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    In a message dated 1/24/2001
    I have read your words on ADHD.  Can you send what you've written on general
    psychiatric frauds?

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD wrote:

Dear Stacie, 1/25/01

I testified before Congress 9/29/00 that for psychiatry to represent any
psychiatric condition as a disease with a confirmatory, demonstrable/diagnosable
physical or chemical abnormality within the brain/body of the child/person, is a
fraud. David Fassler, MD, spokesman for the American Psychiatric Association
and the Amer. Acad. of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry had no rebuttal. And yet
they do so all the time. This is their claim and message to the public in their
psychopharmaceutical propaganda, and this is the lie they tell patients by way
of ‘informed consent.’

Of note, the American Psychiatric Association lists many neurological diseases
in the DSM-IV meaning to confuse and blur the line between psychiatry
(psychiatrists do not diagnose or treat organic diseases of the brain/nervous
system) and neurology (diagnosing and treating organic diseases of the
brain/nervous system). Neurologists upon finding persons with emotional and
behavioral problems but no organic disease, refer them to psychiatrists,
psychologists and other mental health professionals. The only patients with
organic diseases of the nervous system for which psychiatrists assume a
responsibility are those who were normal upon first contact but who subsequently
developed brain/nervous system side effects of the drugs prescribed by they,
themselves. All psychiatric drugs act on the brain and alter it. All produce
brain/nervous system side effects. They can impair consciousness,
coordingation, posture and mentation/cognition. The stimulants cause
involuntary movements, tics, confusion, mania, siezures. The neuroleptics cause
a Parkinson’s disease, like state, difficult to distinguish from PD. They also
cause involutary movement of all kinds, some of which abate with withdrawal from
the drugs, some of which prove permanent–tardive dyskenias–TD. They may cause
death via, neuroleptic-malignant syndrome, just as the SSRIs and other
psychiatric drugs can cause death due to the serotonin syndrome–SS. The thing
about all of these real diseases, caused by the drugs psychiatrists prescribe,
is that they are the first real, acutual, brain/neurological disease the
emotionally/behaviorally troubled person had. Further, these drug-induced
brain/neurolgical diseases, are often not recognized as such by the prescribing
psychiatrists. When such patients complain of symptoms due to these drugs,
psychiatrists usually relate that they are symptoms of the psychiatric disease,
for which the drug (s) were give–never a plausible explanation in that no
psychiatric disorder/’disease’ is known to be an actual disease of the
brain/nervous system. It is usually left to the patient’s family physician or a
neurologist the psychiatrist or family physician refers the patient to, to make
the diagnosis; neuroleptic-induced Parkinson’s syndrome, tardive dyskinesia,
neuroleptic malignant syndrome, etc., etc.

Most of the pieces on are about ADHD but many speak of the fraud
of calling conduct disorder and oppositional-defiant disorder (the 3 dreaded
‘disruptive behavior disorders”)and all of the learning disabilities, diseases
when they are not. This will have to suffice.

Sincerely, FB

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