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Fred A, Baughman Jr., MD responds to an e-mail of 2/22/0l from Bruce B of AZ

  Bruce B: I heard you on the radio show this evening (talk radio with Roger Friedenberg
  out of Central Point, OR, regarding ADHD, Ritalin and the drugging of America's
  schoolchildren) and began to add one and one.
  Working in one of the AZ Correctional facilities as a college business
  instructor, and being alarmed at the number of drug related
  incarcerations in our nation...

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
A report just out indicates that 2/3rds of girls in juvenile detention and 3/4 of boys
have psychiatric diagnoses, which is to say--are on psychiatric drugs. The Sheriff of
San Diego County just remarked that with 750 inmates on psychiatric drugs, he runs
the biggest 'psychiatric hospital' in the county. Do the people prescribing the drugs,
selling the drugs, court-ordering the diagnosing and 'treatments' understand that making
human beings take these drugs invariably causes diffuse malfunction of the brain,
rendering the person disabled, less able to learn, adapt, and protect themselves. Do we
have any idea what our government at every level is doing to our fellow men, women,
to our children...some day to ourselves?]

Bruce B: I am wondering if putting children on drugs early in life isn't setting up
our citizens for future incarceration?

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Absolutely! All who are drugged, and their parents, are first lead to believe
they have a 'brain disease'--a 'chemical imbalance' for which they need; must have, if by
court order--a 'chemical balancer'; a pill. The first of the fraudulent 'chemical
imbalances' is ADHD, the first 'chemical balancer' is Ritalin. This is their entree to a life of
psychiatry and psychiatric drugs. And a disproportionate-high number, quite understandably go
on from a childhood of 'treatment' with these drugs to an adolescence and adulthood of
abusing these very same addictive compounds but here, run into a zero tolerance
policy enforcing their incarceration. Just think of it, today, children in grade school
said by teachers... yes teachers to have the fictitious disease ADHD and to be in need of
Ritalin face a 'zero tolerance' policy regarding the school order that they be on the drug.
Tammy Kubiac of Buffalo, NY had the good sense to see that the 3 psychiatric drugs her son
was on were making him a zombie; were doing nothing but damage his brain. She stopped
them and was met, a week ago, by irate teachers, and social workers charging her
with 'irresponsibility' and of being and 'unfit parent.' She reached me by e-mail at
that point expressing fear they would take custody of her son--12 year old Jeffrey. Her fears
were well-founded. When she arrived at the school to take her son home the following
day, he was gone; they had sent him, without a word to her--the parent--to a psychiatric
hospital. She was allowed to visit only briefly, she was treated curtly, with
disdain; her son was whisked from her lap and injected, she could still see that. Exactly like
the bereaved wife of the Russian sailor, dead in the submarine at the bottom of the
Bering Sea, who, as she came, irately, at Admirals and at the TV cameras, was grabbed by
anonymous, official hands from both sides, was injected, was immediately
unconscious. The same people are here, doing the same thing. They need to be identified and
confronted--publicly, in the full light of day. Their script is written at many
institutes of the Nat Institutes of Health, primarily, the Nat. Instit. of Ment. Health. The
propaganda--none of it science, none of it the legitimate practice of medicine, goes
out through CHADD, through NAMI and through the exceedingly zealous Surgeon General,
Dr. David Satcher, who takes the every-emotion-a-disease message world-wide. The
economic advantages of a practice in 'mental health' in which normal children need
no objective abnormalities or real diseases to be 'patient' are extolled by the
American Medical Association, the American Psychiatric Association, the Am. Acad. of Child &
Adolesc. Psychiatry, the Am. Acad. of Pediatrics, the Am. Acad of Neurology, the
Child Neurology Society and the Am Acad of Fam. Practice, to mention but a few. Soon
there will be none left to drug, you say. Then they will add a 2nd label, a 2nd drug, a
5th, a 10th or 'hospitalize' them or shock them or place an electrical probe or implant or
send them Harvard and the great Mass General for cingulotomy, the latest in psychosurgery
for those with diseases so subtle they don't exist.

  Bruce B: Larry Elder's book "The Ten Things You Can't Say In America" outlines
  very well with excellent documentation the "War on Drugs" and it makes
  me wonder if this "War" isn't a means of reducing the rights of American
  citizens? .......

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The 'War on Drugs' waged, on the one hand, while the very same drugs of
addiction are forced down the throats of the nation's normal schoolchildren, as in nowhere
else in the world, is orchestrated by the all-powerful, world-wide pharmaceutical industry
with psychiatry as it hired 'pusher'. Nor would this be possible were it not for the
Congress and the Senate writing laws not just enabling such 'treatment' but 'forcing' it,
maintaining not just that psychiatric 'disorders' are actual 'diseases' but that they are
'life-threatening' 'diseases' such that Tammy Kubiac, and the Carroll family in Albany, NY, refusing
to 'treat' their children would have to have their children removed and placed in
state custody where they could get 'necessary' treatment. To understand how complete
the perversion of medicine and science has been, you must understand that none of
psychiatry's disorders/diseases--not a single one, is an actual disease. Jeffrey
and all children-victims like him said to have ADHD, CD, ODD, LDs, OCD, BD were in fact,
normal children until the drug 'treatments' were begun. When normal children are
knowingly made to take brain and body altering compounds and drugs the term is no
longer 'treatment' it is 'poisoning', and that is exactly what is being done to
Jeffrey Kubiac today by the US and NY state governments at each and every level beginning
with the Congress and the Senate who pass laws they are directed to pass by their
pharmaceutical and psychiatric patrons that legitimize their every 'disease' and
'treatment' which, to a number, without exception, can find no legitimacy within
science or medicine. ]

