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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Vera, you have hit the nail on the head, it was a healing profession
when I came into it in 1960, feeling privileged and proud. They created
a physician glut and this was the vehicle to the takeover, and
perversion. I have a strong suspicion that LBJ doubled the capacity of
US med schools with a series of laws in the late 60s at the behest of
the pharma industry, in collusion with medical academia as a means of
breaking the grip of moral physicians, prepared only to do what was
right, having no need to invent things to do...not, that is, until the
glut which was becoming a fact as of '75-'80. Today the
physician/populace ratio is 300 physicians/100,000 populatiion, more
than twice the 145/100,000 in 1965, meaning that physicians today have
half the new patients (and see 1/2 the real disease) they did in 1965.
I can tell you what it was like having no need to invent treatments and
diagnoses to stay solvent. best, Fred.]

Vera wrote:
  Contact: Vera Hassner Sharav
  The following "must read" articles about the perversion of medicine, 
  once the healing profession, into an instrument of assault.
  Human rights and individual dignity are being threatened by those who 
  profit from the medicalization of the human condition.
  A News report about an invasive drug releasing implant device for 
  psychiatric patients has sparked fear and rage among recovered former 
  psychiatric patients who are productive members of the community 
  without drugs. The implant was  developed by the University of 
  Implant May Stabilize Schizophrenia Patients For Year
  By Ellen O'Brien 30-May-2002
  There is a growing sense that psychiatry and its unholy alliance with 
  the pharmaceutical industry (to borrow a phrase from Dr. Loren Mosher, 
  a psychiatrist who serves on AHRP's board of directors)  poses a 
  threat to the public.  It is a profession whose aggressive prescribing 
  practices are out of control: healthy children are being exposed to 
  chemical restraints by a profession in need of legal restraints:
  See: Industry Role in Medical Meeting Decried
  by Shankar Vedantam. THE WASHINGTON POST.May 25, 2002. 
  See also: Redflags Weekly and its documents about the David Healy Affair.
  (Dr. Healy is a British psychiatrist who ran afoul of those who profit 
  from the antidepressant drug market by suppressing public disclosure 
  of the risks associated with those drugs--for some patients the risk 
  is drug-induced suicide. 
  Psychotropic drugs are being pushed by physicians--some would say as 
  ruthlessly as they are pushed by drug dealers on the street.  The 
  remuneration for prescription drug pushers, however, is far greater 
  than for their criminal colleagues. What, one wonders, would lead 
  physicians to abandon their professional responsibility to "do no 
  harm"  by inventing conditions in order to increase drug sales?
  "Money and Madness" By Kelly Patricia O'Meara. Insight Magazine Cover
  Story Posted June 3, 2002
  "Move Over Mengele, It's Fuller Time Now" 
  An Essay by Vicki Fox Smith of MADNATION.
  Drug-Related Death of Fifteen Year Old Daughter Vanessa By Terence H. Young.

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