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To visitors of from Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:

What follows is the story of one, single mother, Diane Booth. Millions of
parents, divorced and together, and their normal children are being told
by their schools and their government, at nearly all levels, that their
children have a “brain disease, ” ADHD and that if they do not allow
Ritalin/amphetamine treatment, that they are negligent and no longer
deserve custody of their child/children. This has happened to Diane and
to her son, now stripped of his mother. This happened to Tammie Marie
Kubiac of Buffalo, NY, who upon stopping her 12 year old son’s,
brain-numbing psychiatric drugs, was stripped of custody of all three of
her children. It is almost as if we were not in the USA. Nor is this
rare, happening only to someone else, just to Diane Booth, just to
Tammie Marie Kubiac, whoever they are. Millions, through the nineties
have been lied to, coerced and made to “relinquish custody” so their
child could get/be afforded, “essential” psychiatric care.

It can happen to any family with a child in a public school in the USA
today. Believe it.


  I am an American Mother Refugee legally in Canada. There is a holocaust going
  on in America. Please help me and thousands of other Americans who had their
  children kidnapped by Child Protective Services. My refusal to put my son on
  Ritalin resulted in retaliation by the school district and the County. I have
  been wrongfully convicted and am being maliciously prosecuted by Santa Clara
  County, California. The Violence Against Women Act is being used in Santa
  Clara County, California to persecute women and children by a greedy and
  power hungry Psychiatry and Social Services industry who prosecute phony
  cases to get federal funds. and they use children to justify their job 
  security.  The Psychiatrists and Child Protective Services have been
  experimenting on my little boy with all kinds of dangerous mind altering
  drugs for his diagnosis of ADHD. He has now developed Tourette's Syndrome as
  a result of their drug abuse. He is only 8 years old, and is imprisoned at
  Eastfield Ming Quong, He is not allowed any contact with his family. Please
  see below my response to the article in the San Jose Mercury News below.........
  Published Wednesday, September 13, 2000, in the San Jose Mercury News

  (Silicon Valley - California)
  Boy allegedly abducted by mom returned to U.S.
  By the San Jose Mercury News

  A 6-year-old boy allegedly abducted from a Los Gatos care facility by his
  mother and taken to Canada in July was returned to the United States on
  Diane Booth of San Jose, who is charged with child abduction and unlawful
  flight to avoid prosecution, remains in Vancouver, British Columbia, after
  filing a petition for political asylum to delay her return to the United
  Booth's son had been a ward of the court and removed from her care and placed
  at Eastfield Ming Quong before the alleged abduction, according to Los Gatos
  police. Eastfield is a residential facility for troubled youngsters.
  Police said they do not know why Booth lost custody of her son, which they
  believe happened last January. The boy's father has not been involved in his
  Booth was apprehended on Sunday by Vancouver police after a routine traffic
  stop. A background check revealed that she was sought by the FBI.  Police said
  Booth had been aided in her flight by family members from New York. A formal
  asylum hearing is pending in Vancouver.

                    ***** Please see below***

  This is Diane Booth, the woman the article refers to above. Please allow me
  to inform your audience of what Santa Clara County did to me and my family.
  My little boy, now age 8, (not 6) was diagnosed with ADHD, and the school
  district and the County of Santa Clara Social Services insisted that I give
  my son Ritalin or have him transferred to a school for "troubled" youngsters.
  I insisted that the Sunnyvale School District comply with the Americans
  With Disabilities Act and make reasonable accommodations for my son. I do
  not believe in solving his normal male hyperactivity with mind altering
  drugs.  The school district retaliated against me by making false  referrals
  to the Santa Clara Co. Social Services,  the Santa Clara Co. District
  Attorneys Office, and the Public Safety concocting malicious lies
  against me and my boyfriend. I came home from work one day at 5:15 p.m. to
  find my son  had been kidnapped by Santa Clara County gestapo while he was at
  daycare.  I was beaten up by a police officer, thrown in jail, my boyfriend
  was thrown in jail. The week before, Santa Clara County had frozen my
  boyfriend's bank account, causing our rent check to bounce, causing us to be
  evicted from our apartment. My son ended up at EMQ where he was experimented
  on with all kinds of dangerous drugs and was abused and neglected physically,
  emotionally and mentally at this facility. He was hospitalized at least 5
  times while under their so-called care for injuries sustained at that
  facility. Santa Clara County added insult to injury by claiming that I was a
  victim of domestic violence. A woman (lesbian) in my apartment complex made
  her living by heading a "domestic violence therapy group" for women called
  "Next Door".  She called the police,  and she is manufacturing victims for
  the sole purpose of making money and fraudulently obtaining Federal funding.
  (The only violence was the police officer who beat me up and the facility who
  abused my son) They even had the audacity to file a child support enforcement
  claim against me as ransom. My refusal to testify against my boyfriend, who
  was innocent, angered the same DA who maliciously prosecuted me for a phony
  trumped-up charge of child endangerment. (for my refusal to put my son on
  Ritalin)  The social services refused to send my son to his loving family in
  New York, even though my mom begged for temporary custody.

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