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Victimized by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry

Gwen Watson wrote:
> Dear Dr. Baughman,
>      I am writing to you as I found your Web site recently when I did
> a search on ECT treatment.
> I am writing to you out of concern for our nation that I feel is being
> victimized by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
Gwen you are
exactly right, our nation is being
victimized by the Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry, and they have done
so by buying and controlling the government that is supposed to represent

> I late April I had an episode which was a panic type episode

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
such things they represent to be brain disorders/diseases/chemical
imbalances when they are emotional reactions in physically/medically
normal human beings. So it is, as Dr. David Healy recently observed, that
they are selling "diseases", following which the "chemical balancers", the
pills sell themselves]

> , while
> driving in the rain. This episode resulted in my Dr claiming I had
> acute depression and acute anxiety disorder. He instructed me
> to immediately start taking Celexa and xanax. After reading many
> of the side effects and starting to feel as though I had been
> misdiagnosed I refused to take the medicines. This Dr then
> refused to further treat me. He had also placed me on family
> medical leave. At that point I could not get reinstated back
> to work as he refused to care for me *IF* I refused to take
> the medicines.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
increasingly, physicians, in such ways, coerce persons
to accept their diagnoses and their prescriptions, both hooks which once
"set" assure they will remain patients in perpetuity. The vast physician
glut in this country, the cause of our health care bankruptsy, make it
essential that they do this that, they join psychiatry in the disease name
game to make patients/diseased out of normal. Gwen you are very
perceptive, the takeover by Big Pharma (having provided for/funded a
lobbyist for every Congressperson, is far along. It is not Saddam or the
Taliban, it is Big Pharma that is the biggest threat to democracy, world

> I then had to seek out a Psychiatrist, which took over
> 3 weeks to get into see. The Psychiatrist diagnosed
> me as having ADHD

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
another "disease" a total fraud participated in by all
medical specialists, with the possible exception of surgeons]

> and claimed I had this disorder/ disease ALL of my life.
> He then prescribed Ritalin. I was very reluctant to take this
> medication as I also  do have epilepsy

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
a real disease, a real indication for treatment, and
such real treatment should not have added to it a single unnnecessary
medication. All psychiatric meds are non-essential for the reason that
not a single psychiatric disorder/disease is other than a fraud when
represented to be real, biological, a disease]

> . Yet another reason I did not feel
> comfortable taking Celexa or any of its cousins. I took
> it for several days and decided it had no results at
> all. I informed this Psychiatrist and he gave me sample
> of Pro sp newer type of medication used for adults
> with ADHD. I can't remember the spelling. It is also
> a medicine that has effect similar to Ritalin.
> I then quit going to this Dr as well. I have been
> fine as I ever was. I am very troubled by the fact
> that almost every women I know over the age
> of 40 is on some type of SSRI and every little
> boy age 5-16 is on Ritalin.

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
here is the psychiatry/pharmaceutical
cartel in particular and pediatrics and all of medicine in general
convincing one and all that our brain, our primary organ of invention, of
education, and adaptation is better off for poluting it is quickly as
possible, as long as possible with as many agents as possible as they can
convince us we need. There has never been a more duplicitous perversion
of science and medicine or, of our representative government which writes
such "diseases" and their "treatment" into law, legitimizing them where
there is no legitimate science or medical endeavor, only the perversions

> I think these abuses need to be stopped and the
> medical industy needs to be accountable for what
> they are doing to peoples minds and lives.
> Thank you for a very informative and eye opening Web Site.
> Regards,
> Gwen Watson

[Fred A. Baughman Jr., MD:
we need your experience and insight and outrage, on the
front lines of this battle, stay in touch please. We need legal wins
against this fraud. Stay well, stay away from such “physicians” who deal
in invented, fraudulent diseases.

Gwen this morning I was reading of the memorial service in New York’s
Central Park for some of those killed in the World Trade Center. “Before
Judy Collins (a voice from heaven that came to our own El Cajon last year)
sang “Amazing Grace,” Howard Lutnick, the chairman of Cantor Fitzgerald (a
firm in the WTC that lost 600 of it’s thousand employees) delivered an
emotional address in which he marveled at the outpouring of love the
company had received from family members, volunteer, former employees and
clients…He said that the hugs and affection were the only things that
had kept him going. “It’s a physicial thing,” he told the crowd.”

And Gwen, while New York and the country were trying to cope with their
losses and grief, their was psychiatry and psychology (and you just
know–Big Pharma) rushing in to do their “grief counseling” and assure one
and all that while the hugging and holding might just be fine that the PTSD
in epidemic-form would be sure to follow and that, like each of the labels
you barely avoided, this was a disease/chemical imbalance and chemical
balancers would be needed. As usual their were professors of psychiatry and
psychology making the talk-show rounds, explaining such science and such
diseases, 100% of which they have cures for…how perfectly amazing.

And just to show you if nothing else that their selling of “diseases,” is
working still, even in times of monumental loss and grief, we already have
credible reports that their has been a stunning rise in the sales of
“chemical balancers” -pills. To the exent that those who have lost so
terribly and grieve so deeply are engaged by psychiatrists, psychologists
and other purveyors of “chemical imbalances” and “chemical balancers” and
have missed out on, or been deprived of “the hugs and affection that were
the only things that had kept him (Howard Lutnickof Cantor Fitzgerald)
going,” they were waylayed, they were interferred, with, they were
assaulted. To the exent that their minds were benumbed, and rendered
dysfunctional and unfeeling at a time that they needed nothing quite so much
as to feel and to know and to adjust and to cope and adapt, there to they
were assaulted and their losses were worsened and aggravated, even if they–
believing in the fraudulent explanations and believing in these particular
pills at “help” and “treatment” did not realized it at the time. But yes,
this too was an assault exactly like the assaults that taken funds collected
for the victims but wholly diverted. And one day, sooner or later they will
awake, having calculated what was lost at this horrible moment to those
selling the psychopharm products within minutes of the horrifying crashes of
domestic, peace-time airliners, into first one and then the other of the
twin towers of the New York’s, Manhattan’s World Trade Center.

Stay well Gwen, stay clear of them.

Fred Baughman, MD

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