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FA Baughman Jr., MD responds to a mother whose son is in psychiatry’s
sights (2/2/01).

tammy marie  wrote:

  Dear Dr. Baughman,
          Hello, my name is Tammy Marie  I live
  at …. email address   I am
  writing to you because my son is classified as
  ADHD,  oppositional defiant and post-traumatic syndrome

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
None of
these are actual
diseases due to an abnormality within the child. This is psychiatry
calling normal children abnormal, without which they would have no
patients. In thus violating your informed consent rights, by knowingly
deceiving you, physicians, psychiatrists included, are guilty of
medical malpractice]

  The state of New York is charging me with medical abuse
  and neglect because the school counselor called child
  welfare on me when they found out that my son no
  longer took Ritalin or any other form of drug.  I
  contacted a lawyer Adrian Neiman but because she lives
  in Florida she cannot help me.  She gave me your site
  in hopes that maybe you might be able to help with
  information and such to prepare me for court.  My
  court date is February 7, 2001, she told me to ask my
  public defender (who held a whole 2 minute
  conversation with me) to ask for a continuance so I
  can better prepare myself and maybe get some expert
  witnesses and testimony in my behalf.  I firmly
  believe there are other alternatives to my son's
  treatment than keeping him drugged up, not to mention
  the end result these drugs can cause on my son's

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
With no diagnoses other than these, your son cannot be
said to be diseased/abnormal, and no medical treatment is justifiable.
Ritalin is addictive, brain-damaging and at times, results in death]

  This state is trying to make me use these
  drugs and I am afraid without help from doctor's like
  yourself I may loose against them and if I refuse to
  drug my child I will lose custody.  I know of no
  doctor's in my area that will support my cause of
  drug-free treatment and alternative.
  I am sorry to be of bother to you, but, a response
  whether good or bad from you would be much

  yours truly,
  Tammy Marie   New York  14212


[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Do get in touch with Rita DiCarlo, Rev. Al Sharpton
(regardless of your race), Attorney Robert Unger (516 829 3508), Gina
Kolata, at the
NY Times, and Vera Sharav. I might be able to provide you with a
declaration to present to the court and/or testify for you by
telephone. US citizens and their normal children are being victimized
all over the country by this Salem witch hunt-like,
psychiatric/mental illness orgy of ‘diagnosing’ and ‘drugging.’ It is
eerily reminiscent of
pre-world war II Nazi Germany; no less a trampling of fundamental
civil rights, and all of it done in the name of ‘science’ and
‘medicine.’ I am an ethical physician. No part of this can be called
the legitimate practice of medicine.

There is no doubt in my mind that hundreds of thousands, if not,
millions of single parents and cohesive, together families are being
assaulted by psychiatry, bringing with it the whole weight of
government, from law-makers who legitimize the illegitimate, to every
family court, that enforceS and further legitimizeS the labeling and
drugging while refusing to hear a word of the scientific basis, which is
nil, nada, none, zero.

Consider this report from the Bazelon Center for
Mental Health: “Gaining access to mental health
care for children is so difficult that parents often
end up giving up custody to ensure care.
Approximately 2.1-4.1 million children, aged 9-17
have a serious mental or emotional disorder.
Last year, 23% of parents of children with
behavioral disorders were told that they needed to
relinquish custody to obtain intensive mental health
services for their children; 20% actually gave up
custody”(“Practice Trends,” Clinical Psychiatric
News, May 2000, page 49)

Tammy, to every American who understands and appreciates their
American-born freedom enough to get out and vote, this should come as
absolutely bone-chilling news. Not a single psychiatric ‘disorder ’/
‘disease ’—those for which these parents relinquished custody so their
child could receive “intensive mental health services” (be drugged) is
an actual disease. That they are represented as such for purposes of
‘treating’/ drugging normal human beings of any and all ages, is the
greatest health care fraud of any century, and, at the same time, the
greatest modern-day assault on our fundamental civil liberties.

Also, call the Gary Null, show in NYC (TV) and tell them I said to call.

Begin writing down all of your recollections of what physicians, school
personnel, child protective services, and court personnel have said to
you. Write to your every state and US representative. Vera Sharav can
probably tell you of other media persons to contact. As you can see,
not only will they tell you your child has a disease, when he does not,
not only will they drug him, knowing all the while he is perfectly
normal (all doctors know the difference); they—those who would assault
your normal child—will paint you unfit, and take custody of your child
to drug him and make him a patient-in-perpetuity.

Tammy, you may print and duplicate this and anything you find on my web
site. Do contact the Gary Null Show and all of the folks whose names I
have given to you. Good luck

Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD

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