticed his twitching while he was visiting us. We begged his
parents to please get him off these drugs. They took him back to the
doctor who in turn prescribed him another amphetamine-based drug. This
seemed to work for a while but now he seems to be going downhill again.
His temper is getting out of control; he has horrible headaches he gets
sick at his stomach a lot. He takes about 6 to 8 of these pills twice a
day plus the sleeping pills at night.

My grandson was not a bad kid to start with–a little hyper, but that’s
about it. Now his temper has escalated to the point he becomes
uncontrollable. My daughter and her husband are thinking about sending
him to my wife and I for a little while to see if we can do anything
with him, but I fear that we will not be able to do anything as long as
these drugs are controlling him. He is not the same sweet boy he was
before he was placed on these drugs. This boy comes from a good home
with loving parents but they are at their wits end and their doctor just
keeps increasing his medication.

Is there anything that we could do to get him off these drugs? He gets
pretty sick when he takes his medicine and we are afraid that he is
going to suffer very bad long term effect from this medicine if he can’t
be taken off of it. These drugs are turning him into a monster. Is
there anything we can do? Sincerely, Edmund.”

In an e-mail of August 25, John, a father wrote, pained, over the
situation of his daughter in the clutches of the public schools,
psychiatry and the pharmaceutical industry, all of it sanctioned by the

“Dr. Baughman, My daughter just turned 11 years old. She was diagnosed
with ADHD about three and a half years ago. I was told that she had
bi-polar disorder, and just this year Tourette’s syndrome. She has been
on several medications that have not helped and I’m concerned that she
is being used as a guinea pig. I’m separated from her mother and it is
impossible to take her to a different doctor, or have the mother see
that the problems are getting worse. I was told by a pharmacist that
some of the medications are not FDA-approved for children under 18 years
of age and that they are all at the maximum dose for an adult. Keep in
mind she is now 11 years old and has been medicated for the past three
and a half years. My daughter is now constantly telling lies, hurting
herself, not to mention the constant jerking movements. I’ve tried to
talk to the doctors that her mother is taking her to but they have not
fully informed me of her condition. I would like to know what are the
symptoms, and if I could send you a list of medications she is on. I
tried to take legal action against one of the doctors but with the
mother on their side its not that feasible. Sincerely, John D.”

I responded, Dear Edmund and John, that your grandson–Edmund, and your
daughter–John, are among the 9-10 million US schoolchildren thus
labeled and drugged is no comfort, nor do their number constitute
scientific, medical or ethical justification for what they do. This is
a crime of Nazi-like properties and proportions. The lynch-pin of the
fraud is their claim that all psychiatric/emotional conditions/disorders
are diseases, having a confirmatory, physical or chemical abnormality
within the brain–psychiatry’s ubiquitous ‘chemical imbalance.’ They
never examine patients! They never do diagnostic tests! They never
diagnose diseases! The children are normal! There is no scientific
basis for administering their ‘chemical balancers’—their drugs.

I wrote in the Journal of the American Medical Association, April 28,
1999, page, 1490: “As a neurologist, I have found no abnormality
(disease) in children said to have ADHD…Once children are labeled with
ADHD, they are no longer treated as normal. Once methylphenidate
hydrochloride (Ritalin) or any psychotropic (psychiatric) drug courses
through their brain or body, they are, for the first time, physically,
neurologically and biologically abnormal.”

This means that Edmund’s grandson’s not being the same “sweet” child he
once was, with his out-of-control temper, his twitches, headaches,
stomachaches, and sleeplessness are all due to his being poisoned in the
name of psychiatric ‘treatment.’ This means that John’s daughter’s
constant jerking, constantly telling lies, and hurting herself, is every
bit due to her being poisoned in the name of psychiatric treatment.

Edmund, John, let me tell you a couple of other things about Ritalin and
the other amphetamines that psychiatry has no doubt neglected to tell
you. The tics and twitches that both of these previously normal
children developed during ‘treatment’ are not those of Tourette’s
syndrome. Tourette’s syndrome is comprised of tics and twitches that
are of no known cause, i.e., are ‘idiopathic,’ and are usually mild and
self limiting. Your children Sirs, do not have Tourette’s syndrome,
what they have are Ritalin/amphetamine-cause involuntary movement, tics
and twitches, which could prove to permanent and fixed. What they have
is not ‘idiopathic,’ that is, of unknown cause, but is ‘iatrogenic,’
meaning physician/treatment-caused. Their tics are but one of the
definite, physical, brain consequences of treatment with these drugs.
There are others.