  Bruce B: Sometime ago I stumbled across a list "The Goals of the Communist Party"
  from (of all places) the Congressional Record of 1963...
  One of the "goals" was to give social workers police powers of arrest;
  another "goal" was to diagnose children with behavioral disorders and treat
  them with psychotropic drugs; another "goal" was to replace the parents
  with the state; another was to 'dumb down' through infiltration the education
  institutions; another was to infiltrate the media...  I contacted my Congressman
  (JD Hayworth) to verify the validity of this "list" and received chapter and verse on
  this document - it is valid.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
And it is here, today, now! If we do not rush to Tammy Marie Kubiac’s side,
and give her children their mother back, we all deserve what we will inevitably get when
we have run out of money with which to defend ourselves against the same psycho-pharm
assault. Those who speak and write against them are especially ‘at risk’ for the
most severe of ‘diagnoses’: ‘schizophrenia’’. What Adolph and Joe (Stalin) began, US
psychiatry with their ‘unlimited grant’ from the pharmaceutical industry, has taken to a high
art form indeed. Just the other day Chinese Psychiatry was vilified for it’s use of
psychiatry against those in Chinese prisons. The article spoke of the need for the World Psychiatric
Association to properly denounce China and it’s psychiatrists. Without a doubt, no
country in the world deceives and forces the tools of psychiatry–mostly drugs, but
brain-destructive ‘shock’ and psychosurgery as well on more of it’s flummoxed
citizens than does the ‘greatest democracy’ in the world, our own USA. We had better save it
while we can. If only our good Congressmen and Senators would stop writing mental health
‘parity’ legislation–that which declares we are all ‘diseased’ and all in need of
‘treatment’. They are the cause of the ‘great American mental health epidemic.’ A recent report
from the Bazelon Foundation divulged that within recent years the parents of several
million US children have ‘relinquished’ custody of their ‘mentally diseases’ children so that
they might qualify for ‘mental health’ ‘treatment’ under Medicaid and other state and federal
programs that they would be eligible for only if they are wards of the state. The term
‘relinquishment’ sugggests informed consent and surrendering their child voluntarily. In fact their
is no informed consent; the parents, just as with the whole of the US public and all US
parents are told their child has a ‘brain disease,’ a ‘chemical imbalance’ of the brain,
what’s more, no doubt is left as to what will transpire should the parents, like Tammy Kubiac and
like the Carolls and like the father of William Lyons of Fargo, ND fail to see the
‘necessity’ of such ‘treatments’ as are ‘suggested.’ I quite imagine that none of these
‘relinquishments’ resulted from anything resembling ‘informed consent,’ I quite imagine that there
was some degree of coercion and force–direct or firmly implied, in virtually 100% of these
‘relinquishments’. And, when do their ‘treatments’ ends, when, if ever, and in what
sort of shape, are they returned to their parents. Let me tell you: just as with private
insurance–when the money runs out! So it is with every state or federal payer
scheme, they are returned to the family–more or less–as soon as they ‘age out’ of whatever
program it is that has been paying the bills, when no one else could pay. It is as
if we never learn from our past. Doubt me? Read: The Profits of Misery: How Inpatient
Psychiatric Treatment Bilks the System and Betrays our Trust, Hearing before the
Select Committee on Children, Youth, and Families, House of Representatives, 102nd
Congress, 2nd Session, April 28, 1992.
(Document can be obtained from the
Library of Congress Online Catalog
search by call number: “KF27.5 .C48 1992b”)

  Bruce B: I put up a website with this list and can get you the complete copy, along with
  any documentation you may wish. Must say, the word "communist" is out of vogue
  now; but "socialist" isn't and the goals appear to remain the same - As I said, I work
  teaching the product of both our education system and our drug culture and have to
  wonder if the present movement to drug our children and label parents as
  "dangerous to the health of children" isn't part of something bigger?  Senator Hillary Clinton
  once said ' takes a village to raise a child...' so I wonder.

  Sincerely and alarmed,
  Bruce B

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Bruce, we all need to be alarmed. And just when you think they are as heinous as
they can get, get this. The Nat. Instit. of Ment. Health is about to launch what they have
termed the Preschool ADHD Treatment Study–PATS, in which they will be trying
Ritalin and other of the Schedule II, controlled, addictive, dangerous, sometimes deadly
amphetamines in infants as young as 2 years of age. I was interviewed by SCIENCE
magazine (November 17, I believe) for an article on this ‘research’. The only
problem, I pointed out, was that ADHD, regardless of age, does not exist; isn’t a disease! (see
my letter to the editor of 1/26/01) The infants, toddlers, children, adolescents,
adults said to have it are normal. Quite simply, it is not legal to drug normal, disease-free,
abnormality-free human beings with Schedule II, controlled drugs. The Controlled
Substances Act of 1971 (international) does not allow it nor do our drug laws. My
alma mater, the NYU, School of Medicine is to be one of the 6 participating academic
institutions. What a disgrace. The very first thing we must do when anyone–a
teacher, a psychologist, a psychiatrist or a physician of any kind approaches us regarding
anything behavioral/emotional/psychological/psychiatric, is refuse to speak of them as
diseases, syndromes or as anything whatsoever neurological, biological, or medical. And this
means refusing to speak of any ‘medical’ ‘pharmacological,’ or ‘drug’
‘treatments’, as well. This will be the beginning of the end of the great American
psychiatric/pharmacological victimization–that which has already gone much, much to

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