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by Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

February 28, 2002

1970 (epid: 150,000)
Congressman C. Gallagher: “‘minimal brain dysfunction’ is one of at least
thirty-eight names attached to this condition… thirty percent in ghetto
areas…may not be pathological at all…”

1970, Elliot L.
Richardson, Secretary, HEW to  
Gallagher:  “… stimulant drug
treatment of children with this disorder began in the late 1930’s and has been
widely accepted as safe and effective…” [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: 1970, and the
“feds” were behind the drugging]

1995 (epid: 3-4 million),
Barry R. McCaffrey, White House Drug Czar, accepts DSM-IV as “gospel,” ADHD as
disease, makes mockery of “war on drugs.”

Congressman Chris Shays: “In ADHD, we draw the line between personality and
pathology, placing millions on either side of boundary that divides the healthy
from the sick.  We should do so with
particular reticence to make our children ‘medical patients’…”

1999, Surgeon
General, D. Satcher’s Report on Mental Health (epid: 5 million): “Mental
illness is no different than diabetes, asthma or other physical ailments…Mental illnesses are physical illnesses…”

Baughman calls for Satcher’s resignation: 
“Having gone to medical school, studied pathology-disease &
diagnosis — you and I and all physicians know that the presence of any bona
fide disease, like diabetes, cancer or epilepsy, is confirmed by an objective
finding — a physical or chemical abnormality.

Senator Pete V. Domenici (author, “parity” bill): “All too often,
insurance discriminates against illnesses of the brain.” [Fred A. Baughman
Jr., MD: Pharm industry spent $262 million on political influence in the
1999-2000 election cycle with 625 lobbyists > one for every member of

DEA (epidemic: 6 million): Methylphenidate and amphetamine are prescribed for
children with ADHD who have abnormally high levels of activity and/or
difficulty concentrating.” [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: making 6 million NORMALS
into “patients”—“treating” them, with government a conspirator]                                                

2001, WHO: To
schoolchildren:  “Most of your
classmates are healthy and happy…However, some are ill with diseases
such as behavioral problems, learning disabilities, brain damage or epilepsy
and feel very hurt not to be a part of the normal group.” [Fred A.
Baughman Jr., MD: they co-mingle mental “diseases” with real

2001, Pfizer, AACAP, NIH & Smithsonian Institute, produce
brochure/exhibit: “BRAIN: The World Inside Your Head,” which states: “
are like any other diseases…Understanding brain-related conditions such as mental
illnesses can be challenging.  Like any
disease of the body, they can be treated.” 

1997, UN-INCB:  “it is the consensus of the Board that there
are cases of improper diagnosis of
ADD.”  [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: “improper diagnosis” presumes proper diagnosis. ADD/ADHD is not a
disease with a confirmatory   abnormality.  This is why I write of the “totality” of the
ADHD fraud, urging that “official accommodation must end.” This is why I write:
“Normal children are being drugged by ‘pushers’ in white coats, ‘treating’ illusory,
invented, diseases.”]

1998, Carey,
NIH, Consensus Conference: “ADHD behaviors are assumed to be largely or
entirely due to abnormal brain function.”  
The DSM-IV does not say so, but textbooks and journals do.”  [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: While Carey errs
in exonerating the DSM-IV of “disease” claims, he is correct in observing that
textbooks and journals of the day—the “peers” of the “peer-reviewed” literature
call it a “disease” with no scientific proof. 
They have orchestrated a scam for the joint benefit of Big Pharma and
all physicians choosing to add ‘mental health’ to their practice to make
“patients” of “normals.”

Degrandpre, to CC: “…you define disease as a maladaptive cluster of
characteristics. In the history of science and medicine, this would not be a
valid definition of disease.” [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: Degrandpre signals
their intent to deceive]

Lambert, CC: “…childhood stimulant treatment is significantly and pervasively
implicated in the uptake of regular smoking, in daily smoking in adulthood, in
cocaine dependence, and in the lifetime use of cocaine and stimulants”

Conclusion of CC Panel: “there is no valid test…no data indicate ADHD is due to
brain malfunction. ” 

1994, APA in the
DSM-IV: “Mental disorder
implies a distinction between ‘mental’ disorders and ‘physical’ disorders that
is an anachronism of mind/body dualism…there is much  ‘physical’ in ‘mental’ disorders and much ‘mental’ in ‘physical’
disorders.” [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: Here, psychiatry means to eradicate the
boundary line between “normal” & “abnormal;” “not diseased” &
“diseased” so as to make “patients” of normals]

Pearlman (referring to DSM-IV): “I take issue with the APA assertion that
elimination of the term “organic” in the DSM-IV has served a useful purpose for
psychiatry… elimination of the term “organic” suggests that psychiatry wishes
to conceal the non-organic character of many behavioral problems …”

(epidemic: 4-5 million) AMA: “…there is little evidence of widespread overdiagnosis
or misdiagnosis or of widespread over-prescription of methylphenidate.”  [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: “Once labeled
‘ADHD’ they are no longer treated as normal. 
Once any drug courses through their brain and body, they are, for the
first time, physically, neurologically and biologically, abnormal.”]