For the past 10-15 years ADHD researchers, throughout child psychiatry,
and at the NIMH and CHADD, have known that that long-term treatment
with these drugs, was the probable cause of the
shrinking/shriveling/atrophy of the children’s brains. However they
have not shared this, the only plausible conclusion, with the parents,
patients, our political leaders, or the public at large. Instead, in
their literature, at their meetings, and in their press conferences,
they have steadfastly claimed that the shrinking/shriveling/atrophy they
were finding on the brain scans of children said to have the fraudulent
disease—ADHD, but not in control subjects (normals, not having ADHD) was
due to ADHD, and was, they claimed, the long-sought, disease-confirming,
physical abnormality. What they kept to themselves was the fact that
virtually all of the ADHD subjects in this research, carried on over
14-15 years, had been on long-term Ritalin/amphetamine treatment—the
only known, physical difference between the ADHD subjects and the normal
controls, and, itself, the probable cause of their brain

Responding for what can only be called the ‘psycho-drugging’ industry,
F.X. Castellanos of the NIMH, was interviewed for an article entitled
“Making Sense of Ritalin,” by John Pekkanen that appeared in the
January, 2000, Reader’s Digest (page 159): “Some critics claim that such
brain differences (atrophy) in ADHD children might actually be caused by
Ritalin—meaning these smaller areas of the brain could be the result of
stimulant treatment. To address this, Castellanos has now embarked on
another study, imaging the brains of ADHD youngsters who have not been
treated with drugs.”

Although the first of the brain scanning studies, that of Nasrallah, et.
al. (1986) suggested that the striking, brain
shrinking/shriveling/atrophy, was likely due to the Ritalin/amphetamine
treatment and nothing else, only now, 14- 15 years later, do we have
Castellanos, of the NIMH, which controls the vast amount of psychiatric
research moneys, announcing that they would start the experiment that
would tell them whether the brain shrinking/shriveling/atrophy was do to
the drugs or do to the mythical, never-yet-validated, ‘disease,’ ADHD.

On the “Is it a disease or isn’t it?” question, Castellanos (again, in
“Making Sense of Ritalin”), seeking to set the record straight before
the issue gets to a court intent on discovering the scientific facts,
stated: “Incontrovertible evidence is still lacking…In time I’m
confident we’ll confirm the case for organic (physical or chemical)

Far from confessing that these are side effects of their medications,
psychiatry refers to such symptoms, and to their overall down-hill
course, as the ‘grave prognosis’ of their ADHD, ‘bipolar’ disorder,
conduct disorder, oppositional-defiant ‘disorder, etc., etc., etc. But
not a single psychiatric disorder is a bona fide disease, and no disease
means no ‘diagnosis.’ No disease means nothing to ‘treat.’ No disease
means no ‘prognosis.’ However, the psychiatric intervention
itself—always with drugs—a physical agent– is a disease, their first
and only disease. But there is a way back, to near-normal at least, and
that is to terminate, as quickly as possible, all that is the presence
of psychiatry in the life of the child.

Did you know that the Department of Defense, considers twelve to be too
late to save them? Children on such drugs, bearing such labels, to or
beyond twelve years of age are considered ‘damaged goods’ and cannot
enlist in the Army, Navy or Marines. Erik Harris, one of the two
Columbine High mass-murderers was told shortly before the massacre, that
he could not join, as he had sought to do, because of the
anti-depressant, Luvox, that he was on.

When normal children or adults are given drugs due to a mistake in
diagnosis or when they are fraudulently said to have a disease when they
do not, they are being poisoned. Poisoning means to put poison into or
upon. A poison is any substance that acts chemically upon the tissues
of an organism in such a way as to harm or destroy. The drugs these two
previously normal children are being made to take are clearly, obviously
doing that to their brains and bodies. Clearly they were normal;
clearly they had no bona fide diseases when diagnosed and labeled, or
when the drugs were begun. They became abnormal, diseased, with the
start of the first drug, and all the more so with the addition of each
subsequent drug. These, I do not have to tell you Edmund and John, are
America’s children. Who on earth would do such a thing? Get attorneys,
get whole law firms, get law firms working in concert, and I will direct
you to the perpetrators. Maybe we can begin to do something for your
grandson and daughter and for America’s schoolchildren before it is to

Read on. They are doing the same thing to Gary’s daughter in Kansas
City and to the son of Al and Pat in Connecticut, and Rick in Tacoma.
Read on and learn of some things we can begin to do to fight back. Your
hands, Edmund, are somewhat tied—you are only a grandparent, not a

ADHD is not a disease, all of these children are being poisoned. The
moment the parents realize this and want help getting their children
fully off of drugs and out of the clutches of psychiatry and all who
insist upon continued, ever-after treatment–they need a lawyer. Anyone
getting to this point can call me for assistance. One of these days we
will find a judge or a jury that, as is its duty, will allow a full
airing of the science of the matter. Having testified in about 15 such
cases, I find that virtually all local courts comfortably adhere to the
biological psychiatry deception of the day—that all pains and problems
emotional and behavioral are diseases. The reason for this is quite
simple: without ‘invented diseases’ they would have no diseases at all
to treat, no ‘chemical imbalances’ at all for which to ‘prescribe’ their
chemical balancers—their pills. And what are drugs and chemical
balancers with no diseases in the patients: poisons!

This is a deception so blatant, so total, that the public finds it
unimaginable. They often fail to awake to the fact until their children
like, Melvin 17, upon whose behalf I testified in 1993, are destroyed.
His mother awoke to the fraud and deception only then, and only after
her husband and Melvin’s twin sisters had gone. Psychiatry ruined
Melvin’s life and ruined the family as well, as it so often does. The
stories you gentlemen relate, about your grandson, and daughter
respectively, normal, as they were, until the brain-altering drugs were
started, is the story of 15-20% of children in US public schools.

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