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  Dear Ann Landers: Thank you for your compassionate response to the mother
  whose 8-year-old son didn't want to be friends with the 8-year-old "bully."
  No one liked this boy, and he had academic problems, as well. That same
  description could apply to my own son, who struggles with attention-deficit
  hyperactive disorder.
  My son has a good heart but no impulse control. Even on medication he is
  socially dysfunctional. Over the years, the teasing and being "left out"
  have turned him into a bully. With professional help, however, he is holding
  his own. I have every hope that eventually, he will learn how to conduct
  himself more appropriately and be "accepted."
  Please tell your readers again to reach out to unpopular children and show
  compassion for them. They may be struggling with an invisible disability
  such as ADHD. One day, these children will be able to compensate for the
  shortcomings of this disorder, but they never will recover from the
  emotional scars inflicted by thoughtless children and adults during their
  childhood. -- Mother in Baltimore, Md.

  Dear Baltimore Mom: Thank you for pointing out that not all handicaps are
  visible, and often, children who are the least "lovable" need to be included
  and accepted far more than the others. This is a lesson children learn at
  home, early in life, and it is one that will serve them well forever.
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[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Dear Ann, what you should have told this mother is that before they allow their
child to be put on Ritalin, Adderal, Dexedrine, or some other known substance of
addiction—all of them dangerous and deadly (more often than we know) as
well--their child should have a visible, objectively verified, verifiable,
disease-physical abnormality--one clearly needing to be made normal, or more
nearly normal. As it is we in the US, as nowhere else in the world, have
6,000,000 children taking such medication, whose first and only objective
abnormality is the foreign, addictive, dangerous, sometimes deadly medication
readily found in any organ or body fluid in which, in life, or death, it is

Macauley Showalter, formerly of Minneapolis, MN, diagnosed ADHD at 3 years 7
month, dead at 8 years, one day, had no abnormalities evident at post mortem
other than metabolites of all 4 of the psychiatric drugs he was on. No other
disease or cause of death was found. ADHD could not be found. ADHD has never
been found/validated as an actual disease. The Baltimore mothers’ son having
been "socially dysfunctional," "teased and "left out," "a bully," and
"unaccepted" are not signs (objective abnormalities) of a disease, and should
not be diagnosed or treated as such. Calling it a disease, and drugging the
normal children, as is invariably done, is a crime and must be exposed and
prosecuted as such.]

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