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stacie o'brien wrote:

    Dear Dr. Baughman,
    My twelve year old son has always been a great student. The teachers
mainly complain about him being so quiet but a good example for other
students to follow. He has been diagnosed with a learning disability

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Every such diagnosis brings with it more federal money to the
school district]

    when he was in the second grade in the state of Kansas. They also said
there is no evidence of ADD or ADD/HD. We moved to Rhode Island and since he
is having difficulty at school with reading comprehension and math concepts

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
The usual cause of such difficulties (not diseases) is teacher failure,

they wanted him tested again. All of a sudden, he now has a
learning disability along with ADD without HD

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
All of these diagnoses are presumed by the US Dept. of Education
and all public schools to be 'brain diseases' due to an abnormality in the
brain of the child. This, of course, absolves the educator/school. Not a
single one, not even 'dyslexia' is a proven disease and should not be
accepted by you or your son as such. The reasons they want to drug him are
complex and difficult for parents and the public to understand. You can
keep your son in public school and fight them, legally, and try to
understand what they do, but he has been diagnosed--targeted, and I do not
advise this course. It will be best for your son, and
less expensive in the long run than a legal fight you have little chance
of winning, to get him to a private or a parochial school that believes all
children are capable of literacy (with phonics) and an education, and that
reject psychology and psychiatry as necessary elements of an education.
Most children not reading ably are victims of so-called 'whole language'
instruction to the exclusion of phonics. This is a way to produce learning
disabilities, frustration and all psychiatric disorders, and they know it.
We had to move our grandson from just such a setting 5 years ago. With 3
months of tutoring with a lady using
'Hooked on Phonics' and placement in a parochial school, he was normal,
self-confident and at grade level within 4 to 5 months. Millions, not
having such an alternative to our psychology-, psychiatry-laced public
schools are permanently semi-literate, 'learning disabled' and, even in
their own eyes, crippled]

They want to put him on drugs. Why? What good will that do. He still has
a learning disability.
I read some of your work on this site and it appears to me, that they
are looking for a quick fix to help him overcome his learning disability. I
don't agree and the pressure the school staff is putting on us, to put him
on drugs is a crime

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
It is a monstrous crime. Take your son and run,
don't walk, to the nearest private or parochial school that believes, as is
true, that all of the children are capable of literacy and an education and
that it is their job to give them just that (to find such a school takes
careful interviewing on your part. Good luck. Keep me posted].

Thanks for the sounding board. I know there are many other parents out
there who can validate what your research already shows.

    Thank you,

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