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The Big Pharma/psychiatry script is disseminated world-wide; wherever
normal children can be made into patients, for the purpose of selling
them drugs.


i am n mohan an indian residing in tamil nadu state at chennai
city(phone ***-*******)

i am having a son by name m subramaniyan aged 3 years. he recently got
admission in pre kg in a very famous school in chennai city. but from
the day one the principal of that school is going on complaining about
my son that he is not sitting in one place and not concentrating on any
thing. he is meddling with some useless things in the class and he is
not going in the class along with other childern

            so i took him to a doctor (specialist) and after coducting
somany test he declared that my son is having adhd. but at this stage i
dont know what to do, is there any treatement is there for this
disorder? any medicine is there?
kindly guide me sir.

yours truly
n mohan

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Sir, apparently the principal of your fine school has heard of
wondrous, state-of-
the-art teachings regarding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, in the
far off US. And your son is only three, and is behaving, it appears, exactly
as three year olds should, not as adults wish them to, which would not be
normal. Nor in a class of three year olds do all of them go along with one
another. Likewise, it appears that
your doctor/specialist has been trained, or, should we say indoctrinated in the
US psychiatric/pharmaceutical
invention-for-profit called ADHD, for it is not an actual disease, rather
are normal behaviors in normal children,
and they ought not be suppressed--absolutely not with drugs. That is child
abuse. My advice would be to place your child in a school not
practicing such nonsense. Also, find a physician not yet brainwashed into
ways of psychiatry and the
pharmaceutical industry--that labels all infant, toddler, child, adolescent
behavior--especially that which challenges adults, as
pathological, as diseases, as chemical imbalances of the brain,
needing, requiring a prescription drug from--of
course--the sponsoring, controlling, pharmaceutical partner. One sees here
the Big Pharma/psychiatry script is being disseminated
world-wide; wherever normal children can be made into patients, for the
of selling them drugs. Good luck Sir.

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