AMA: Armed with no proof that the children are other than normal, the AMA
recommends that “physicians and medical groups work with schools to improve
teachers’ abilities to recognize (diagnose) ADHD and appropriately recommend
that parents seek medical evaluation,” and “The AMA reaffirms Policy 100.975 to
help ensure that appropriate amounts of methylphenindate and other Schedule II
drugs are available for clinically warranted patient use.”

Vastag, a JAMA editor, makes two fraudulent, pro-industry statements: (1)
methylphenidate is not addictive, (2) ADHD is a bona fide disease.  [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: The role of the
AMA as an accomplice, is secure]  

AAP Guideline: “ADHD is the most common neurobehavioral disorder of
childhood.”  The collaborators in AAP,
ADHD guidelines are: Society for Pediatric Psychology, American Academy of
Family Physicians, Child Neurology Society, American Academy of Child and
Adolescent Psychiatry, American Psychiatric Association, American Academy of
Neurology, American Society of Adolescent Psychiatry.

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD, letter to editor, PEDIATRICS: “Neurobehavioral
implies abnormality of the brain, there is no abnormality, this is a perversion
of science, a violation of informed consent.

California Psychiatric Assn: “mental illnesses are physical illnesses of the

11/20/01, APA
President, R.K. Harding, MD: “mental illnesses—such as depression or
schizophrenia—are not “moral weaknesses” or “imagined” but real diseases caused by abnormalities of brain structure and imbalances
of chemicals in the brain.” 
[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: an absolute lie.  If we never became depressed in depressing circumstances, we
would not be normal. CA,
SB-836: It is 
“unlawful to disseminate false, misleading, deceptive, statements to
induce rendering of professional services.  
Controlled Substances Act: “the record shall show pathology
(abnormality) for which prescription is issued.”]

1998, CHADD: “ADHD
is a severe neurobiological
condition…’  [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
“How does CHADD justify calling normal children diseased, abnormal, to justify
prescribing, for them, of addictive, Schedule II, stimulant medications?”]

1986, RJ Lifton, The
Nazi Doctors
(p.12):    “In Nazi mass murder… a barrier was removed,
a boundary crossed: that boundary between violent imagery and killing…  the medicalization of killing—the imagery of
killing in the name of healing—was crucial to that terrible step.  [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: in ADHD and every
invented psychiatric “disease” the normal/abnormal boundary is crossed and the
medicalization of normal childhood and of all normal, human traits allows
drugging, shocking and cutting of normal brains—our ultimate organ of

Lifton, p.12: “My
goal in this study is to uncover psychological conditions conducive to
evil…Every discipline courts illusions of understanding that which is not
understood…psychology, with its tenuous and often defensive relationship to
science, may be especially vulnerable to that illusion.”

1998, J.
Swanson:  “Right now psychiatric
diagnosis is completely subjective…We would like to have biological tests—a
dream of psychiatry for many years.” 
[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: which means, psychology/psychiatry is not a

Lifton, p. 17: “
Among the biological authorities called forth to articulate and implement
“scientific racism”—including physical anthropologists, geneticists and racial
theorists of every variety—doctors inevitably found a unique place.”  [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: Compare this to
today’s “biological” psychiatry, neurochemistry, genetics, brain scans,
epidemiology and, to medical and surgical “treatments” themselves, which—while
damaging-- create illusions of “diseases,” “medical patients,” and

2000, Fred A.
Baughman Jr., MD, Congressional testimony: “It would be fraudulent of anyone to
claim that any psychiatric condition is an actual disease.”

2001, Australian
psychiatrist, G. Halasz: “ADHD was a ‘manufactured epidemic.’ It had neither
been proved to exist as an illness nor established as a genetic disease.

2001, le
Carre:  BIG PHARMA sustained by huge
wealth, pathological secrecy, corruption and greed is spending a fortune
influencing, hiring and purchasing academic judgment…unbought medical opinion
will be hard to find.” [Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: When it comes to ADHD,
unbought opinion of any kind is impossible to find] 

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD: The only
way the pharma-psychiatry-government cartel differs for the Cali, Medellin,
Tijuana, and opium cartels of the world is that the the
pharma-psychiatry-government cartel target everyone, from cradle to grave—your
parents, and grandparents in their nursing home beds, those truly physically
ill, adding their never-essential drugs to essential drugs, compromising real
medical and surgical treatment, and infants, toddlers, preschoolers and all
they can force or court-order to swallow their brain-altering, brain-damaging,
“chemical balancers.”  We are warned by
le Carre, that their power, in league with government, is the greatest of all
threats to our liberty and right of self-determination.

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